SOOEW Chapter 4 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star IV

Wen Ying didn’t have the time to respond.

At the moment when people’s mood was so high that the scene was out of control, someone broke through the security line and smashed an egg at Wen Ying.

“Wen Ying is disgusting because she sells her body! Get out of the entertainment circle! “

Everyone’s shouting!

Wen Ying’s arm was stained with the sticky egg, and some also splashed her clothes. She frowned. Not far away, the little reporter blankly handed over a paper towel, “That, wipe, you should wipe it first…… “

She took it and smiled at him. “Thank you.”

The little reporter subconsciously held up the camera and pressed the shutter.


Turning around, he saw that the troublemaker had been stopped, but he was still struggling, spitting out vicious and dirty words from his mouth.

The smile on Wen Ying’s face suddenly faded, her face abruptly cold, and her aura spread out rapidly. She stood on a ten-centimeter high heel, one step, two steps, to the position where the red rope stopped, and stood high.

“Who hired you?”

“No one hired me! Pei, A woman of loose morals, I’ll scold if I want to. What’s the matter? If you have the ability then scold back! “

“First of all, the contents reported by the media are unproven conjectures and do not have authenticity. In fact ——” Wen Ying looks at him with cold, disgusted eyes like looking at a reptile.” The national law stipulates that when you reach 18 years old, you are legal. I am 25 years old. Even my mother doesn’t care who I sleep with. Who are you? “

It wasn’t until Wen Ying stepped away, that the little reporter found that his breath had stagnated before, and even forgot to press the shutter.

“Ge, did you take it?” He turned to the elder reporter.

The other side took a breath, then fiddled with the camera in his hand and muttered, “What’s the point of being so domineering? Shit, it was unfocused.”

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On the Internet, there’s another flame war. #Wen Ying was smashed by an egg on the red carpet #She’s on the hot search. The video with the most shares is the video of her counterattacking the troublemaker

“[Doge] What should I do? Unexpectedly, I think Wen Ying is a little handsome? Seriously, if she didn’t sell sex as a transaction, you really can’t control who she sleeps with! “

“Hahaha, upstairs is naive, if she didn’t use the hidden rules, I’ll live stream myself eating shit!”

“If you want to eat, then eat it fast! Upstairs is definitely a Zhou Pei fan. Since the existence of Zhou Pei was robbed by our Cherry, you’re using this as an excuse to find a sense of existence? !”

“Tut Tut, only talking about sleeping here, sleeping there, there is no sense of a star’s accomplishment.”


“Ah ah, ah, I suddenly feel that Wen Ying is ridiculously handsome! Who knows what’s true in the entertainment circle. Just from this battle, her domineering attack is incomparable.

Wen Ying brushed her Weibo twice again, which is her new interest. Compared with the small cannon fodder actors in real life, currently, it seems like she is becoming famous overnight. Whatever she does will have repercussions, so she is particularly interested in the evaluation of fans and black fans.

“Don’t look anymore, it will affect your mood.” The tablet in her hand was picked up. Hua Jie looked up the interface she was on. The comments are better than expected. She took a look at her and said, “I won’t comment on you acting by yourself on the red carpet. Now the main thing is to act well. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Wen Ying was too lazy to blink coquettishly, and wore her sunglasses.

The van had already arrived at the destination. She got out of the car. In front of her was the shooting site of 《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》.


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