WFILTU Chapter 12 – Fate II

“Ok, the seats are arranged for the time being, and they may change at any time in the future. Now let’s choose the class leaders…”

Xue Jiao was inconsequential in regards to the matter of the position of the class leader. Instead, she was in a very terrible mood and lowered her head. Yin Fang’s efficiency was very high, not only did she arrange the seats very quickly, but she also selected the class leaders’ positions very rapidly. 

Xi Junyang volunteered to be the class monitor. Rank two, Liu Jiaxue became the academic committee monitor. Cheng Mingjiao was chosen by the class as the art committee monitor, and Yi Tianyu was also chosen by the class as the sports committee monitor.

After Yin Fang had almost completely arranged the entire situation, it was lunchtime. 

“Ok, everyone have a good rest at noon. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the class monitor and the sports committee monitor should take some boys to move books and bring our class books down!”

“Ok!” Different from Xue Jiao’s gloom, Yi Tianyu, who was happy ever since the seat arrangements occurred, answered ostentatiously.

As soon as Yin Fang left, the classroom became lively.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ——” Almost as soon as she left, Yi Tianyu guffawed uproariously on the table, pointing to Xue Jiao in laughter. 

Xue Jiao knitted her brows.

“Hahahaha! It turned out to be an underachiever. Ai, I thought you were supposed to be a Xueba*? You self taught yourself the entire course of grade two? Hahahaha!! Do you want me to laugh to death? ” Boys in this grade are overconfident* and don’t know how to restrain themselves.

*Xueba means top student, that is also very stereotypical, and I quite disagree. Everyone matures differently 🙂

Xue Jiao glared at him and stood up.

“Wei*? Are you angry? “

*Wei is used to call someone, and different intonations give rise to a different mood. Here, it is used in a questioning tone.

“I’m not!” She accelerated her pace.

Yi Tianyu’s feet are long, so she wasn’t able to evade him. He continued to catch up with her and lowered his head down to look at her: “What are you running for, if you are not angry?”

Xue Jiao stops for a moment, stands firm, and breathes deeply: “Yi Tianyu, because……  I’m going to eat!”

After she finished retorting, she continued to walk to the canteen quickly.

Yi Tianyu stopped his footsteps and curled his lips. The voices of several tall boys came from the basketball court in the distance——

Brother Yu! Do you want to play basketball? “

“I’m coming!”


Others may not recognize Gu Xuejiao with her clean face, but her “sister” Gu Shiyun recognized it at a glance.

When Xue Jiao sat down with her food at the table in front of her, Gu Shiyun immediately saw her.

She doesn’t like Xue Jiao with her clean face. That delicate face always reminds her of her childhood, when her mother only dared to pull her secretly to look at the family of three.

The father was happily holding his princess, yet she can only be in the back, secretly watching.

Fortunately, it’s all hers now.

Daddy is hers and Miss Gu is her.

“Shiyun, what are you looking at?” Two girls next to her asked.

Gu Shiyun smiled, and very gently, shook her head: “It’s nothing.”

She put down her chopsticks, took out her mobile phone, and sent out a message.

Her eyes were coldly watching Gu Xuejiao and her mouth was slightly raised.

She didn’t want to see Gu Xuejiao. Year one was so good. Gu Xuejiao wore heavy makeup and didn’t come to school very often.

The food in the canteen of Qizhong is better than the food in the canteen in Xue Jiao’s previous life. The Cheng family is not short of money. In the morning, Cheng Shuo fills 10000 yuan in her meal card and says it is her living expenses for this semester. 

No matter much how she eats, she won’t be able to finish the money. It was nice not to worry about living expenses.

Xue Jiao raised her mouth and contentedly picked up her chopsticks.

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After lunch, relatively everyone went back to the classroom.

Yi Tianyu takes a few boys to move the books into the classroom. Yin Fang stands on the platform and directs everyone to pass out the books.

Xue Jiao’s eyes were bright, and they stared at the books directly.

The second year of high school is the craziest year to absorb knowledge. There are six courses in science, each course has two reference books to accompany the teaching materials. There is only one reference book in the other classes. The experimental class is special, and there are two reference books.

All these books and texts are stacked together, covering the table.

When Xue Jiao receives the books, she neatly stacks them on the tabletop, and unhurriedly places them into the drawer. 

Yi Tianyu who sat next to her tossed all his books straight into his drawer, creating a “Dong——” sound.

He put away his book and saw his desk partner sitting upright, with her back ramrod.


He saw the other party slowly place a book one by one on the table and took out a stack of large and small grid covers of the same color from the drawer. Then, while he was gaping, she placed the books in the covers conscientiously and meticulously.

“Pu——” Yi Tianyu almost choked to death, and then burst out in laughter, “Hahahaha! Gu Xuejiao, can you not be like an elementary school child? Is there anyone else who covers their books these days? Hahaha, I’m about to die from laughter! “

It was not Xue Jiao who interrupted Yi Tianyu’s laughter, it was Yin Fang.


Her eyes swept them sharply, and she raised her voice: “Yi Tianyu, Gu Xuejiao! Stand up! “

Xue Jiao was stunned and stood up blankly  with her book. 

“What are you guys talking about so happily? Tell me so I can hear too? “

Xue Jiao was completely stunned. She knew that she had been dragged into trouble. Because of her poor performance, she was naturally regarded as the eyesore of the teacher. Subconsciously, the teacher thought that they were talking, causing Yi Tianyu to laugh.

“What? Cat got your tongue? ” Yin Fang sneers, “Other people are quiet. Only you guys are joking in the back, even if you don’t study, can you not affect others?”

“I don’t care how good your family is, or how you guys entered into this classroom. Since you joined this class, you have to obey the rules when you come in. I don’t care if you don’t learn, however, if you laugh in class and affect others, then I can only ask you to leave! This is the first time, but I hope it’s the last. Other students, too. Do you hear me? !”

“I hear you!” All fifty students spoke at the same time.

Yin Fang finally said: “Alright, sit down,”

Xue Jiao held her head down and despondently sat down.

It seemed that she could still feel the ridicule of others on her body, which was an unprecedented experience of humiliation and embarrassment.

Xue Jiao lowered her head and rigidly wrapped the cover of the books. Yi Tianyu looked at her a couple of times, until Yin Fang went out to answer the phone. He turned around and said, “Wei*? What’s the matter with you? “

*Wei is used to call someone, and different intonations give rise to a different mood. Here, it is used in a questioning tone.

There was no reply and the person next to him was still wrapping the books as if she didn’t hear him.


*Wei is used to emphasize here, such as HEY YOU

Yi Tianyu approached with his head, and suddenly he was stunned and asked foolishly, “Are you crying?”

Xue Jiao still did not look up, only a transparent water dropped, “Pata ” a drop fell on the table.

Yi Tianyu shrinks into a quail, not a sound passing his lips.

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  1. Ah, I can understand her frustration very much. You can’t defend yourself that much because the consequences of your action falls a heavy burden, so you just need to shut up and sit down and took the blow of prejudices from the people around you. When you don’t have the right to be angry in a particular situation and the frustration keeps building up, you cry out of it.

    One more thing, Yi Tianyu is so fucking annoying and childish, can he just shut his trap for a moment?

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  4. That’s seriously annoying.

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    • Yo are you a masochist? Cause I don’t think disrespect was endearing to someone

  6. Can’t blame her. Trouble like this Yi guy kept coming to make her feel embarassed and can’t breathe since transmigration…without support for her side.

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