WFILTU Chapter 11 – Fate I

Yi Tianyu?

Xue Jiao was stunned for a few seconds. Yesterday, she had just met this guy and his dad in the bookstore. They all also bought many books, although her books all ended up being burned by that fire.

Yi Tianyu is obviously very bewildered. It took a long time before he asked: “What kind of fate is this? Are you also in the experimental class?”

Xue Jiao nodded and walked in around him.

Yi Tianyu was stunned for a moment. His lips twitched. This lady is really stubborn. No wonder she bought so many books in the bookstore yesterday. She is a Xueba*, ah.

*Xueba means top student

He rubbed the ball in his hand, feeling a little tasteless. The sun outside was very strong, which made people feel restless.

He bounced his basketball twice and walked back into the classroom.

Just before it was the liberal arts division. The experimental class is the elite of each class. Since it’s a whole new grade, most people don’t know each other in the class.

Hence, when Xue Jiao came in, although everyone peeped at this beautiful girl from time to time, no one connected her with Gu Xuejiao.

“Gu Xuejiao!” Cheng Mingjiao shouted loudly. As soon as the name came out, several students in the class looked over in shock.


All of them used to be from the same class as Gu Xuejiao. She always played truant and asked for leave. People in other classes don’t know her very much, but she is still “famous” in this class.

This delicate girl is that hooligan?! They were shocked.

Xue Jiao didn’t care. She nodded and randomly found a seat.

She didn’t speak, everyone else only whispered, and there was also no one who spoke to her.

Cheng Mingjiao only pointed out her identity and then ignored her. She only gossiped about Gu Xuejiao with the few classmates she just met.

*What’s good with this cousin haha

Xue Jiao was still wearing earphones, and quietly sitting in her seat. She was attentively listening to the lesson in her ears.

She sat for a long time, then a female teacher wearing high heels came in.


This female teacher, Yin Fang, has been constantly leading the experimental class and is also an “achiever”. She has been in this nationally famous high school for many years, and she is used to the students who enter through the back door. Her attitude is consistently indifferent. She only waits for the semester to end before proceeding to kick people out.

She stood on the platform and scanned the students below. Her face was frozen.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Yin Fang. I will be teaching English.”  Her sharp eyesight sweeps across everyone. “We are all the elites of this grade. You should all know how the experimental class works. If you don’t work hard, you can leave next semester.”

This obviously scared the students, and she was very satisfied with the effect. After writing down her name on the blackboard, she clapped her hands.

“All right, let’s start arranging seats now.”

She took out a list. “Here is a report of your results. The seats are adjusted accordingly.”

“Rank number one, Shang Zhiyuan.”

This student was on the taller end, so Yin Fang asked him to choose a seat between the fourth and fifth row. Shang Zhiyuan obviously understood his height and chose the middle seat in the fifth row.

“Rank Two, Liu Jiaxue.”

Liu Jiaxue had a fairly average height, so Yinfang let her choose her own seat in the first four rows.

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Everything happened accordingly until the tenth place. When it’s Cheng Mingjiao’s turn, she demonstratively looked at Gu Xuejiao standing at the back with her eyes.

Yi Tianyu slowly dilly-dallied over to her and bumped against her.

This abruptness caused Gu Xuejiao’s entire body to fall on the person next to her. It took her a lot of strength to stand back upright.

“I’m sorry!” She first apologized and then threw a dark look at Yi Tianyu, “What are you doing?!”

Yi Tianyu felt his nose, “I didn’t use my strength at all…”

Xue Jiao was too lazy to care about him.

Yi Tianyu continued to ask, “Yo, what’s your rank?”

Xue Jiao still ignored him.

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes, and complained: “What are you so arrogant about!”

Assigning seats continued on like a raging fire until there were only four people left out of the fifty-six people.


These four obviously entered through the back door.

There are not many students who enter through the back door at Qizhong. Most students with bad grades won’t enter due to their rule of kicking students with low grades after every semester. However, there are always parents who anticipate their sons becoming dragons, and their daughters becoming phoenixes. 

Now there are only two seats left, one is right next to the trash can and the other is located next to the door.  This time, Yin Fang didn’t let them choose their seats. 

“Ok, Gu Xuejiao, Yi Tianyu, go sit over there. Qi Lei, Xi Junyang, head over there.” After all, in the end, Xue Jiao is still a girl, hence, she didn’t let Xue Jiao sit next to the trash can.

Xue Jiao’s face was white. She was not tall. The man in the row in front towered above her, almost completely blocking her sight.

Also, in her last life, she has always been the darling of the teacher. In this life, she became the existence that the teacher wants to ignore…… 

Because of this, her mood is not very good, and her head was slightly bowed. She did not notice her seat partner constantly shaking his shoulders.

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