WFILTU Chapter 6 – Car Accident II

“Mom, I’m going out.” Xue Jiao shouted as she changed her shoes.

Li Sitong frowned, walked out of the kitchen, and angrily questioned, “Where are you going?”

Look, we agreed to change. It’s only day one and you already slipped back into your old ways!

“Going to get my hair done.”

Li Sitong inhaled deeply and tried to keep calm: “What else do you want to do with your damaged hair?! Gu Xuejiao, I’m telling you that school will begin tomorrow. Don’t go out today!”

Xue Jiao has already changed her shoes, and put on the pink bag that Cheng Shuo gave her at the beginning of high school. She looked at her mother: “I’m going to dye my hair back to its original color. Red hair really doesn’t bring a good impression.”

As soon as her words hit the ground, Li Sitong froze.

“You ——”

Xue Jiao sighed slightly, and then said, “I told Cheng Mingjiao I will change. Of course, I can’t let her look down on me!”

Her mother didn’t believe that she would change for the better. She used Cheng Mingjiao as an excuse to sound more legitimate. 

Sure enough, Li Sitong was relieved, but her face was still ambivalent.

Cheng Shuo, who was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, put down the newspaper and said with a laugh, “Ok, let Jiao Jiao head out. Jiao Jiao, let the driver drive you. Don’t stay out too long. Pay attention to your safety.”

“OK, thank you, Uncle Cheng.” Xue Jiao waves at Li Sitong and opens the door to leave.

When Cheng Mingze came downstairs, he saw this scene and frowned silently.

It’s rare that the girl doesn’t stick around in front of him all day. He can finally have a good rest at home today.

“Do you think Jiaojiao, this girl, will really change?” Li Sitong sat down with a worried expression.

Cheng Shuo put his hand on her shoulder and said gently: “As the child grows older, she will gradually become more understanding. This time, no matter whether she thinks it through or is only angry with Mingjiao, as long as she is changing, you should provide her with more compliments. Don’t always scold her all day long, otherwise, what if the child reverts back again?”

Li Sitong continued to look worried. She sighed, “I just hope she can hold on for a long time.”

Cheng Shuo patted her and then looked at Cheng Mingze who was drinking water. ” Mingze, since Jiao Jiao wants to study hard, you should help her with it.”

Cheng Mingze shrugs and pursed his lips.

Can Gu Xuejiao even study hard? Lies that you can probably feed a ghost*.


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“Perfect! Too, too perfect! ” The hairstylist touched Xuejiao’s hair and exclaimed. He couldn’t believe it was designed from his own hands.

When the girl first came in, she was a small, beautiful girl with red hair. Once the hair was dyed back to the original color and her bangs were trimmed, it was like a completely changed person!

“Thank you.” Xue Jiao is also very satisfied. As long as the color does not irritate her eyes, she is very pleased.

As she paid for it, she also smiled at the barber in a well-behaved manner. Her eyebrows and eyes were curved. Her white and soft skin was slightly flushed and her black hair curled up to her waist. She was just like a delicate porcelain doll standing in front of him.

When she went out, the barber held the other barber’s hand and with an enchanted face said

“I must have a daughter in the future, just like this little angel!”

Another barber looked at the movement on his arm, and shakingly said, “I, I, I…I’m also a man… can’t give birth… “

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  1. This is rlly good, I like Xu Jiao character tbh she doesnt focus on faceslap (just an accident faceslap xD) and just live the life she wants
    Thanks for translation!

  2. Can I slap Xue Jiao’s parents for a moment? It’s because of their lacking in parental guidance to the child that makes her rebellious, no warmth nor proper communication between mother and daughter. How can she understand her situation if the parent itself do not know how to handle things calmly?

    • Exactly. It’s like their brushing off their responsibility. When the treat her like she’s someone they picked up off the streets

  3. wait. did—? are they—? did the author just imply that those two barbers are in a relationship???

  4. Her mother is worse than the pair of white lotus…going to slap her for sitting quietly on the couch by herself…how does her brain work at all?

  5. I love Cheng father. He is completely right. The scolding and the negative remarks should stop. If I was her kid, I would probably lost the motivation to change sheesh

  6. Parents who bring in a step family into the equation and not pay attention to their children’s well being are disgusting people.

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