SOOEW Chapter 6 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star VI

Wen Ying didn’t stand too far away, and when she heard it, she raised her brows. 

Is he implying that he dislikes her then?

Previously, she thought this was the only light source that had no contact with the original. She wanted to take good care of it. She didn’t expect it to die before she gained victory. She naturally carried an hated aura, and her only hope was dashed.

With his first smile, and his actions of avoiding the drink when he knew it was hers, showed that the actor seemed to dislike her for some reason.

After her opponent’s acting began, Wen Ying truly felt that the main lead of this play hated her.

《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》 is a campus youth play. Like all the youth dramas, it also tells about the adolescent girl’s young and astringent times, from crush to confession, from confession to holding hands, the main line is the same, all the plots are around the “heartbeat”.

In short, as long as the chemistry between the two protagonists is strong, the play is half successful.

The problem now is that the chemistry is too “strong”. The male star made no secret of his dislike of the female star.

The part they’re currently acting together: the male lead Xiao Zhan is teaching the female lead Luo Yuwei how to play basketball. Xiao Zhan is a popular sports committee member, and Luo Yuwei is a regulations monitor. Before, because of the problem of homework, they had a scene of conflict, however, because of this brief physical touch, they suddenly fell in love with each other.


Yet, the current situation was, “Xiao Zhan” smashed the basketball to “Luo Yuwei”, his tone was so impatient even the deaf could hear it: “Do you or do you not know how to play ball?”

Hearing that Wen Ying is speechless, she really wants to shout, “In the end, do you or do you not know how to act?”

“Director ——” she cried.

“Just a disagreement and you directly go to the director.” Fang Xing rolled the short sleeve of his jersey to his arm, turned the ball to play tricks, and laughed at her at the same time, “Of course you know how to act coquettishly.”

I can’t stand it.

“Wei.” Wen Ying walks in front of him.


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“I have endured you for a long time!”

She reached out and hit the ball to the side. Before the other side responded, she ran to the position where the ball rolled to. She controlled the ball, jumped and shot it!

“Shua” and it went through the basket.

She raised her eyebrows defiantly: “In the end—— do you know how to teach people how to play?”

Because the role of Luo Yuwei is a beautiful type, the makeup artist has made many changes on Wen Ying’s face, reducing her fierce side. When she acted, she also kept her original’s momentum in check until she suddenly let out her personality at this moment, shocking Fang Xing.

Fang’s returned to his senses after his unexpected loss, and quibbled: “We are acting, not truly playing ball!”


Wen Ying was surprised: “Ah, you know that we are acting?”

The crowd couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Damn! It’s a hit!

Fang Xing was ruffled.

“Even if it’s acting, someone like you is only third rate.” Wen Ying said coldly, “influenced by the rumors, disrespecting the actress, and slowing down the shooting process. How about going home to see a superhero movie, young master? You will be able to fulfill your sense of justice! “

Fang Xing couldn’t respond for half a day. Finally, he said: “Once more! This time I will properly act, ok? “

Wen Ying: “Ok, whatever the young master says.”

Fang Xing: “…… “

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