SU Chapter 35

Yin Mingyu shook his head again and said, “Forget about it…..”

Yin’er almost didn’t come up in one breath, “Madam~”

Yin Mingyu laughed and asked them to open the wooden box.

Yin’er breathed slowly and urged Jin’er to open it. Hong Chou didn’t understand the temper of Lady Ji and dared not interrupt casually. She carefully looked at the slowly opened wooden box.




Silence, silence.

After a long time, Jin’er and Yin’er reached into the wooden box and struggled to lift a small wooden sword together, silently looking at their own madam.

In addition, there is a solitary ball lying inside the wooden box.

Yin Mingyu laughed heartily and left the three of them in place. She stepped out of the room and regained her composure, but the smile on her face did not diminish.

Inside, Hong Chou suddenly covered her lips and chuckled lightly.

Jin’er and Yin’er looked at each other helplessly, and the object was returned to its original position. Immediately, Jin’er chased out with the wooden box that had instantly become lighter.

At the corner courtyard, someone hid behind the gate and took their master and servant out of the east courtyard, and soon after, Hong Chou also came out of the main room, all of which were visible.

The master and servant returned to the main courtyard with the treasure chest.

Yin Mingyu was very frank and didn’t need to thank the old lady for asking, so she took the initiative and said, “I brought a few toys for Xiao Langjun.”

She didn’t say exactly what it was, and old Madam Xie didn’t ask either.

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Yin Mingyu took out a small wooden sword and deliberately swung it in front of Xie Ce a few times to attract his attention. After that, she turned the head of the sword and handed it over with the hilt facing Xie Ce.

Xie Ce stared intently as she took out her wooden sword. After handing it over, he glanced at Yin Mingyu, then at the wooden sword, then at Yin Mingyu, and finally couldn’t resist the temptation. He slowly reached out his small hand and grasped the handle of the wooden sword.

The wooden sword is one foot long and polished to a smooth aurora.

After old Madam Xie looked around, she instructed people to take good care of her and not harm Xie Ce, so she left temporarily.

As soon as she left, Yin Mingyu took out another wooden sword from the wooden box and said to Xie Ce, “Xiao Langjun, stab here.”

Xie Ce held the sword in a daze, and Yin Mingyu had already grandly pulled a sword flower and gently chopped it over.

The child’s hand was soft and he couldn’t hold it firmly, so he quickly let go of the wooden sword.

The nurse immediately nervously walked over and carefully examined Xie Ce’s hand. She nervously said, “If you hurt Xiao Langjun, you won’t be able to afford it, young madam, let’s put it away.”

“How could he be hurt while all these people are watching?” Yin Mingyu asked softly, “or do you think I can’t even hold a wooden sword?”

The nurse couldn’t help but think more, but the step madam’s tone was extremely soft and sounded as if she really didn’t have any sharpness, so she hesitated for a moment.

Xie Ce obviously liked the wooden sword and bent down to pick it up again.

Yin Mingyu held the wooden sword and used a lighter force to flick it, but this time she did not flick it.

Xie Ce lifted his eyebrows and smiled, learning from her recent movements, and slashed at Yin Mingyu’s wooden sword.

Yin Mingyu only moved her wrist lightly and used some sword techniques, which were not very proficient, but the standard was enough to handle a small doll.

Xie Ce is extremely intelligent and can quickly imitate her movements and dance gracefully.

Unfortunately, Yin Mingyu was not humble enough to let the child down. She repeatedly took down his wooden sword, but in order to keep the child playing with her, she had to leave one or two times to not get rid of it.

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