SOOEW Chapter 7 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star VII

It was not until the actual shooting started that Fang Xing understood the real meaning of her words. “Even if it’s just acting, someone like you is only third rate.”.

He is not a parachute warrior. He has played the supporting role and leading role in several idol dramas before. He is very popular on the Internet. This is the first time he picked up a show using his own prowess, so even if it’s just a small production, he’s willing to come.

But even so, his mind stopped turning and looked at Wen Ying motionlessly, even so——

“You, can you teach me to play ball?” She raised her head, her glossy black eyes reflecting his figure, just like his mother’s favorite Cartier jewelry, twinkling and glimmering.

“Who wants you to teach me? I know how to play.” She said stiffly.

However, he knew she was lying, because the stars in her eyes were still shining, and her hands were anxiously grabbing the corner of her clothes.

She is dominant. She is dominant to the point that she is ridiculed as having an “early menopause” and is the “teacher’s microphone”. Yet, she is also fragile, fragile to the point that if he refuses, her beautiful eyes will be filled with tears, but she will turn around in advance and face him with a strong attitude.

Fang Xing didn’t know why he thought up to here. It seemed that every movement and every expression of hers told him that she was such a person.


“If you want to learn then learn, if you don’t then don’t!” Xiao Zhan blurted out his lines. This character is close to his own character. It doesn’t take much energy to act out this character. Although he said that, looking at her move of holding up the ball to shoot, he went up to correct it and laughed: “Your movement is too ugly. When you go out, don’t claim yourself as X school’s student, it’ll smear our name.”

He stood behind her, surrounding her with the hormones of male adolescence, and she turned her head uneasily to the side, but almost kissed his strong arm.

Xiao Zhan didn’t know what was wrong with her, but was affected by the atmosphere, and she suddenly became uneasy.

Until he corrected her action of holding the ball, and the two fingertips touched each other slightly, did she finally react violently and escape from his arms, looking at him strangely and nervously.

“Class monitor?” He didn’t understand anything. He was scared by her, but his ears couldn’t help being red. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing!” She shook her head in a panic. “Let’s, let’s try it again!”

There should be no ambiguity in this sentence, but he seemed to see a very beautiful color in her and was completely absorbed by her eyes. “Pudong””Pudong—— ” his heart beat like a basketball on the floor. It was frightening. His face was red, and finally he said, “Ok.”

He looked down and wiped his sweat on his jersey, avoiding her sight.


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The director took the lead in clapping. When Fang Xing came out, he clapped him on the shoulder. “Well done.”

Fang Xing carelessly responded, seemingly slightly depressed.

Not far from the portable reclining chair, the little assistant was giving Wen Ying water to wipe her sweat. She excitedly turned around Wen Ying like a puppy: “Sister Wen Ying is so powerful! Also, Fang Xing, when you two act together, I can see the heart fluttering, Pudong Pudong!”

Wen Ying smiled, “Actually there’s a secret manual.”

Secret manual? Fang Xing pricked his ears.

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“The secret is—— to date more when you are young.” She blinked at the assistant, who blushed.

Fang Xing: “…… ” Taking advantage of the time when the little assistant went to run errands, he pretended to stroll to Wen Ying’s side. While drinking water on one hand and questioning on the other, “Is there really a secret manual?”

Wen Ying was astonished: “Young master is not afraid I would pester you and not let go?”

Fang Xing awkwardly scratched his head. “I’m sorry for my previous actions. First of all, I’m not the type of person who listens to the media gossip! It’s my brother. He also has an entertainment company. He said that you were taken care of by the head of Huaying before, and because it’s inside news, I believed it. Seeing you act so well, I know it’s fake. “

Wen Ying looks at him and smiles.

Looking at it, he was startled, and a mouthful of water sprayed out, “Damn, no way?!”

Wen Ying smiling touched his hair, “Sister used to have a boyfriend, and was as naive as you. Keep it a secret for me, and don’t spill it, oh. “

Actually, this person is not too annoying. Just because of a bad impression, he was unwilling to act with others, and once he was conquered by others, he quickly spilled out his brother’s name. He thought in a straight line, it’s pretty cute.

“What elder sister, you are only three months older than me!” He nervously grasped his hair and couldn’t accept it, “Why ah, with your acting skills, even without climbing onto someone’s bed, you can become very famous.”

He was told before that talented actors can make people fall in love with them in the play. He sniffed, false is false, how can it truly move the heart?


Up until he was in the act, he felt controlled. Don’t know whether it was Xiao Zhan or his heart beating.

“At your age, you still like playing games, right? For example, if the entertainment circle is a copy, the people with background choose easy mode, the people with resources are ordinary mode, and the people like us who have nothing are hell mode. ” Wen Ying followed the lines on the palm, it’s like looking at the direction of fate. “What’s acting skills? No one will give you a chance to show your value. People who can be as popular as me at my age, if they don’t have good luck, they should be cruel, cruel to others and to themselves. I don’t have time to gamble, but I think ——”

She squinted her eyes and smiled brightly. “I’m more open than they are.”

Fang Xing dazedly stared.

This argument obviously does not conform to the three views! This woman is just as hateful as he thought before!

But…… damn, what if I’m even more excited?


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Is our Xing Xing cute!!?

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  1. The last scene make me sad. It make me remember my bias who also an actress but child actress before. When we play as we like, as a child she got many rejection from audition. She work sooo hard, even got hate because her villain role in age of 12. But in the end she survive and became one of promising actress nowday.

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