WFILTU Chapter 9 – Rescue a person II

This is the first time Xue Jiao has gone out alone since coming to this world. She has already met such a dangerous event. However, saving people’s lives, at least did not waste her “risking her life”.

“Jiao Jiao?” What’s the matter with you? ” Li Sitong directed her eyes to Xue Jiao in horror,  who was gulping down water.

She was dirty and sweaty, and her entire body was covered in blood, which really scared Li Sitong

Even Cheng Mingze frowned and continuously looked at her.

Xue Jiao waved her hand and continued to pour water. She continuously drank water, and after a short period of time, finally seemed to come alive.

“There was a car accident.”


“I didn’t get into an accident, it’s someone else’s car accident. It’s hot today. His car smells of gasoline, so I helped move the person out, and then the car burned.” Xue Jiao said it so easily now, however, only she knew the fear she felt at that time.

“Are you ok?” Li Sitong hurriedly pulled her and looked around, feeling here and there.

Xue Jiao looks at Li Sitong, who is anxious in front of her. She feels a little bit sad, but she just doesn’t understand how Gu Xuejiao thinks Li Sitong doesn’t love her at all. The woman’s love for her is real, only Li Sitong seems to have trouble expressing it.

“I’m fine. Nothing happened to me. Don’t worry, mom.”

Li Sitong finally released a breath, then said, “Don’t do such dangerous things in the future!”

“Ok! Ok! Ok!” Xue Jiao quickly answered.


Cheng Mingze still looks at her suspiciously, this girl is the type of person to save people?

Is she so kind?

Xue Jiao didn’t care about his thoughts. After drinking the water, she went upstairs to take a bath and change clothes.

When she took off her clothes, she touched her wrist and frowned slightly. “Strange, where’s my watch?”

Xue Jiao looked for it for a while and didn’t find it. She didn’t care too much about it. Xue Jiao quickly took a clean bath and went downstairs to have some food, and then went back upstairs to read her books.

School will begin tomorrow. There are many things to prepare for.

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“Zihua”! You finally woke up! You sure scare your parents to death! ” An elegant middle-aged woman sat beside the hospital bed and looked at the man on the bed with a worried face.

Lin Zhihua moved, and another man in a suit immediately came up to him and helped him to sit up.

“What did they say?”

He only used four words to ask, however secretary Chen Yan seemed to understand what he wanted. He immediately said: “Brain concussion, and the left hand is dislocated from the impact of the car accident. There are also multiple wounds and cuts.”

Lin Zhihua nodded, his face almost expressionless, and then looked at his father.

“Have you investigated it clearly yet?”

“Not……I haven’t had time to check… ” Father Lin was uneased when he was surveyed by his young but domineering son.

“No need to investigate. Those who know that I will go out in private today and are also capable of touching the car, creating faulty brakes and airbags, whether it’s death from crashing or being burned, it’s equivalent to double insurance. They calculated that I’ll die for sure. Dad, you can’t guess who it is? “

Father Lin’s expression was ugly. Mother Lin also stood up angrily. “I’m going to find him and return this debt!”

Lin Zhihua didn’t respond, didn’t move, only slightly opened his mouth: “Chen Yan, second uncle, his IQ is not high enough, who else was involved?”

He said it calmly, but his face was heavy. This was their first time, and he almost paid with his life.

Chen Yanyu glanced at the Lin couple and lowered his head slightly. His voice didn’t fluctuate at all: “The old man also participated.”


The Lin couple opened their eyes wide, “How…… how can it be?! “

Lin Zhihua seems to have known for a long time, and his voice is still calm: “Seems like my good grandfather and good uncle can’t wait any longer. Dad, mom, you guys don’t have to worry about this situation anymore.”

He tilted his head slightly and looked at Chen Yan: “The old man is already determined to kill me in his first attempt, and he must not have yet tied up the ends. Send someone to collect evidence, and catch second uncle.  Attempted murder, however its judged in court, should be his result. Then send someone to take care of the old man, and don’t let anyone see him. “


“Pay attention to the actions of the shareholders, and don’t alarm them ahead of time.”


“The nanny and driver have all been changed. Assistant Wang was dismissed for leaking trade secrets. I don’t want to see him again in this industry. Send all the company documents to the hospital.”


He raised his hand, Chen Yan quickly supported him, and helped him down to lay on his back.

“Boss, I’ll go out first.”


Chen Yan nodded to the Lin couple and walked out quickly.

Mother Lin opened her mouth and at last, said, “Son, you…… do you want to try…… a kid…… Let these cattle, ghosts, gods and snakes stay far far away from you! “

The ward was silent for a moment.

Lin Zhihua inhaled slightly, and then said: “These people dare to make trouble because father was too accommodating to them, leaving behind a mess. Whether I can have an heir or not is just an excuse for them to start trouble.”


Mother Lin was a little embarrassed and went up to pull the blanket for him. Then she said, “Well, even if you can clean them up this time, your parents will eventually get older and older. We also want to hold our grandchildren.”

“You can give birth to another one. Hold a son.”

“You son of a bitch, your parents are very old already…… “

Father Lin also said, “How can you…… “

“I want to rest.”

Lin Zhihua’s words fell to the ground. Mother Lin hurriedly led Father Lin out. “You have a good rest. If you need anything, call mom. Mom and dad will go back to stew soup for you first!”

Two people push and pull to head out. As soon as the door closes, Father Lin says: “Why are you pulling me? What did I say wrong? No matter what way he uses, he must get me a grandson soon! “

Mother Lin pinched him hard and bit her teeth: “You, this old man, you only have the ability to threaten your son, ah? If it wasn’t for your big fart, how would our son become the way he is now?! It would also be impossible for your good brother and good father to have such thoughts!”

“How was that even a big deal?!” Father Lin secretly hates.

Yes, the current boss of the nationally famous Lin family, the handsome and young diamond king, has been deemed impotent by his own father.

Mother Lin finished scolding and looked back at the ward and sighed: “Now, I don’t expect to even have a daughter-in-law, All I expect is my son to carry out a test tube. Both men and women are acceptable, however, no matter what, he just doesn’t want to! Makes one so worried! “

The Lin couple left with sad faces, but the person in the ward did not rest.

There was some stupefaction on that beautiful face, his fingers were stroking a lady’s wristwatch, and his eyes stared steadily at it.

“Mis……  Excuse me Mister…… even if you are hurt…… I… I have to take you…… pull you out……  “

“Mister, all…… It will be alright! “

“Mister, I…… We…… We have to go further! Persevere on… I can’t carry…… you……”

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