WFILTU Chapter 3 – Transmigration Across III

When Xue Jiao entered Cheng family’s door, the nanny was already serving food and the rest of the Cheng family were still sitting on the sofa.

The Cheng family is not huge. The two elders of the Cheng family have only two sons, the eldest Cheng Shuo and his son Cheng Mingze; the second, Cheng Kai and wife Liu Yazhen’s daughter Cheng Mingjiao and son Cheng Mingyu.

The first thing Xue Jiao noticed was Cheng Mingze, the book’s male lead.

The family dinner was not formal. Cheng Mingze, a 17-year-old boy, was wearing a white button-down and jeans and is about 1.8 meters old. He has an elegant disposition and a handsome appearance. Just sitting here alone brings about a different atmosphere.

She was stunned and then walked over slowly: “Hello grandpa, grandma, Uncle Cheng, mom, second uncle, second aunty, brother, Mingjiao, Mingyu.”

At this time, Cheng’s family members are all stunned. The girl in front of them has a plain and delicate face. She is wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and her head is slightly bowed. She is cutely and adorably addressing them. If not for the red bun on top of her hair, they would not be able to connect the girl with Gu Xuejiao.

However, this girl never acts according to the same tune as them, and they don’t know which tune she’s playing now.


“Keke—” Elder Cheng coughed and stood up. “Since we are all here now, let’s eat dinner.”

“Yes, yes, let’s eat, let’s eat!” Cheng Shuo and the second son of the Cheng family help the two elders to the dining table.

Li Sitong approached Gu Xuejiao, looking relieved, and looked at her clean appearance. Li Sitong opened her mouth, and finally said stiffly, “Don’t make trouble tonight!”

After she finished her remark, she walked towards the dining table.

No wonder the mother-daughter relationship is so rigid. It seems that Li Sitong also played a role. 

Xue Jiao shrugged slightly and didn’t care too much. She followed behind them.

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The nanny of the old house has good cooking skills. Xue Jiao didn’t have lunch and enjoyed the meal. The others were absent-minded while eating.

Their line of sight always drifts to her from time to time. The Cheng family has no habit of withholding their words, so Liu Yazhen can’t help it: “Xue Jiao is becoming normal today, and no longer dresses weirdly, not resembling a ghost or a human.”

Xue Jiao pauses her dining movements, slightly looks up and peeps out a clean smile. Her small, round face paired with baby fat originally appears to be small,  and with her smile, her eyes bend into the crescent moon, looking particularly lovely.

“En, I was immature before, in the future I won’t be.”

Cheng Mingjiao’s chopsticks are held tightly. She didn’t expect Gu Xuejiao’s clean face to look so good!

If it’s someone else, She would just dismiss it, however, it just has to be this child from a previous marriage that she hates!

Not knowing what she was thinking about, she reveals a worried expression: “By the way, cousin, although there is some difference between your grades and that of the experimental class, you also can’t give up there ah, are you really sure you don’t want to go to the experimental class?”

Some difference huh…

I really look up to Gu Xuejiao!

In the entire class grade, there are over a thousand students, however, there are only two experimental classes. Her grades, if you count backward, the distance between her and the experimental class is one grade.*

*insinuating that she’s last in the entire grade

If the original Gu Xuejiao heard this ironclad statement, she was bound to explode, but now it’s Xue Jiao, a bookworm who loves learning.

Her eyes brighten, and she looks at Cheng Mingjiao, her eyes lighting up as if Cheng Mingjiao is her favorite person.


“Yes! Mingjiao is right! ” She nodded heavily and said sincerely, seriously and firmly, “I can’t give up on myself. It’s my honor to be in the experimental class!”

Gu Xuejiao, Cheng Mingjiao, and Cheng Mingze are all in Qi Zhong school, a well-known high school in China. The teachers of their experimental class are definitely much better than those of Gu Xuejiao in her last life!

Last lifetime, she didn’t have much fortune, if her luck was good, maybe she would have attended one of the top 10 schools, however, this life, she is Gu Xuejiao. Her family situation is pretty good,  she doesn’t have to hold a job, and she also has two more years to study…

Doesn’t that mean she can also think about which university she wants to attend?

Thinking up to this point,  the light in her eyes is almost blinding, “Mingjiao! Your words are too good! “


There was a moment of silence at the table. Almost everyone opened their mouth slightly and looked at her in a daze.

After a while, Cheng Shuo coughed: “Keke, yes, JiaoJiao, you should study hard, and rest assured. It has been arranged for a long time already.”

Cheng Mingyu, a ten-year-old, picked a mouthful of rice and, said coldly, “The experimental class kicks people out every semester. You’ll be kicked out after a semester anyway.”.

“Mingyu!” Cheng Kai glared at him, Cheng Mingyu curled his mouth and looked down on Xue Jiao’s gaze. The younger generation of the Cheng family all dislikes her.

The old lady also frowned. She originally didn’t like the child who didn’t have the blood of Cheng’s family, however,  Cheng Shuo protected her. It’s just that Gu Xuejiao is so out of tune that Cheng’s family is extremely disappointed.

She took a look at her old man, and he put down his chopsticks: “Xue Jiao, we sent you to the experimental class. Naturally, we hope you study hard. If you don’t do well in the exam at the end of the semester and gets kicked out, we won’t care again.”

As soon as his words hit the ground, Cheng Mingjiao raised her eyebrows and looked at her with a smile, gloating.

Xue Jiao nodded and said seriously, “Yes, of course.”

The table was quiet again. Everyone else was absent-minded except Xuejiao.

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  2. Poor XJ, even her mom’s not on her side. But its refreshing how excited she’s for studying at a good school.

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