SOOEW Chapter 398 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LI

“I will ask someone to control them……”

“What they said was not wrong.” She interrupted him, “In their view, I just appeared suddenly, because I am a good-looking person who was crammed into the group by you. I have no credit to Wushuang.”

Mobei Eagle suddenly raised his eyes. His fingers twitched and he did not move.

When she saw him like this, she smiled and said, “In fact, you also don’t understand. You said that any ordinary member would have the opportunity to make such a sacrifice, but for them, the guild would at least give a compensation, and only I could not even be given an explanation. You said that I was an ordinary member, but in fact I was not as good as an ordinary member. You asked me to join the guild, but they still don’t know why I am qualified to join the guild. I can pay for the guild and make sacrifices for the guild, but……you can’t take all this for granted. “

“It’s not that you don’t know what I’m enduring, but it’s that you just don’t care.”

She had finished what she wanted to say and stood up. At this time, the warning sound of the nutrition cabin sounded frequently, and the buzzing generated a headache. It seemed that he was hit hard in his heart, and the sense of oppression made him breathless.

He doesn’t know what happened.

When he was ten years old, his mother could not bear his father’s dissolute way of doing things. She left with others. Not long after, the dog that accompanied him died. At that time, he was silent all day, and his father almost regarded him as autistic, and called many people to accompany him. But in fact, he was not ill. He knew that. He just doesn’t want to talk.

These things have planted an idea in his mind that the people or things he cared about would soon disappear and leave.

There was not much sincerity in the game, and no one would stay around another person all the time, so he almost never cared about a specific person. Compared with people, the guild was a symbol that has always existed, so he placed all his heart into the guild.

But now, he has a strong feeling that if he doesn’t do anything anymore……

Just as Mobei Eagle reached out, he suddenly found that someone on the guild channel had sent a message.

“Don’t talk anymore, Luo Ying is the Beauty of the City!”

It seemed that some people couldn’t bear their accusations against Wen Ying, and suddenly revealed shocking news. If it’s other people, others would only listen to it as a joke, but the person who spoke has a golden name and was a high-level person with a high status in the guild. His recognition was very high. He couldn’t make such a joke without any reason.


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The internal guild channel of Wushuang went almost crazy!

Beauty of the City?

Did they hear it correctly? Although Luo Ying was really beautiful, were……these two beauties of the city the same Beauty of the City? !

At this moment, those who swiped the screen and swore suddenly could not speak out. Those who hadn’t swore were too shocked and exploded into expletives. Both fans of Wen Ying and members of the group looked at the channel in astonishment. Some believed and some suspected and the channel was even more noisy than when they robbed the boss.

Wen Ying didn’t look at the channel either. She had already changed to the selection key. When the system asked whether to confirm, she clicked “yes” and quit Wushuang guild.

[Current channel: Luo Ying withdraws from [Wushuang], returns to the sea of people and forgets the Jianghu.]

After the wild boss was robbed, people had left one after another, but the gossip drama between Wen Ying and the Wushuang guild master still attracted many people to stay and watch, even if they didn’t know what they were talking about. It wasn’t until this moment, the news of her withdrawal appeared on the current channel, and everyone flashed “? ?” “!!!” unidentified symbols.

Very soon, the current channel was filled with conversations, but then it was suppressed by the words of the presidents of the two major guilds.

Duhuo: “You should’ve quit Wushuang long ago. How is Wushuang as good as Heifeng.”

Prince Long: “The gates of Fentian are open for you at any time.”

Wushuang guild players who have just heard the “truth” couldn’t digest the information for a while, so they can only look at them strangely.

These two city leaders, who are you urgently inviting? Do you guys……know?

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