WFILTU Chapter 510 – Glory II

On the second day after the publication of the paper, the bosses who kept reading the paper came to a conclusion……

This paper contained a lot of gold.

Flying cars may become a reality!

In recent years, whether in the field of mathematics or physics, there were many more valuable papers than this one that have been issued.

But it wouldn’t make a sensation.

If in science fiction movies, the flying cars that casually drive out of the garage come into reality, become the same as the cars that can be seen everywhere on the road, or eliminate the cars on the road……

That would be an epoch-making science and technology.

This was not only in the field of mathematics and physics, but also in all major fields, and even in industry.

In addition, the existing technology could not really allow them to build a flying car, and this paper only provided part of the theory.

But for scientific researchers, how about coming up with complete and mature theories in the future from their own hands?

Or if the flying car creation was formed out of your hands?

The honor of a lifetime would go down in history.

The impact of this paper has reached the peak all of a sudden, and almost the entire scientific community was discussing this.

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Countless people were reading and studying this paper, and countless people were judging whether they could continue to expand on it.

Xue Jiao, and the others have come into the sight of the scientific community.

“The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves further ahead”, “Youth can create many expectations”, “The dawn of the scientific future”……

All kinds of praise began to pour on the five people, and the reporters who wanted to interview them once again blocked the gate of the three schools.

“Wei, is this Professor Tan?” Xue Jiao answered the phone.

It was unknown what was uttered on the other end of the phone. Xue Jiao was stunned and replied: “Oh, ok……”

After Xue Jiao put down the phone, Lin Zhihua asked her, “What’s wrong?”

“Professor Tan said that if I didn’t want to be interviewed by the reporter, I should not go to school for the time being……”

Lin Zhihua was also stupefied for a moment. Then his mouth curved, he reached out and lightly pinched Xue Jiao’s small face. “My little scientist, look at you, you always create such big waves.”

Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed, and her cheeks were slightly red: “Where did I, this time it’s mainly due to senior sister Zhang Han’s contribution. I didn’t do as much as they did, nor did I contribute as much as they did.”

“You are surely modest.” Lin Zhihua was helpless and asked her, “Do you want to accept an interview?”

Almost subconsciously, Xue Jiao shook her head hurriedly: “No, no, no, I’d better go again in two days……”

She also doesn’t know why, but she always resisted being interviewed.

“That’s also fine. The reporter won’t block you. They would probably contact the school. We should see the school’s arrangement at that time.”

Xue Jiao nodded, looking dull.

Lin Zhihua smiled, his eyes filled with joy, and he held Xue Jiao’s hand. “Let’s go and bring our little scientist to mend your body. Ever since the year before, you have only gained one kilogram. Are you secretly working hard at night again?”

Xue Jiao shrunk slightly and felt a little guilty.

Lin Zhihua glared at her, wrapped her in a down jacket, and talked incessantly.

Then he held her hand, and Xue Jiao’s hand was hidden in the cuff of his sleeve. Lin Zhihua wrapped it in the palm of his hand and went out.

A tall and short figure shadow headed out.

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