WFILTU Chapter 7 – Car Accident III

After exiting the hair salon, Xue Jiao walked slowly along the street until she saw the bookstore. Her eyes lit up as she entered the store.

This shop is relatively remote, but there are still several people in this shop, including a garish pair of father and son.

The man was wearing the clothes that didn’t fit the ambience of the store.. The boy he was holding onto was tall and thin. He was wearing a Jersey and had a basketball under his arm. His whole face showed impatience.

Xue Jiao only took a look and then looked away. Soon her eyes turned bright and she went straight to the Wang Hou Xia section.

*王后雄 is the name of an author who writes the prep books for the college entrance exam.

Although this bookstore is small and dirty, it has all the vital books. Xue Jiao can’t help but take some books out to read.

After a while, she felt as if someone was staring at her.

She raised her head, and froze.

The parent-son duo who was originally located besides her was currently facing her. The middle-aged man grinned at her. The young boy was impatient, his chin slightly raised, and his face was full of the words “God comes first, the ground comes second, and I come third.”

“Little girl, you are also buying materials, ya. I see you were just reading the guidance book of year two of high school. Are you starting year two in high school tomorrow?”

Xue Jiao nodded slowly.

“What a coincidence! My son also started year two. He attends Qi Zhong school over there!”

“Ah?” We are also classmates?

The man rubbed his hands and said with a smile, “That is… my son’s academic performance is not good, and I also don’t understand this very well. Can you recommend some review materials? “

As soon as his words hit the ground, the boy beside him looked impatiently. “Hey, old man, are you finished yet or not? Even if you buy it, I won’t look at it! “

“You shut up for me!” The man glared at him with a fierce face.

Then he turned his head and smiled “gently”. He scratched his head: “This is my son Yi Tianyu, you don’t have to care about him. What are you going to buy, classmate?”

Yi Dafa thought very clearly. He will buy for his son whatever he sees Xue Jiao buying!

Xue Jiao continued to smile awkwardly, and then said, “I have studied the contents of year two. I am going to buy the review materials for the college entrance examination. This… classmate has just started to attend year two, so he should not read too many guidance books. The school will buy the appropriate books, when the time comes, let him complete those books and it should be fine. It’s mainly about the content of the textbook. All the questions can’t be separated from their origins. The most fundamental is the content of the textbook. However, the unified purchase materials cater to all students and are not targeted towards one. Therefore, if there is any spare time, I suggest reading these books after class and on weekends, this one… “

Xue Jiao said it so eloquently that Yi Dafa nodded and took out the book she pointed to and held it in his hand. Yi Tianyu looked at the little girl with her height up to his chest in front of him and was stunned.

Ten minutes later, Yi Dafa had a pile in his hand, and Yi Tianyu, who was stunned, started to grind his teeth.

Why doesn’t the girl just give him the whole bookstore? Is this is to kill him?!

Xue Jiao finished and chuckled, said embarrassingly: “That… I just think these are good matches, but people’s energy are limited, so many books may not be used up… “

Yi Dafa said boldly, “It’s ok! Don’t worry! My family is not short of money. I will buy it back for this bastard. If he can learn even a little, I will be satisfied! “

*死小子 means dead boy, but bastard seemed more fitting

At the end of the walk, Xuejiao and Yi Tianyu each held a pile of books Yi Dafa brought. Even the Wu San Yi Da Fa she bought was a whole set.

* Wu San Yi Da Fa is the name of a set of college prep books

Guang Jin Liao Wu San is a very thick book. Yi Tianyu’s face is not only ugly anymore.

*Guang Jin Liao Wu San is also the name of a college prep book

After waiting for Xue Jiao to  walk away with her books, Yi Dafu looked at her back and nodded: “This girl is so good-looking and loves learning. She is really sensible. The family that can raise this girl is really fortunate…”

Yi Tianyu curled his lips, and had no good feelings for the beautiful girl just now. He said with disgust, “I’ll give you an idea, old man. You can hurry up and chase up to the girl, then ask her which family she is from, and then take me to change with her and let her be your daughter.”

Yi Dafa turns around and smacks him in the head like his life was at stake,”You lack heart and eyes! And your poor grades, so many people in the whole grade, you are the last! “

Yi Tianyu runs with a basketball and a book in his hand. His voice comes from afar: “Old man, with your trashy genes, how can I possibly do well.”

“This bastard! Don’t you dare run from me! ” Yi Dafa took off his shoes and raised them to chase after him.

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It’s a great honor to learn again. Xue Jiao couldn’t bear it, and just brought a lot of books.

When her hair was getting done, she had asked the driver to go back first. Now she was too lazy to ask someone to pick her up, so Xue Jiao stood by the side of the road, waiting for a taxi.

August is a scorching summer month, and two o’clock in the afternoon is the most terrible time of the day. She stood under a big tree beside the road, on one hand, she wiped her sweat, and on the other hand she looked at both sides of the road in order to cross.

There are very few cars on this road at this time. It took a few minutes for two cars to come from the right side. The taxi is in the back. Xue Jiao joyfully and quickly picks up her books and walks to the road.


Just as she shouted out, the low-key black Maybach in front of the taxi rushed straight towards her, without slowing down.


The author has something to say:

“This is the urban news, evening of June 24, 2019, a road accident occurred, a 16 year old female was unable to be rescued…”

Female main character is deceased. The end. 

Hahaha, I’m joking.

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I will pass out another hundred today! Wuwuwuwuwuw, please let me finish passing it out, ok?


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