SOOEW Chapter 447 – Younger Sister’s Lover IX

High school seniors have a heavy learning task. Physical education classes are often occupied by other subjects. It is a rare opportunity to relax. The fierce animals out of the gate almost beat the provocative students. They show their seniority in front of the girls in high school and high school seniors. They gnash their teeth at the self proclaimed young and energetic high school seniors and shout for another game.

Shan Yao wiped the sweat from his neck with a towel and found his throat thirsty.

The fact that he has a girlfriend is like a warning sign, which makes people dare not approach easily. The girls in No. 1 Middle School have good face. They push and jostle each other, and no one really sends water to him.

When he walked past the rest area in front of the grandstand and was ready to take a bottle out of the mineral water tank, two bottles of water suddenly appeared in front of him.

A bottle was handed from Lu Jiamei. She still had his coat in her hand and had been waiting for a long time. The other bottle was handed out from the side stand. He looked up and found it was the troublemaker of his family.

Wen Ying stood on the steps, half a head taller than him, and raised her hand over the top rail to send the water to his eyes.

Someone has already seen it. Shan Yao was the focus of everyone’s attention. Suddenly, this happened. Behind Wen Ying’s back, there was a murmur. Her roommate’s scalp was numb under this talk. She didn’t expect that she would be so bold. If the group delivered water, it would be fine, but obviously everyone retreated because of Lu Jiamei, yet she dared to rush forward!

“Aiyah, isn’t this the primary school sister who found me to open the soda last time?” Shan Yao’s teammate came over and smiled at her with white teeth. “Is this water for me? Thank you……” As soon as he put out his hand, the mineral water bottle in front of him shook to the side and didn’t let him catch it.

At this time, Shan Yao has already received Lu Jiamei’s water to drink.

Wen Ying received the warning from Shan Yao. The meaning of the warning could not be more obvious. It was alienation and expulsion. She suddenly smiled at the man. “Don’t be sentimental, senior. There is once but not twice, are there any other people who really use themselves as their shields?”

She unscrewed the lid of the mineral water and poured it on Shan Yao’s head in the bright sunlight in front of everyone!

Everyone saw the girl raise her hand. The mineral water bottle was overturned. The water in it rushed out one after another, splashing. The contrast between cold water and body temperature made Shan Yao’s breath stagnate. The silent reaction around him made him realize that it was true!

“Wen Ying !”

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The boy’s low roar suddenly sounded.

He was embarrassed while drenched with wet short hair, and his dark blue ball suit was half wet, dripping water. The complicated and indistinct sight of the people made his pent up heart burst into a fire, burning fiercely.

He was so angry that he stretched out his long arm, opened the small door on the railing from inside and dragged her down!

“I want to ask, how does senior know my name?” She smiled brightly. “Don’t we not know each other?”

Even so, she did not struggle, but she was obediently let down by him. Shan Yao, with a cold face, did not forget to turn his head and explain to his teammates, “I will not play in the second half. Find someone to replace me.”

The teammate was stunned and unconsciously replied, “Oh, oh alright……”

Lu Jiamei stepped forward to stop him, “Ah Yao, junior sister may just want to play a joke with you……”

He turned a deaf ear and dragged Wen Ying away. Wen Ying stumbled when he pulled her. She didn’t forget to turn around and make a face at Lu Jiamei.

The two left the public’s sight.

She deliberately asked, “is it alright to leave your girlfriend behind?”

As soon as she spoke, she was suddenly thrown away. Shan Yao turned to face her and looked at her coldly, “Are you finished? The canteen, the classroom, the library, as long as I am with her, you will come out to make trouble. Can you be more mature?”

“No way.”

“You know we can’t be.”

He looked at her expression that changed slightly and tried to soften his tone and said, “Don’t talk about the pressure from her parents. Think about it carefully. I’m just a love affair in your adolescence. You don’t like me so much. Maybe you are not reconciled because of the sudden loss……”

“I don’t care,” she said, biting her lips.

“Ying Ying, can you be sensible?” he said with restraint. “You used to be good. Don’t be led astray by those people.”

“I’m a good girl, but you don’t want me.” She said quickly without blinking. “Do you think I’m young and don’t know anything? I’m only two years younger than you, and I’ll grow up soon. If you don’t like virgins, and are afraid you can’t tell your parents. I can sleep with Gong Xuan first. You don’t have to be responsible.”

Shan Yao felt the blood suddenly rush to his head. He couldn’t believe that he was crazy mad when he heard such words. “Haven’t you made enough trouble?!”


She looked at the hand suddenly raised, as if he would wave it down to her face in the next second. Her lips were white, but she still raised her chin and stubbornly finished saying, “…… it will not be enough for a lifetime.”

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