WFILTU Chapter 523 – Academician III

Academician Hu Sheng looked at her seriously at this time, met the other party’s clear and clean vision, and kept nodding: “You are very good…….”

“Thank you……” Xue Jiao didn’t say much, just looked at her reverently.

“I was not as successful as you at your age……”

Xue Jiao looked up with clear eyes: “But you have been working hard all your life, and I am far less than you.”

Academician Hu could not help nodding again. After thinking for a while, she spoke again, “Your teacher has told me about your situation. I have already contacted Academician Xi of the Academy of Sciences for you. If you have time, ask your teacher to take you to meet him. You can go to his place to study next year. I know your school studies are far from enough for you……”

Before Xue Jiao could express himself, Professor Tan could not help smiling: “It’s great that Academician Xi would like to bring her with him.”

Xue Jiao looked at Academician Hu, then looked at Professor Tan, and spoke softly, “Thank you guys……”

Thank you very much. How lucky she was to meet so many good teachers in her life.

Academician Hu laughed and discussed with others again. Then she said, “Gu Xuejiao, go to my study with me?”

“Alright.” Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, then nodded hurriedly.

Someone pushed Academician Hu into the room, but Xue Jiao had to catch up quickly. She had not sent out the small gift box, so she could only carry it.

The middle-aged man pushed Academician Hu in, nodded towards Xue Jiao and closed the door.

Xue Jiao was a little anxious. She didn’t know what to do with her legs and hands.

Academician Hu waved, and Xue Jiao took a chair and sat down beside her, so that Academician Hu could speak with less effort.

Academician Hu stretched out their sinewy hands. Xue Jiao quickly stretched out their hands and held them.

Academician Hu looked at her and said, “Do you know why I want to talk to you privately?”

Xue Jiao shook her head and looked back at her carefully.

“Because I look at you as if I saw that when I was young, you were much more powerful now than I was then. Gu Xuejiao……later……”

Academician Hu took a second breath and continued: “As long as you persist, your achievements will be higher than mine in the future……”

Xue Jiao couldn’t help saying, “You……”

Academician Hu tightened her hand and shook her head: “Your eyes are pure, rarely pure. Do you like mathematics?”

“Like.” Xue Jiao nodded.

“Then that’s good.” Academician Hu smiled, “If you like mathematics, then always stick to it, alright?”

“Ok.” Xue Jiao didn’t hesitate. This was originally her decision.

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“Our department of mathematics and physics has more than 120 academicians in total, but only more than 20 academicians in mathematics. Is mathematics important? It is very important, but it is too basic, so that it can not be as easy to achieve as other majors. Hence, mathematics should be very tough, are you not scared?”

Xue Jiao shook her head and spoke firmly, “I’m not afraid. When I chose mathematics, I was already ready.”

Academician Hu smiled clearly and seemed very happy: “Very good, math……”

She began to seriously teach Xue Jiao mathematics and her experience over the years. After a detour, she told her everything, good or bad.

Xue Jiao listened carefully. This was an extremely valuable treasure, which was accumulated by an academician in their life.

It wasn’t until Academician Hu gasped more and more frequently, that Xue Jiao quickly handed her water: “Academician, please drink some water.”

Academician Hu accepted it, took a sip, and then said, “Gu Xuejiao, never give up easily, no matter what difficulties you may encounter in the future.”

“Ok.” She doesn’t know why, but her eyes are wet.

“By the way, you brought me a gift? What is it?” Academician Hu smiled when she saw that her eyes were red.

Xue Jiao quickly stood up, placed down the box on the desk in front of Academician Hu, and gently opened it.

Only two thin sheets of paper were gently taken out and placed on the table after Xue Jiao wiped her hands.

This was Lin Zhihua’s preparation. He seems to have known who she was to see today. He has prepared this thing for her to bring today.

To be honest, Xue Jiao was also surprised when she first knew what it was.

Academician Hu Sheng’s eyes could not see clearly, and she was a little curious. Xue Jiao gently pushed her closer.

“Hua la -” The cup broke on the ground.

Professor Tan, who had been chatting in the living room, stood up and rushed into the study.

Academician Hu shook her hands and rubbed two pieces of paper, her face was unbelievable, her forehead veins jumped, and they could not tell whether she was surprised or happy from her expression.

She was still breathing heavily, without raising her head, eyes fully wide, staring at the two pieces of paper.

“What’s wrong? Teacher, what’s wrong with you?” Professor Tan and the others were frightened.

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