WFILTU Chapter 2 – Transmigration Across II

It took Xuejiao a long time to wash her face clean. The face in the mirror is similar to her appearance by approximately eighty percent, and the remaining twenty percent difference was due to Gu Xuejiao’s appearance being more fine and exquisite. Her current facial features are too delicate. With her baby fat and watery eyes, her appearance seems to be very young.

It’s just that the head full of red hair was a little harsh on the eyes.

She tied her hair into a bun with a hair tie. Her hair was a little long, however, her hair volume was not exaggerated. She also pinned up her red baby hairs. In her perspective, as a quiet and obedient girl, although her hair is still a little harsh, it’s a lot more manageable. 

It’s already half past four in the afternoon. It takes half an hour to go to Cheng’s old family house. 

Today, the slap from the mother is very painful. If she didn’t know the content of this book, she would be very angry.

However, just knowing what’s going to happen tonight allows her anger to recede.

Gu Xuejiao’s biological father cheated. At the age of ten, her mother divorced and married Cheng Shuo, the eldest son of the Cheng family. Under the instigation of her father Gu Jingxu and stepmother, she thought that her mother remarried in order to gain wealth.

In addition, over time,  Li Sitong’s affection for her stepson, Cheng Mingze gradually increased.  His cousin, Cheng Mingjiao’s provocation towards Gu Xuejiao from time to time only made the relationship between mother and daughter worse.

Li Sitong was very strict with her. Gu Xuejiao, who was rebellious but also wanted affection, would skip studying, fight, and dress herself up as a hooligan* to provoke her mom all day.

小太妹 in the original text, hooligan, wannabe gangster

Xue Jiao has no words left to say.

Gu Xuejiao has been spoiled since she was a child, and her mind which was always focused on this kind of inexplicable thing, was easy to be incited, just like today’s act.


While Li Sitong was discussing with Cheng’s elder to send her to the advanced class, Gu Xuejiao quarreled with Cheng Mingjiao, who fell down by herself on the stairs and blamed Gu Xuejiao.

Gu Xuejiao was angry and didn’t have the IQ to prove her innocence. In a fit of rage, she spoke harsh words in Cheng’s residence and ran back home.

Later, Xue Jiao* arrived.

*Our main protagonist traversed into Gu Xuejiao’s body.

In the novel, Li Sitong also came back. She quarreled with Gu Xuejiao who then ran away from home. While searching for Gu Xuejiao, Li Sitong was so anxious that she overturned her car at the foot of the mountain and passed away on the spot.

Xue Jiao closed her eyes slightly,  don’t know if it’s because she inherited the memory of Gu Xuejiao but she feels very complicated about Li Sitong. Be that as it may, even if she feels complicated, she doesn’t want Li Sitong to die.

Five o’clock.

Xue Jiao goes downstairs and is driven to the old house by Cheng’s family driver.

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Cheng’s old Residence

“Elder sister-in-law, you must be more strict with children. You can’t coddle them too much, otherwise,  they will not only lose the family’s dignity but also hurt others…” Liu Yazhen, Cheng Mingjiao’s mother, said meaningfully.

Li Sitong may be more beautiful than her, and also receives her husband’s love. However, in terms of children, she is countless times better than Li Sitong.

She has an excellent elder daughter and a younger son. The daughter of Li Sitong is not successful and disgraceful, and the boy is not Li Sitong’s biological son. 

Thinking of this, Liu Yazhen raised her chin proudly.

Li Sitong blushed with shame. Cheng Shuo, who was talking with Cheng Kai not too far away, saw this scene and waved to her: “Sitong, come here for a moment!”

She gave Cheng Shuo a grateful look and quickly walked over.

Liu Yazhen curls her mouth and looks at Cheng Mingze, who is being pulled by the elder, and addresses Cheng Mingjiao, who is next to her, “It’s the genes of Cheng’s family that are good. Unfortunately, no matter how good it is, it’s not her who gave birth. Why doesn’t she look at the thing she gave birth to?”

Cheng Mingjiao nods, then curls his lips: “The Cheng family really can’t produce a character like Gu Xuejiao. The child of the previous marriage is really dragging down the Cheng family’s face.”

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