SOOEW Chapter 2 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star II

She not only received the memory, but also compared the relationship of people who had contact with the body’s original master through her light source map, and found that the brightest relationships were those who she had offended or were those who hated her. Truly what a joy.

*Light source map = her golden finger. I assume it can measure the body’s relationship with the other characters and the most intense relationships shine the brightest

“In this world, it’s enough to just fight in terms of the amount of fans?” She asked as her last hope.

“I came just to tell you this. The power of faith is not just the love between men and women. However, the love between men and women is indeed the purest power of faith; warmth, pursuing, chasing, are all close to the faith itself. ” Z942121 calmly stressed, “Maybe you will have tens of millions more fans than her, but if she just let the brightest spot fall in love with her, she will win.”

Wen Ying understood.

In short, you want fame! Want fans! Also want the male god!

In fact, these worlds are the best training ground for an experienced actress like her. She can enter into any identity to experience their life. She will also not exclude love, for it is also a part of life.

“Di—— “

An alarm-like ring blared, and caused Wen Ying to jump in fright, she felt around the bedside for her phone and picked up.

“Hua Jie?”

“Don’t pretend to be dead in your bed. Hurry and get up!”


“En…… “

“I have an announcement to tell you. The previous audition《Yu Xian Ge》, the role has already been taken away by Zhou Pei. Damn, this was a chance to play with Lu Ze!”  You can hear that the other side’s heart is dripping blood. “《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》is also a very good screenplay. I have already contacted them. Although your reputation has fallen through, they still mean to keep you. Therefore, you better perform well for me, got it? Try to make the director satisfied to the point where he can’t think of changing people! By the way, there’s a red carpet for a magazine to go to tomorrow. I’ll take the stylist to your place in the evening. ” Manager Hua Jie uses a machine gun-like speed “Ka Ka Ka” to shoot words at Wen Jing.

Lu Ze is one of the brightest spots on the light source map.

Wen Ying listened until her head was spinning and her brain was turning. She sat up from the bed and could not bear to face the gloomy room, so she went to open the curtains first.

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“You can’t open the curtains!” From the opposite side came a vicious order from Sister Hua.

She truly grew a pair of clairvoyance eyes. 

Wen Ying mumbled: “Keeping the lights on such bright daylight is a waste of electricity.”

“Ancestor, if you are photographed with a puffy face and drooping eyes, I will need to spend money to help you settle it. Guess which is more expensive?”

“Ok ok ok. I’ll listen to you for everything.”

“Click” Wen Ying presses down on the light switch.

The room suddenly brightened. The wall opposite the lightswitch is embedded with a full-length mirror. Wen Ying turns around and is conquered by the aura emanating from this body.

At a height of one meter and sixty-eight centimeters, a figure that can be displayed exquisitely even in pajamas. Her hair fell gracefully in waves to her waist. Her skin is tight and glossy. On the one hand, she’s only 25 years old. On the other hand, it can be seen that a lot of efforts have been made in skincare. Although her red lips and big eyes are attractive, what stands out most is the pair of thick eyebrows, which add sharper momentum to the charm and arouse people’s desire to conquer.

However, maybe it’s because this time’s incident caused a blow, so the person in the mirror looked a little haggard. Even so, when Wen Ying tried to put on a little red in her eye rims, the woman who was supposed to be bright and intimidating, caused people to move their hearts from the contrast. 

Wen Ying greedily took a look again and again, completely intoxicated in her current beauty.

She is also naturally pretty in reality, but she was not so blessed with her body. What’s more, when a person becomes a big star, her entire body’s aura will be different. Looking at herself in the mirror seems as if she had seen the big stars in reality. Even though her current appearance could not match her original one, it still seemed like a spotlight that attracted everyone’s sight.


This is probably the so-called star aura, which is the biggest difference between stars and ordinary people.

Due to the fact that she grew up in the countryside, Wen Ying’s original temperament was tomboyish, her attitude flexible. However, the original’s attitude is mature and charming, very feminine, and carries a woman’s aura.

Fortunately, she is an actress.

She said “action” to herself in her heart and gradually entered the play while fiddling with the memory.


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