WFILTU Chapter 509 – Glory I

When the word “flying car” first appeared, people almost unconsciously felt that it could not be true!

“Flying car”, “star net”, “game warehouse”……these were only things that appeared in movies and novels. Therefore, how could people believe that such terms appeared in a scientific paper?

“Absurd……are young people regarding science as a joke in recent times? They always bring these science fiction things into the world!”

“Aren’t they, do you remember the previous flying car theory? In the end, wasn’t it just a joke!”

“Don’t think that after watching some sci-fi movies and novels, they can generate those unreal things!”

“That’s right, science is moving slowly ahead step by step. How can they take one step straight to the sky!”

“What school are these students from?”

“Let me see……en? It’s them?”


“Zhang Han from Beijing University, Yang Zhan from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, also the youngest mathematician who won the Chen Shengshen Mathematics award, and two other students whose names I’m not familiar with.”

“En? It’s these students?”

“Take a look at this paper? It seems to say that the theory is recent……”

“I’ll also have a look.”


After taking a look, immediately, there were not many people speaking as they were all immersed in the paper.

This paper was something that several rising stars in the scientific community and several graduate students have spent a year creating. It has one data after another, model after model, and was clear.

Flying car?

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Yes, it’s true that we can’t make a flying car, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it forever!

Based on the geomagnetic levitation and the existing scientific theory, it was impossible to create a geomagnetic levitating flying car that could carry people.

But the future was not certain.

This paper looked forward to the future of flying car technology with a large number of calculations and derivations, as well as various models.

There were too many tedious simulations and calculations in this paper, and the interpretation was somewhat complicated, so that after the first wave of criticism passed, no elders spoke, and almost everyone was immersed in this paper.

To comprehend and thoroughly generate an understanding of the thesis was to understand the ideas of others, which was not a very fast process.

Inside Tsinghua University.

School was about to start, but many people have already come to the campus.

In particular, senior students were busy with their graduation preparation. Four years were about to pass, and there was no one who did not want to make brilliant achievements.

This also included Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin, who were about to graduate.

Ever since Professor Tan rejected them, the two have hardly found a teacher to take them over from the top universities.

The mathematics departments of Peking University and Fudan University were so powerful that furthermore, there were even less people paying attention to them.

Hence, they could only take second place and chose a university weaker than their target university.

Hate was also hate, but they still had to create something and had no time to think about it.

The project that Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng refused to cooperate with them on still attracted their attention……

“Hahaha, what are they doing? Flying cars? Are they kidding?”

“Isn’t it, I’m laughing to death.”

“Gu Xuejiao thought she had solved Fermat’s theorem, so she could do anything?”


Very soon, their eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and they just felt that something was wrong.

Zeng Bin hurriedly continued to flip. The two of them stared at the interface motionlessly. Even though they did not understand it very well, they were also sensitive enough to find……this may be a genuine product!

At that moment, their feelings were extremely complicated.

Of course, it was still considered fine now, because the next day, they regretted it even more.

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