SOOEW Chapter 1 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star I

In the dark room, the blinds are so tightly drawn that even flies couldn’t enter. There is no light in the room. The only light source came from a tablet on the bed, illuminating the room with white light.

The woman’s bright red fingernails were brushing the screen. 

Under the famous actress Wen Ying’s Weibo, there was a plethora of bloodshed. 

“It’s too abhorrent. Unexpectedly, I loved you since I was 15. Now I feel nauseated when I recall it!”

“Shocking exposure: Spotlight female star Wen Ying in the entertainment industry is involved in the scandal——investors, film producers, and directors, every step towards stardom, another one fell below her skirts! Follow Weibo XXX to immediately download high-resolution photos and obtain the latest information! “

*一路睡一路红 very poetic, sadly, I couldn’t translate that into English while keeping its original intent


“Ying Ying, don’t be sad. Cherries* will always believe you! Support you! “

*Fan club name as her name also means cherry

“E Mei Zi Ying, Zhou Pei is more beautiful and dedicated than Wen Ying. How could she have been a double for so long?”

“#Actress double counterattacks famous actress #Zhou Pei’s acting skills in《Gong Hua Hong》is pretty good, completely overshadowing Wen Ying’s acting skills in a flash.”

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There are only two topics in the review, one exposed her for relying on sleeping to rise up, the other talked about her being counterattacked by her own double.


After brushing for a long time, Wen Ying finally turned over with her tablet in her arms, and the tablet almost hit her face. She sighed.

The background of this world is the entertainment circle. Zhou Pei’s status is of a counterattacker. Zhou Pei’s family was poor and she wanted to earn money. By chance, the original’s team found that Zhou Pei’s figure was similar to the original owner’s, and her appearance was five or six points similar, so they asked her to act as a substitute for the original owner.

Subsequently, the counterattacker transmigrated into Zhou Pei’s body. Naturally, the counterattacker was not willing to be a body double. When the original owner was involved in negative/news and fell out with the company. The attacker robbed Wen Ying’s resources and filmed the annual palace women’s intrigue drama 《Gong Hua Hong》. She relied on acting as Concubine Li to reach stardom in one shot. 


According to the world’s original track of development, Zhou Pei will then open the road to being the queen of heaven, climb to the top, and compose a good story with the film emperor Lu Ze. While the original owner, Wen Ying, made countless obstacles for Zhou Pei, and instead pushed Zhou Pei to a higher position. She herself fell into the storm of public opinion and eventually became Zhou Pei’s body double. 

It wasn’t easy for her to finally transmigrate into the body of a famous actress. However, before she became addicted to it, she’s already been scolded bloody. Wen Ying is disconsolate. 

The situation that the original owner left her in was unsatisfactory. The internet was insanely filled with photos of Wen Ying opening a room with someone else. The most prominent picture showed Wen Ying drunk and dizzy. She leaned on the man’s chest and showed a charming smile. Due to the camera’s height, the man’s face did not enter the field of view, but it is said to be the head of a film and television company.

Z942121 suddenly appeared in midair. “Did you receive the message?”

“Received.” Wen Ying was dumbstruck. “There’s so much dogblood…… “


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