WFILTU Chapter 513 – Emotional Intelligence II

She looked at Zheng Jiakun and Chu Sheng again, yet they had no special reaction.

Xue Jiao couldn’t think of what was wrong, so she simply left it in the back of her mind and waited for the interview.

She didn’t accept many interviews and also didn’t know how to speak. She stared at a place and gradually emptied her eyes.

Zhang Han didn’t talk much, and stared blankly just like Xue Jiao. But Yang Zhan was able to deal with it easily, and obviously he knew that several people in the group didn’t want to talk much, so he smiled and helped them answer the reporter.

This reporter was an easygoing middle-aged man. His questions were very simple and his attitude was polite.

To be honest, this reporter interviewed countless scientific research talents and found that almost all of these “scientists” have a common characteristic – they could kill all topics.

For example——

“Student Zhang Han, how did Student Yang Zhan persuade you to participate in this project?”

Zhang Han: “he didn’t persuade me.”

Reporter: “…… Then why did you join this university program that nobody thought highly of at the beginning?”

Zhang Han frowned: “the project is very good.”

Reporter: “…… Ok, I understand.”

He decided to ask another person: “Student Gu Xuejiao, are you in the mathematics department?”

This girl looked soft and like a fairy. He thought that she’ll give him a good answer!

Xuejiao: “en.”

Reporter: “What made you choose to participate in this project? You are only a sophomore. Do you have any difficulties working on the physics department projects?”

Xue Jiao: “I like this project. There are many difficulties.”

The reporter’s eyes brightened, finally he had something to write about!

“What is it?”

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Xue Jiao’s attitude is serious and correct: “the first difficulty is geomagnetic levitation. At that time, we…… The second is when the magnetic field is superimposed. We…… The third difficulty is……”

Reporter: “……” what are you talking about???

Xue Jiao droned seriously for more than ten minutes before she finished, looked at the reporter, and waited for his next question.

The reporter was silent for a moment and swallowed his saliva: “…… Haha, it’s really…… Not easy……”

Chu Sheng sat in the critical position and interjected: “all sciences are not easy. No matter how difficult it is, we have to overcome it. Our difficulties don’t count as much.”

Reporter: “…… right.”

When the interview was over, the reporter left with a stiff smile. Chu Sheng scratched his head and said, “that…… We haven’t had a celebration party yet. Are you guys all free at noon?”

Zhang Han, who had been in a trance, replied almost immediately: “I have other arrangements, so I won’t go.”

Then she got up and went out.

Yang Zhan’s consciousness moved his feet, but he stopped and didn’t catch up, his expression lost.

Naturally, this celebration banquet was not complete. Xue Jiao looked in Zhang Han’s direction of departure and at Yang Zhan with some confusion.

At noon, Xue Jiao told Lin Zhihua about it while eating.

Lin Zhihua: “……”

“En, what’s wrong with you?” Xue Jiao saw that he didn’t talk and asked.

Lin Zhihua had no choice but to tap her forehead with her hand: “it’s not easy for me to chase you successfully……”


Lin Zhihua shook his head and explained, “Yang Zhan likes Zhang Han, and Zhang Han also likes Yang Zhan, but she is avoiding Yang Zhan.”

“What?” Xue Jiao was shocked.

Lin Zhihua said: “Jiao Jiao, since you started your scientific research work, I think you were in danger, but the emotional intelligence which was in crisis is still plummeting…”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Lin Zhihua chuckled and poured her a bowl of soup: “but it’s also a good thing. People’s minds are limited. High EQ is to observe with heart and speak with heart. You should put your mind on your studies and work. Low EQ is low EQ but you should always remember —— Xue Jiao loves Lin Zhihua.”

It is true that young people sometimes feel that their memory has declined. When they are young, their memory will also decline slightly, but it may not be as much as they think.

However, the degree of attention is less, and the mind is scattered in other places.

Moreover, some things are rusty and forgotten after not using them for a long time.

Memory is like so, emotional intelligence is also like so……

Xue Jiao blushed and glared at him.

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