WFILTU Chapter 8 – Rescue a person I

The people in the car obviously saw her, but there seems to be something wrong with the car. The speed hasn’t decreased at all, and the car rushed towards her.

Xue Jiao’s eyes widened. Is she going to die again?

There’s a slope on the right side of the road, causing the car’s speed to accelerate when it comes down the slope. Xue Jiao’s mind was completely blank. 


The car made an emergency turn when it came to her, and then ran into the big tree at a harrowing speed.


The huge crash jolted the dumbstruck Xue Jiao. The taxi that was originally heading towards Xuejiao turned tail and ran away. There was no car on the road and no one on the sides of the road.

She looked around anxiously, but couldn’t find anyone to ask for help, so she had to shout towards several nearby shops, “Is anyone there? There’s been an accident! “

After shouting, she hurriedly took out her cell phone, called 120*, and rushed towards the car.

*120: emergency service number


Her nose moved, and  her pupils suddenly shrank.

The smell of gasoline!

The sun is at its peak, there was a problematic car and the scent of gasoline….

She had a car accident just before she closed her eyes in her last life. The huge impact made her lose all consciousness.

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The people in this car…… will they also die?

Xue Jiao bit her teeth and approached the car. The car’s front had been deformed and the glass was shattered. When she opened the door, she saw a man in a suit lying on the steering wheel, surrounded by pieces of broken glass.

There is blood running down the steering wheel. It’s very alarming to watch. The smell of gasoline in the air is also getting stronger.

“Mister? Mister? “

She gave a shout, however there was no movement.

Xue Jiao tightly bit her teeth and stretched out her hand. She untied the seat belt and pulled the person out slowly.

“Mis…Mister…… sorry, even if you are hurt…… I… I have to take you…… pull you out…… ” She was gasping and using all her physical strength.

After a car accident occurs, there may be a bone injury or a brain crash as a result of the crash.. At this time, the body should not be moved in order to prevent causing a second injury.

But in the face of life and death, life is definitely more important.


This car……it’s likely to explode…… 

Fortunately, the man seemed to be a little conscious, and gradually followed her movements.

“Mister…… don’t be afraid, I will save you!”

When she pulled the man out of the car, she was already covered in sweat. She put the man’s hand on her shoulder and half helped and half carried the man away from the car.

He haltingly shifted his foot along with her, and Xue Jiao is happy.

“Mister, I…… we…… let’s go a little further! Persevere… I can’t carry……you……” Xue Jiao is panting, and can feel the man’s weight steadily increasing little by little, and her legs also became more and more difficult to move.

“Boom—” the sound exploded from behind and the man completely fell down.


Xue Jiao couldn’t carry him at all and fell together with him to the ground.

The car……ignited…… 

She collapsed on the ground, half afraid and half thankful for breathing. Her face turned white, her upper and lower lips trembled slightly, and her heart beat like thunder.

The noise finally drew out the surrounding residents. Soon, the fire truck and ambulance arrived together.

Xue Jiao, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, quietly left while others were paying attention to the man.

How terrible, all the books I bought today came to naught. They were all burnt by the side of the car.

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