SOOEW Chapter 3 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star III

“Wow, Xu Jiayun, I especially like her performance in 《Huan Xi Yuan Jia》!  Omg, Liu Huilin, Goddess! Goddess, look here! “


The excited little reporter’s head was smashed by his senior, “Boy, are you here to pursue stars or to take photos? You haven’t experienced the world. Ge used to take photos of international movie queens. What kind of Goddess is Liu Huilin? She’s not even as good as Wen Ying, who’s currently trending downwards. “

*Ge-Brother, used to address familial brothers, also can be for those older than you who you’re close with 

The little reporter shrank a bit, and wanted to stand up for his goddess, yet he also didn’t dare to. He only weakly asked: “Wen Ying will also come?”


“It’s not just Wen Ying coming.” The elder smiled mysteriously, “Today is the start of the play. You just wait and see.”

The small reporter saw that in the short amount of time that he used to converse, his goddess has already left. His head drooped. 

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Suddenly, the spotlight on the field became hot, and there was continuous clicking. The little reporter subconsciously raised the camera.

In the camera, Wen Ying walks on the red carpet in a pearl white dress. The off shoulder design is a little sexy, while the lace edge makes it light and dreamy. From afar, it looks like waves were lapping at her feet. She is full of spirit, not as haggard as people guess. She hears the loud cheers of her fans. Her red lips open gently, showing white teeth that look like it was photoshopped. When she smiles and waves, she spreads resplendence.

During this time, you can also hear some black powder fans who couldn’t endure anymore, cursing. Nonetheless, she remained calm and collected. 

*black powder: anti-fan

The little reporter stared at the camera and even forgot to press the camera shutter.

Only by personally seeing it with his own eyes did he realize that Liu Huilin’s demeanor really can’t match Wen Ying.

“What are you blanking out for!” He was hit again. “Look over there, Zhou Pei! Fuck, I didn’t expect her to enter together with Wen Ying. She’s brave enough! Today’s topic is here. Take a quick shot! “


All reporters are the same. When they saw Zhou Pei exiting the car and following, they were so excited that they wanted to celebrate with the microphone!

Explosive news!

The original owner and the body double tear faces on the red carpet! Who is the winner!?

On the red carpet, Wen Ying saw the reporters who ate stimulants, then heard the fans shouting “Zhou Pei” and had a feeling on who was coming.

Hua Jie didn’t tell her that Zhou Pei was coming, either she didn’t know, or she wanted to stabilize her mood. But no matter which one, she didn’t think that Zhou Pei would enter at the same time as her.

“Teacher Wen.” Zhou Pei walked a little faster and stood with Wen Ying, smiling at reporters and fans.

Teacher Wen, is her honorific name for Wen Ying, when she was acting as a body double.

“Teacher Wen isn’t still angry right?” She whispered, “I strived for the resources, but if teacher has the ability, even if I wanted to rob, I won’t be able to rob.”. Those who have the ability should be able to receive them, what do you* say?

*Formal form of you

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