SOOEW Prologue – Jinjiang Space

In the studio of Hengdian, during noon rest, the sun was scorching the earth with its rays. The filming equipment of the studio has already been turned off, the staff wiped their sweat and lazily dispersed to their own independent activities.

Extra Wenying took her lunch box, looked around and saw that there were no more seats. Hence, she simply found a leafy tree, and squatted down in the shade to eat.

She split the disposable chopsticks, and brushed the two sticks against each other to clean off the wood chips. While the others were picky about the food, she already finished it with relish..

Wen Ying was born in a rural area and was admitted to the Film Academy through her outstanding academic performance. Unfortunately, even though she received a scholarship every year, she still did not get a good opportunity after she entered society. She could only play one or two small roles in TV dramas. It’s ten thousand miles away from the fame she wants.

This is a costume drama crew. She plays a maid and is only responsible for listening to the elder mistress in a stunned manner, to reflect the cleverness of the other party. Of course the lady she “serves” is just a female fourth, so she has only two shots in the film. Hence, she can only take her lunch box and try her luck in another crew..

A middle-aged actress also carried a folding stool and sat beside her. She shouted: “Chen Jie.”

She acts as the Eldest Miss’ mother is the group leader and she is very popular. It’s said that she had an acting dream since she was young, however, it’s a pity that she didn’t look pretty enough.

“Hey, Xiaowen, you’re eating here alone, ah. How come you don’t find a stool to sit on.”

Wen Ying exposed a smile: “I also want to ask Sister Chen, your folding chair is so convenient, where did you buy it from?”

“Hai, I brought it casually from Taobao, if you like it, then I’ll send you a link to it later.”

Sister Chen seemed to not care on the surface, until Wen Ying said this and then Sister Chen became excited. She started to become a chatterbox, and told her a lot of gossip.

“Did you know? The role that Xiao Luo played before was changed.”

Xiao Luo?

It was the Eldest Miss that she had to “serve”.


“I haven’t heard anything, how did it change so suddenly?”

Sister Chen smiled mysteriously, “She probably offended someone. In the previous group, there was a sensation that she had slept with the assistant director. She didn’t admit it. Who would know that the assistant director’s family came to her door with a killing aura, and broke her facade with one punch. Things can’t be concealed anymore, her face is colored. Naturally, the scenes can’t be filmed anymore.”

Wen Ying took a breath and admired:”Sister Chen is well informed, just don’t know however, who will replace her?”

Sister Chen hadn’t answered yet, and the deputy director of actors shouted towards them: “Time to start work, stop chatting!” He did not stand too far, but seemed like he refused to take two more steps, and his attitude was very impatient.

“Don’t know who he’s looking down on. He’s very kind to everyone and only treats us like we’re not humans.”

Sister Chen curled her lips and dragged Wen Ying to throw away their lunch boxes in preparation for the next scene.

It wasn’t until the start of filming that she realized the actress for the Eldest Miss had truly been changed.

The other party has already put on makeup, and the other party’s facial features are not bad. She had a slim figure, was wearing a red skirt and green jacket over a white gauze dress. Her hair was in a bun. She also carried a beautiful posture, and the temperament is appropriate.

It’s just that when Wen Ying saw her, her steps slowed for she saw an acquaintance.

The other party was originally arguing with the stylist, disliking the vulgar combination of red and green. From the corner of her eyes, she saw someone was coming here, looked sideways, and laughed strangely: “Yo, is this not the big celebrity in our school, Wen Ying.”


Wen Ying also greeted her, “Long time no see.”

She still remembered that this was Zhou Xinyun in the class next to her. She heard that her family background was very good. At present, at least in terms of the film and television circle, her resources are not bad.

“Yes, I haven’t seen you since graduation. I heard that you are playing as my servant in this crew, and already has acted out several scenes with whoever the previous was. I have just joined this group and may need you to take care of me.”

There are too many stings in this remark. Wen Ying pursed her lips and didn’t speak, only smiled.

Zhou Xinyun’s smile deepened and waved her hand to the stylist:”Forget it, don’t delay everyone’s time, we’ll just act like this.”

The director was sitting on a chair drinking tea, and seeing that the deliberation is finally over, he waved his hand, start!

This scene was the first time that the Eldest Miss wanted to go out in the middle of the night to visit her sweetheart. Her servant girl, who has always been obedient, blocked her miss for the first time with an uncompromising attitude, showing her loyalty. There are not many shots, but at least it’s not unilateral, and Wen Ying has spent a lot of time pondering the scene.

As soon as the scene started, she knew that her former classmate was not going to let herself become better.

The other party used exaggerated expressions and emotions to grab the attention of the camera. At the same time, she was stuck in her position. Even if she didn’t look at the camera, she knew that there must be only half her face or maybe even less. This kind of lens will of course be cut off in post production.

Cameras, positions, expressions, these aren’t things she can’t fight back on, she can even do better..



“Cut! That little maid, what are you doing? Don’t you know where your own position is, go back!”

Wen Ying’s drooping eyes return to their original position, and endure her uncontrollable emotions.

She knew it would be like this. Regardless of the role setting, Zhou Xinyun is at least a female fourth, and the presence of a little maid beside her has no effect on the script. Whether or not she has a shot makes no difference.

So even if she can block Zhou Xinyun so that she won’t leave out a trace of her clothes, the photographer and the director will never give her a chance.

Standing in position, she looked up at the woman who played the opponent’s play, and the other person faded the angry expression in the play and smiled at her, especially brilliant.

“I didn’t expect the past great goddess of Y will fall to the point of acting as a little maid. If Senior Xi knows it, I don’t know how much his heart would hurt.”

Wen Ying thought about it for a long time before she remembered who Senior Xi was. He was someone who enthusiastically pursued her before.

She asked suddenly: “Why are you not acting seriously?”

Zhou Xinyun was surprised, “What?”

“In addition to being flexible, your character has the gentle disposition from being taught by etiquette all year round. If it is acted too emotionally, it will be detrimental to the character’s shaping. Don’t you know?”

In order to grab the scene, the other party showed intense emotions.

Zhou Xinyun heard it and snorted:”Who do you think you are? I know how to act best.” Anyway, it was only a female character number four. The reason why she took this role was just to ridicule Wen Ying. It doesn’t matter what the role is.

Wen Ying slightly lowered her head and smiled.

It was only for a man.

But it was such a person who circled around a man and easily defeated her.

Unreconciled, she refused to admit that she lost. If it was not for the role’s setting, if it was not for the importance of the character, or even, if it was not for the strong backstage of the other party…… 

She suddenly and profoundly realized the gap and helplessness between her and those classmates. No matter how good her performance was, how much she put in her thoughts, the difference in family background was like a chasm. The things she crazily wanted, were very easily obtained by her classmates, and they were disdainful of it. This made her very, very unwilling!

She has never had such strong emotions before——

She wants fame!

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Wen Ying found herself in a strange place, with transparent light walls and flowing electronic data. Every time she took a step, there were programmed numbers beating fast under her feet. Ten meters away from her, there is also a river of data, winding down and flowing into branches continuously, pouring into the invisible ground.

Is she dreaming?

“Welcome to Jinjiang Space, I am your guide Z942121.” A mechanical voice sounded.

“Jinjiang Space?”

“Jinjiang Space, located at the intersection of the many small thousand worlds, is the space where the main god lives. Lord God rules the thousand small worlds……  “

Wen Ying: “State the important part!”

“Do you want to be famous?”

The mechanical guide acted according to Xuanke, and he suddenly asked a tempting sentence. It instantly stopped Wen Ying’s anger like the pause button was pressed. She was still wearing the cheap and inferior costumes, her hands extended from her long sleeves, and she scratched the corner of her mouth..

Oh, this she does want.

“The world you are in is also within the control of the Lord God, who can change your destiny as long as you complete the mission.”



The mechanical sound seemed to detect that she would not refuse, and almost as soon as her voice fell:”Become an envoy. God can’t devote his energy to take care of every world, so he chooses the envoys, and the envoys need to travel through the small worlds to constantly gain the power of faith——that is, people’s sights and love, dedicated towards the Lord God.”

Wen Ying didn’t quite understand.

“But you are not just a simple envoy.” Perhaps it heard her inner sarcasm, Z942121 stood up from the data river, the circling data formed his body, turning into substance: platinum hair, fresh snow-white, almost morbid, transparent skin, and eyes the color of cold emerald.

*almost sounds like a ml hahaha

Wen Ying suddenly blushed.

Foul! This combination is completely her favorite type!

It stole this from her brain right?!

Z942121’s words continued “In fact, the number of envoys was originally sufficient, but there are always envoys who are tempted by a certain world, and thus fall and stay in that world. All you have to do is to regain the power of faith from these people.”

She doesn’t understand what the so-called power of faith is, but it sounds just like when she and other actors need to grab the attention of the audience when they act against each other.

Wen Ying pondered deeply, pulling her hair, “To put it simply, it’s just to let people like me?”

“Yes, the love referred to here cannot be simply defined as the love between men and women. Just as you are an actor, the audience’s love for you can also become the force of faith.”

“After completing the tasks in each world, you will have a chance to win a lucky draw. These rewards come from various parallel worlds. According to your level of completion, there is a certain chance that they can be brought back to your world in the future.” Z942121 threw out  some temptations again.

“It sounds good.” She shrugged, “An opportunity to rewrite fate, and experience different lives in multiple times and across space. The mysterious rewards are also all the things I want. This wouldn’t be a dream borne from me because I wanted to be famous too much?”

“Whether it’s a dream of not, wouldn’t you find out if you just try and see?”

Z942121’s cold green eyes flashed: “Here is a distribution map of the power of faith. You can view this map to judge the task completion.”

Still in mid-air, several strings of data converge into a gleaming drawing.

“This picture represents the first world you will go to. Each light spot above represents a person. There are two patterns on the left, one on the right, the cherry on the left represents you, and the rose on the right represents the fallen envoy. When the light spot that’s gathered on the cherry blossom pattern exceeds her, it means you have completed the task and can come back at any time.”

Wen Ying looked at the picture carefully and issued a question:”I find that some light spots are strong and some are weak. Why is this?”

“The strength of the light spot represents their own potential. The brighter the power of belief, the more worthy they are of your attention.”

It was very intuitive, yet also incredible.

Wen Ying took a breath :”The last question is, how do I get there?”

Z942121 expressed his first smile so far, but because it is cold, it looks weird.

“You just need to—— close your eyes.”

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