SOOEW Chapter 525 – Two Vampires have No Blood to Drink XXXV

After Osmund woke up, he heard a commotion. The castle was always quiet, and such commotion was rare. When he opened his eyes, a coffin automatically hung and pushed away. He called out Winston, and their almighty housekeeper appeared in front of him and saluted respectfully.

“What happened?”

Winston replied, “It’s Miss Alicia. Last night’s ‘Blood Spring Activity’ ‘seemed to have cast a shadow over her. She has spent a day repeatedly cleaning her body and just discovered a small skin issue. In a fit of anger, she drove the maids out of the room.”

“Then shut her up, does she really think of yourself as the young lady invited as a guest? Warn her that if she dares to disrupt the peace of the castle, she won’t be able to escape the next ‘Blood Spring Event’.” Osmund threatened in a bad mood.

He had already forgotten what he appreciated about Alicia in the first place, her bravery and frankness? No, it turns out that it’s only under certain constraints and limitations that those behaviors that once made them stand out are like clowns jumping over bridges compared to another person.


After answering, Winston retreated and saw that he was about to disappear at the door. After a long pause, Osmund suddenly stopped him and asked, “……is she awake?”

Until now, he could still remember the madness of last night, the sweet smell flowing in the corridor, the scattered colored windows reflected on the bright red blood, the desolate moonlight, the pale face of the girl, and the shattered rose of blood on the ground.

The memory of the scene made him hold his breath and unable to easily withdraw his thoughts.

He said ‘she’ twice in a row, but Winston could understand which one he was referring to and would lead, ‘Miss, she is still sleeping peacefully in the room.’

“Sleeping well?” He asked with uncertainty and immediately shook his head. “Forget it, let her sleep.”

At this moment, she probably didn’t want to see any of them——Osmund didn’t realize that he had already stood from her perspective to think for her without realizing it.

Winston noticed his change and said, “Your excellency, you are very concerned about Miss Ying.”

“Is that right?” Osmund shouted his name in a dangerous tone. “Winston, don’t pry into things outside your scope of responsibility.”

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Winston’s smile remained unchanged and he didn’t say anything else. He just said, “Please move to the restaurant for dinner. Lord Oswald is already waiting for you.”

The restaurant has regained its emptiness, with Oswald and Osmund sitting at opposite ends, both tacitly not mentioning what happened last night.

The servant respectfully presented a notebook to Oswald, “Your Excellency.”

Oswald, inexplicably, thought it was the butler who had dug up ancient books from somewhere else. He casually opened it and placed a bookmark with a golden leaf vein in it. He casually read, “I implore you to love me and love me! I hope you belong to me all, all! Your hands, your kisses, your charming eyes…… your body, your soul, for the sake of hurting me, give it all to me, not to keep a trace, otherwise I will die…… Evil——” Oswald let out a disgusted and disdainful voice, What is this? Is Winston crazy, asking you to show me this?”

“Yes, you asked me to choose the most exquisite text every day. You said that humans are more easily moved by human love words.” The servant trembled and stuttered, “You would read it to Ying every day……”

“That’s enough.”

Osmund suddenly interrupted him from across the table, “Take it down, it’s not needed today.” He saw Oswald’s stiff expression in his spare time, so after a brief pause, he ordered, “No need, it won’t be used anymore.”


Oswald, who had been intoxicated, often passionately expressed his emotions through love poems, just like having a well in his heart. Whenever he saw Wen Ying, the sweet water in the well would gush out. He had to put all the best words in the world on her, and express all his love to her. The recitation before breakfast was one of the performance items, and Osmund successfully went from being nauseous and numb with goosebumps to being able to eat without changing his face.

Occasionally, Oswald would recite and “burst into poetry”, holding up Wen Ying’s hand and expressing emotions with her own words. Wen Ying would sit in her seat, hand him a hand, and patiently smile while listening with her head tilted.


Osmund once believed that she was proud of her success in teasing Oswald, and he felt extremely angry about it until yesterday……

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