WFILTU Chapter 10 – Rescue a person III

School started at Qi Zhong.

On this day, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong sent them to school. Cheng Shuo drove. Li Sitong sat on the passenger’s seat, and Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao sat in the back.

“Mingze, you are already a senior. You have to work hard this year. Do you hear?”

“En.” The boy looked out of the window and nodded absently.

Li Sitong couldn’t help saying, “Mingze has already worked hard enough. Old Cheng, you don’t always have to lecture him.”

“How has he put in a lot of effort? Don’t become cocky just because we have a company under our family name. The worst is if you turn out like those people who are not successful, and say they will go back home to inherit their family business? The times are changing. How many great enterprises can’t keep up with present days anymore? They have been thrashed! You need to take the time while you are still young to learn as much as you can, or the company will sooner or later also become bankrupt. “

“How is it as serious as you state!” Li Sitong glared.


Cheng Shuo continued his education philosophy: “You just don’t believe it, Lin is a famous family from our province. The current boss is an outstanding student that graduated from Stanford. He has been in charge of Lin shi* for only a little over three years, yet he was able to force all those old things to the edge of their seats, which is the power of culture and literature! Of course, I’m not saying that reading and education yields proper company management, nonetheless, it’s the attitude. Studying seriously and efficiently can provide a proper approach to future developments.”

*Shi here does not stand for part of his name. Rather it’s in regards to the Company Lin

He uttered, “I don’t expect Mingze to let my small company catch up with Lin shi. Undoubtedly,  I will be satisfied if our company can be several times larger than now!”

Li Sitong chuckled: “Mingze is resourceful, he definitely will achieve it.”

Cheng Mingze is too embarrassed to interrupt. He hasn’t had a mother since he was young. Li Sitong was also very good to him. He can accept it however, the daughter she brought along was annoying. 

But……  Cheng Mingze looks at the girl wearing headphones, and suddenly feels that if she is always this obedient, he wouldn’t mind too terribly.

I just don’t know how many days she can last.

Cheng Shuo preached to Cheng Mingze and then transferred the gunfire to Xue Jiao. In comparison to Cheng Mingze,  he was very gentle to Xue Jiao. He told her to study hard. If she didn’t understand any lesson materials, she could go to  ask the teacher or go home and ask her brother.

Xue Jiao replied to each one very obediently. 

After the two people reported their names to the school, Cheng Shuo hugged Li Sitong and anxiously watched Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao leave and walk to their own classrooms respectively.

“Jiao Jiao…… will she be able to hold on for today? ” Li Sitong couldn’t help asking.

Cheng Shuo was silent for a moment. He also thought that Gu Xuejiao might not be able to hold on for too long, however he only said, “Don’t worry…… “

Although Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze seemed to be walking side by side, they were at least one or two meters apart. Xue Jiao is in the second year of high school, and the teaching building is in the middle. Cheng Mingze is in the third year and his building was the closest to the canteen and dormitory, in a triangular shape.

Hence when they got to the position of year two, Xue Jiao stopped.

“Ge Ge*, I’ll leave first. Goodbye!” She smiles at Cheng Mingze. Two rows of pearly white teeth are exposed. Her eyes are bent into crescent moons and her hair is tied into a fluffy bun.

*Gege- brother, Chinese form of niisan or hyung


Two words flashed through his head; porcelain doll.

Cheng Mingze only regains his sense of self after Xue Jiao has left for quite a while. He unstably walked towards the year three building with his bag on his shoulders.

She is in a good mood, as re-entering high school allows her to pursue her dream once again.

Once more, she wants to climb even higher on this mountain.

This time, she must succeed.

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There are two experimental classes, one is class one and the other is class two. The results of the two classes are almost the same. Xue Jiao is in class one, and Cheng Mingjiao is also in class one.

There is another person in class two who also has an unusual relationship with Gu Xuejiao —she is her half sister, Gu Shiyun. Gu Shiyun is the female lead of this novel, and was only younger than her by a few months. 

She arranged her head so that Gu Xuejiao’s bad thoughts won’t affect her mood for school.

Gu Xuejiao, who was in a good mood, went to the door of the experimental class, however, before she entered, she ran into someone.


She clutched her head, yet her feet were also trampled on by the tall man in front of her.

Before she could speak, the man took the initiative to say: “Your feet are touching my feet!”

“???” Xue Jiao became muddled.

She raised her head and looked up at the boy in the basketball outfit. They were stunned.

“It’s you!”


The author has something to say:

Xuejiao: Today, I rescued a guy, he didn’t move!

Lin Zhihua: ……

Like always, I have red envelopes today, daddies love me, don’t leave!

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