SAPPS Chapter 130

Wei San added F*** you to death. The other party immediately accepted and sent a message: [“Are you that mysterious person?”]

The mysterious person, Wei San, was full of question marks.

F*** you to death: [I’ll be promoted next weekend, let’s f*** them up together!]

Bowing to life: [alright.]

F*** you to death: [Why do you speak in a strange way?]

Strangely speaking Wei San: “……”

This was the first time someone pointed it out directly. She had met her opponent, and she was suddenly defeated.

The three men formed a group, whose name was obviously not created by West Landing . It was called “F*** the underground factory sideways.”.

People’s personalities are really distinct these days.

Wei San sighed from the bottom of her heart.


Because of the sudden addition of the three person group, the progress of Wei San’s mecha creation was accelerated a little. During the process, she also learned from an additional book, “The complete book of mecha weapons” to study how to change the weapons of Blood Drops.

The performance of Blood Drop was perfect. The only thing that could be changed by Wei San was the weapon. However, the change should not be too large, or the overall balance of the mecha would be damaged.

On the last night of Friday, Wei San’s new mecha for the underground factory was finally built.

“That’s it?” The shopkeeper looked like a melon eater and shook his head.

“It’s pretty good.” Wei San asked the shopkeeper to help test the data of the mecha. There was no big problem.

The shopkeeper gave Wei San a thumbs up: “you are the most flexible mechanic I have ever seen.”

“I’m flattered.”

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On Saturday, Wei San arrived at the third floor underground, and the three people met directly in the hall.

As soon as she went over, she saw a masked young man standing beside West Landing, looking around.

“F*** you to death?” Wei San came forward to say her greetings.

The masked young man stared at her for a long time, and finally nodded: “F*** you to death.”

Wei San: “.…..” Suddenly, I feel a little angry.

“Let’s go and form a team first.” West Landing directed.

This time, he went out to discover all the rules. The group needed to authenticate on the machine in the hall, and then, they could conduct PK.

“F***……f***, you come here.” It seemed that West Landing couldn’t shout this name.

F*** you to death got goosebumps all over when he heard his nickname. It’s hard for him to stop shouting because of the presence of Wei San.

The three people successively carried out certification on the machines in the hall, formed a team of “F*** the underground factory sideways”, and then entered the PK pool.

“F***f***, you choose.” Wei San shouted.

“You are F***f***.” F*** you to death flattened his mouth and pressed the accept button first.

[23 challenge arena: F*** the underground factory sideways team vs Hahaha team]

The three people received the opponent and the challenge number at the same time.

“Let’s go, Westwest lead the way.” F*** you to death was a man who does not let anyone take advantage of himself.

The underground factory considered that there were six mecha in the competition field, so the range of the group challenge arena was larger. There was no group competition in front of the 23 challenge arena, so three people entered directly through the channel.

Wei San had just released her mecha, and the person next to her, F*** you to death, was shocked: “your mecha is really ugly!” He had never seen such an ugly mecha in his life.

Even West Landing who was beside her was stunned. He had seen Wei San’s colorful mecha, but it was still less impactful than this time.

This mecha was completely original. It had not been painted yet. In addition, the materials and parts used by Wei San were all brought in by the shop owner. The colors were completely different. The body of the mecha was gray and dark.

This feeling was like…..every mecha had its own clothes, and the mecha that Bowing to Life owned had run out without clothes.

——it burns the eyes.

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