SAPPS Chapter 189

“They are really particular.” Liao Runing accepted the invitation. “Isn’t it enough to send an electronic one? Even using paper.”

“Others have money.” Xiang Minghua looked at these main members and was randomly angry. “What are you playing at every day. Don’t you worry about the game?”

“What is there to be worried about?” Liao Runing was surprised. “Aren’t we competing for third place? Just get rid of Samuel and South Percy.”

Xiang Minghua: “?”

“Jin Ke, do you have confidence to take us to third place overall?” Liao Runing questioned Jin Ke beside the pestle.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Xiang, we will get third for sure.” Jin Ke patted his chest, “Samuel must be kicked out by us.”

At this moment, the main members of Damocles, who were doubted by Ying Xingjue to want to win the championship, were all confident.

“We must take third place!” Ying Chenghe said earnestly, holding the invitation.

“Third!” Huo Xuanshan followed closely.

Shen Tukun hesitated: “If we get third place, our school can temporarily stabilize a little.” As long as it is not the fourth and fifth place, it is good.

Xiang Minghua: “…… I didn’t expect you all to be so ‘ambitious’.”

Even for certain?

Although the school did not expect them to win the championship, but speaking so brazenly about third place. Xiang Minghua wanted to kick people back to Sadu star. Most of them were 3S grade, yet they had no ambition at all.

“Dinner banquet?” Wei San took the invitation in Jin Ke’s hand, “So we should prepare a dress?”

If she has to prepare, then she won’t go.

“Everyone wears military uniforms, who the fart is dressing up.” Liao Runing squeezed in from the door.

Ying Chenghe and Huo Xuanshan followed in.

“What are you all doing here?” Wei San asked these people. As soon as they came in, the living room became smaller, and there were still four people from her team.

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“We came to send the invitation.” Liao Runing righteously responded, “Jin Ke is the commander, and soldiers should always be with him.”

When Ying Chenghe saw Wei San looking over, he immediately said, “The mecha engineer should be with the soldiers.” In fact, he followed along unconsciously.

Nie Haoqi on the sofa turned his head and said, “But just now I saw a commander from South Percy on the training ground alone.”

“You are mistaken.” Jin Ke took the cake from the tea table and put it into Nie Haoqi’s mouth, stopping him from speaking.

“The second venue will be opened at the dinner party, and everyone must be present and not be late.” Huo Xuanshan explained, “After the venue is confirmed, the dinner party will start.”

He was in the Imperial Capital in the past years and knew these things quite well.

Wei San leads them into her room. They probably didn’t come just to talk about this.

Once in, Jin Ke said, “when the dinner begins, don’t randomly strut around. You’d better follow me.”

Wei San did not understand: “What happened?”

“No, just be vigilant to prevent the main commander from doing anything.” Jin Ke didn’t want to take any risks, and this kind of situation where the main commander dealt with chiefs occurred before.

In particular, Wei San not only beat Shaw Eli at the port before, but also let Samuel’s school team chief be eliminated. In view of Samuel’s habit of using black methods, it’s better to be careful.

Wei San nodded and agreed. She glanced at Liao Runing and slowly approached him.

“In a few days, the competition in the Underground Factory will start. Let’s go and play.” Sure enough, Liao Runing whispered while Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe did not pay attention.

Huo Xuanshan was looking right here, apparently waiting for a reply just like Liao Runing.

“What’s the fun of you S-grade playing with an A-grade?” Wei San returned to him.

“Us 3S class can not use the A-grade mecha to play out an S-grade ability, so we can feel the A-grade combat mode.”

The two men had been whispering together for a long time, and Jin Ke found out: “What are you two whispering about?”

“Nothing,” Wei San and Liao Runing said together.


Dinner banquet.

It is held in a place that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Even though the space is so large, there are all things that should be, and none of them wasn’t exquisite.

Wei San looked at the food and drinks on the long table, shook her head and sighed that these aristocratic families were too extravagant.

“Welcome to the first competition in the Imperial Capital.” A 40 year old man in a Tang outfit stood on the top platform and said gently, “When you enjoy the dinner, we must first determine which star is the second venue.”

“Is he from your Ying family?” Wei San looks at the man’s long hair and asks Ying Chenghe.

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