WFILTU Chapter 516 – Relieved II

Xue Jiao had already dried her tears, and her eyes were still red. She exposed a smile: “I thought……senior brother Yang Zhan would thank me!”

Zhang Han blushed and glared at her.

After this meeting, Zhang Han seemed to put down her guard, arranging a date for the celebration banquet with them, and no longer hiding from Yang Zhan.

Xue Jiao sat in the car and chattered to Lin Zhihua——

“You see! My EQ isn’t that low either! Otherwise, how can senior sister Zhang Han feel so at ease? Aren’t I right!”

Her voice was very happy and also very boastful.

Lin Zhihua glanced at her, his eyes full of helpless smiles.

“Jiao Jiao, do you know why you can help senior sister Zhang Han open up?”

“Eh?” Wasn’t it because she was smart?

Lin Zhihua chuckled: “Because——a blind cat bumped into a dead mouse.”

The two low EQ people got together, and their brain circuits also met.

Xue Jiao: “……”


Not long after the interview was released, many people paid attention to the interview, as at this time, the project still had “aftershocks” in the scientific community.

Fudan University.

At noon, several boys gathered together for dinner and discussed the interview.

“Yang Zhan is really powerful. He is only one year older than us by one semester. Why is he so awesome?”

“Then why don’t you talk about Gu Xue Jiao, instead, she is still in your year?”

“Hahaha, I still admire senior sister Zhang Han more. She can be called the number one senior sister in the physics world!”

“I envy them for forming a team so early and creating such a big project!”

“Was their project team selected according to their appearance? They’re all too good-looking!”

“That’s right, senior sister Zhang Han and Goddess Gu are so beautiful!”

“I don’t know if she has a boyfriend……”

“What’s wrong? ! You dare to think about her? !”


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They chatted happily. Beside them, a handsome young man with depressed eyes bowed his head and ate quietly.

It’s a pity that he ate several mouthfuls into his mouth, but he still hasn’t swallowed it in.

Those nearby were all from the mathematics departments. Yi Tianyu didn’t understand how he added so many math department friends. It seemed that he loved the family and hence loved the surroundings too. Because of that person, he even began to love math.

“Haha! Take a look at this interview. Goddess Gu’s speech is too professional. Can laymen understand it? I’m in the mathematics department, yet I feel like I don’t understand it!”

Yi Tianyu, who hasn’t spoken for a long time, loosened his brows, smiled a little from the bottom of his eyes, and spoke softly: “She has always been like this, very serious and very earnest.”

Yi Tianyu’s voice was very soft spoken, with nostalgia and carrying an unspeakable taste.

Several people looked at him at the same time. Yi Tianyu stood up, “I’ve finished my meal. I’ll go first as I have something else to do.”

“Brother Yu——” someone tried to get up and chase after him, but they were pulled back by the person beside him.

“Give him some space.”

“What’s wrong with Brother Yu?” Everyone was puzzled.

Only the person who held the boy back sighed and mentioned helplessly: “Do you know who Brother Yu’s first love is that he can’t forget and has been thinking about for so long?”


“Gu Xue Jiao.”



“Is that real?”

Even if Brother Yu was excellent, Gu Xuejiao was already “Goddess Gu” in their impression, and was a big guy far out of their reach.

“Brother Yu hides her in his wallet. The photo he cherishes the most is that of him and Gu Xuejiao. He periodically takes out his phone to caress the screen background picture. It is also a group photo with Gu Xuejiao.”

The others stared wide eyed and looked shocked.

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