WFILTU Chapter 4 – Transmigration Across IV

After dinner, Cheng Shuo, Cheng Kai, and the old man went to the study to talk about the company. The two daughters-in-law accompanied the old lady, leaving four of them standing in the middle of the living room.

Cheng Mingjiao raised her chin and pulled Cheng Mingze and Cheng Mingyu to sit aside. “Brother Mingze, Mingyu said that he wants to ask you some questions. Let’s sit here and talk for a little.”

She said that and glanced at Xue Jiao, however, the result was different and instead of Xue Jiao erupting in anger like she imagined. Xue Jiao sat down on the sofa on the other side and stared at a corner dully.

Cheng Mingjiao’s punch seemed to hit cotton and she received a dose of stuffy anger instead.

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Until everyone came downstairs, Xue Jiao kept looking in one direction and didn’t move. Let alone Cheng Mingjiao and Cheng Mingyu, even Cheng Mingze looked at her several times in surprise.

As soon as Li Sitong saw Xue Jiao sitting alone far away from them, there was a click. She feared that Xue Jiao would make trouble again.

“Jiao Jiao?”

No response.


She was even more flustered now. She was afraid that the careless one was preparing to explode again.

She went beside Xue Jiao and raised her hand. Then she heard the low voice——

“… Looking up at the size of the universe and looking down on the prosperity of categories, it’s enough to have a good look and a good mind… “*

*“……仰观宇宙之大,俯察品类之盛,所以游目骋怀,足以……” This phrase is from the “Lantingji Xu,” which is a piece of Chinese calligraphy work written by the well-known calligrapher Wang Xizhi

Li Sitong: “….” ? ? ?

“Mom? !” Xue Jiao looks at the hand on her shoulder and stares at it widely, looking frightened.

Li Sitong was stupefied for a moment. She was in a trance for a moment. Then she turned around stiffly and said, “Get ready to leave…”

“Ok.” Xue Jiao stands up obediently.

The old lady looked at the children who were sitting clearly, and suddenly asked, “Why did Jiao Jiao quarrel with Mingjiao this morning?”

Li Sitong looks at Xuejiao and says, “You still haven’t apologized to your younger sister yet!”

Xuejiao is very obedient. She opens her mouth and says, “I’m sorry.”

Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes jumped. This decisive apology not only didn’t make her happy but also made her angrier.

She opened her mouth eagerly: “It’s like this, tangjie said she likes Mingze Ge!*”

*Tangjie here is the Chinese title for an older cousin-sister from dad’s side. Ge here is not a name, but rather an indication of older brother


Xue Jiao frowned at her. In her memory, Cheng Mingjiao thought that she didn’t study well and that it was humiliating to enter the experimental class. She also said that she didn’t deserve to like Cheng Mingze.

When Gu Xuejiao heard this, she began to fight with her, and Cheng Mingjiao fell down on her own, blaming the original.

This is Cheng Mingjiao’s scheme. The two with forthright tempers, Gu Xuejiao and Cheng Mingjiao can’t play together nicely. 

Cheng’s family all looked at Xue Jiao for a moment. Cheng Mingze frowned even more, and disgust flashed across his eyes.

“What?!” Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo turn their heads in shock and look at Xue Jiao.

If she denies that she said it, no one would believe it.  Notwithstanding that Gu Xuejiao really likes Cheng Mingze, just her reputation is far less than that of Cheng Mingjiao.

After thinking about it, she suddenly looked up, a pair of big eyes blinked, and very seriously nodded: “Yes, I said I liked brother.”

Li Sitong raised her finger and trembled with anger. The faces of the two elders of the Cheng family also turned cold. Their eyes narrowed slightly and they looked at her directly.

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