WFILTU Chapter 1 – Transmigration Across I

It has already been over half a day, however, Xue Jiao is still slightly muddled. Although she is a famous bookworm, her IQ has really crossed the passing line. 

*TN: 她虽然是出了名的“书呆子”,但智商是真的过了及格线的, so 书呆子, means a person who has high IQ but low eq, the implication is that her IQ is still considered pretty high in comparison to the average person, however her eq, not so much

When she woke up, she not only became a whole new person; she also had the memories of the other person, and the plotline of the story, in which the other character existed, was implanted into her brain.

So has she transmigrated?

Or did she enter into the story?

At this moment, Xue Jiao didn’t think of how she has become the female side character, nor did she think about the tragic ending of the female side character, but instead— how could she die before she saw her college entrance examination results?

After 18 years of painstakingly hard work, I finally finished the exam. However, I haven’t even seen the exam results, how could I die?

Xue Jiao, 18 years old, just finished the college entrance exam, an orphan.

Gu Xuejiao, 16, going on to year two. Parents divorced,  mother Li Sitong, brought Gu Xuejiao and remarried into the Cheng family.

Now, Xue Jiao became Gu Xuejiao. 

“Gu Xuejiao!” She just came out of her trance when a woman entered huffily.

It’s the original’s mother, Li Sitong.

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As Xue Jiao was currently thinking this, the sight of Li Sitong was still unfamiliar to her eyes. 

As soon as Li Sitong saw her sitting dazedly in bed, her hands flew forward and slapped Xue Jiao across the face.

“Pa  —” 


A loud sound accompanied by pain echoed. Xue Jiao was originally disoriented, and at this moment became completely stunned.

This is the mother of the original’s body, the biological mother, ah.

After she woke up, she not only had her own memory, but also the memory of this book, so she knew that the mother-daughter relationship was not good, but she did not expect that Li Sitong would hit her directly.

I was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t evade in time.

Li Sitong was also stunned after slapping her. She looked at her own hands and then looked at Xue Jiao’s slightly red face over and over again. She opened and opened her mouth*. In the end, she finally said, “You will start school the day after tomorrow. Tonight, the old house will give you some practice. Gu Xuejiao, you must apologize to Mingjiao tonight!”

*she opens her mouth again and again as if to say something, but hesitates. 

After a pause, she added on some more, “I’ll go to the old house first. I’ll pick you up after five o’clock. Clean up the mess on your face by then!”

Li Sitong finished her statement, turned around, and left. Xuejiao raised her hand and touched her face, her expression was still blank.

Is this truly a biological mom?


In her own world, Xue Jiao has no nostalgia for anything except for her college entrance examination results. After becoming Gu Xuejiao, she has two more years until the college entrance examination. She still has another two years, this means that she will definitely do better than Xue Jiao in her original world, who had to study hard and work hard both at once right?

Thinking of this, she felt that her face did not hurt anymore, her mood became uncomplicated, and she didn’t hesitate anymore. She only hated the fact that she couldn’t immediately take out the college preparatory book that she only completed once, and redo it again, twice over.

No, she still has two more years, she can definitely practice it five more times!

Xue Jiao stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom, and then froze.

The reflection had red, red hair, two big hoops hanging on her ear, both the top and bottom of the eyes were covered in black eye shadow, the face had on three layers of powder, and bright red lips. One cannot even see the original appearance.

“Ghost ahh——”

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  1. Wow
    This is a first time a serious student transmigrated, only thinking about studying

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  3. Lol at first i thought it was the same author of Why Harem intrigue when you can just raise a dog instead. So i get into it. Though i just found out it’s not the same author, but it has a nice beginning. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Ohhh… They might think her style is “rebellious ” but I personally think it’s somewhat interesting. Maybe tone down the makeup but rock that red hair girl!

  5. God I would cry if I was sent to a high schooler T-T redoing so much. But this MC is great she is going for what a lot of us would really aim for in a transmigration, pave the way to medical school on a palanquin lifted by prior knowledge. (cough Medical Return manhwa guys)

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