SOOEW Chapter 5 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star V

There is no doubt that it is very painful to film in winter and summer. Playing the leading role isn’t too bad, as there’s still a little assistant to follow them. Other staff erected the sets, set up the backgrounds, as well as arranged the cameras, and films. Makeup artists also applied and touched up the artists. They are all sweating and complaining.

At this time, Wen Ying distributed hawthorn juice to everyone, it seemed especially intimate.

She called ahead of time to make an appointment, and asked the store to send it to the venue. Then Assistant Qu sent over the pre-sealed drinks, followed by a sentence: “You guys have worked hard, this is what our sister Wen Ying has asked everyone to drink.”

Wen Ying was quite adept at spending money to buy people’s hearts. 

The gossip that was heard before has completely disappeared. This is the logic behind the saying, it’s hard to speak out against others when they provide you with a favour.


“Sister Wen Ying.” The small assistant ran over and said, “Where is the director? Do you want to send it over yourself? It seems more sincere. ” She just entered society. Her round face was red due to the sun, but she didn’t complain. She was young and vigorous.

Wen Ying put her hand over the small assistant’s forehead and covered her for a short while. She smiled and said, “You can deliver it. I need to avoid suspicion. The director must already know.”

The little assistant was moved by her thoughtfulness and was full of energy at once!

When applying for the post, a senior said that it was hard to wait on Wen Ying. She was worried for a long time. She didn’t expect that it was so easy to get along with her!

She delivered a crisp “Ai” in response, and immediately left.

“It’s this lively?” From afar came a voice of exclamation. The male wore a casual outfit, and a cap on his head. On one hand, he was laughing, and on the other, he removed his sunglasses. Hawthorne juice! How do you guys know that I love drinking it, bring me a bowl, bring me a bowl!”

“Fang Xing!”

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The invisible fans at the film set recognized their idol at once and were so excited they weren’t able to exercise restraint. 

Wen Ying inclined her head to see the bustle. Fang Xing is the leading actor of this drama. Allegedly, his family has a very strong background, and he is a rich second generation. When the filming started, he resented the sun overhead, so he didn’t come. The director allowed him to do as he wished. Adding on the reason for the set arrangement, today is their first official meeting.

This person, she put his name into the light source map and found that the brightness is the same as Lu Ze.


When Fang Xing came closer, Sister Fan had already offered her unopened sour plum soup and wanted to speak to her idol, but she was so excited that her head was blank. She blurted out, “This is what Sister Wen Ying has invited everyone to partake in, it’s very good!”

“Sister Wen Ying?” Fang Xing’s expression changed, and he smiled a bit intriguingly, “It tastes good? Have you drunk it?”

Sister Fan wants to bite her tongue and commit suicide. “Ah that, this cup is clean, I didn’t drink it.”

Fang Xing smiled and waved his hand. “You drink it, ba”

“Do you dislike that it’s mine?”

He had a good time, “Don’t think too much—— the one I dislike isn’t you.”


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