WFILTU Chapter 13 – Fate III

After covering all the books, Xue Jiao’s mood also calmed down. She was not a vulnerable person. She cried after only being told off a couple sentences by the teacher. The major factor probably did not reside in her humiliation. 

Rather—— In the face of a new world, no matter how calm she is, she has still changed from one person to another.

This person has a complicated kinship and left her a plethora of messes.

These two tears were furthermore, her way of venting.

Yinfang came in again and said with a straight face, “The school announced that those who live in the dorms can clean up and tidy your things in the afternoon and evening. Those who live at home can return home.”

She paused for a moment: “Tomorrow morning, the class will officially start. Everyone should converge into the frame of mind for school work. Next year you guys will all become seniors. Don’t think the college entrance examination is far away. If you want to get good results in the college entrance examination, you must start to work hard from today! Also, especially those who don’t live at school, you must pay attention to safety, Do you hear me!”

“I hear you!”

Once Yin Fang finished conveying her thoughts, she turned on her heels and left. Xue Jiao looked at the black and white checkered book covers which looked the exact same as the ones in her last life. They were stacked neatly and precisely in the drawers. 

She doesn’t even need to look at the names on the sides to know which textbook is which.

Therefore, so what if she changed her body?

She is still her, she is Xue Jiao, and is also Gu Xuejiao now.


She can still sit in the high school classroom and strived to attain better results once again, obtaining higher scores than last time. 

Gu Xuejiao’s eyes brightened slowly. She took out a mathematics text and a science text and placed them into her bag. Then she wore her school bag and left the classroom.

Yi Tianyu, who never dared to speak, looked at her back blankly, scratched his head, and moved his eyes to the other party’s drawer——

“It actually looks pretty good.”

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Right after she left the school gates.

“Gu Xuejiao!” A familiar yet unfamiliar female voice sounded.

Xue Jiao takes a breath and knows that the mess that Gu Xuejiao left her is coming again.

Even if she knows it, she is still stunned after she lifts her head.

These four girls, all of whom were similar to the one seen in the mirror when Xue Jiao first arrived, were wearing heavy makeup, super short shorts, and their tops were short enough to show their belly.

She breathed deeply and foolishly looked at the similar faces in front of her. 

“Gu Xuejiao! Why don’t you come to find us? Didn’t you say we would play together before school began? ” Li Wan, the leading girl, pierced Xue Jiao with her sharp sight and voiced coldly.

“No time.” Xue Jiao felt for her bag’s strap. 


Xue Jiao, who “read” this book, knows clearly that these people in front of her were Gu Xuejiao’s “best” friends, and were several girls from another vocational high school. They were the ones who later tricked Gu Xuejiao to her death and blackmailed her with the videos taken while she was raped.

“Wei! Gu Xuejiao! Are you going to betray us? ” A girl shouted, attracting the eyes of all the people at the school gates.

*voiced angrily here

Li Wan stepped forward, “Gu Xuejiao, we are best friends. Even if you don’t want to talk to us, you have to give us a reason, right? Are you such an ungrateful person? “

She was close to Gu Xuejiao, looking at each other’s face, and her eyes were full of jealousy that she didn’t even bother to cover up.

Xue Jiao is shorter than Li Wan. She had to lift up her head, however, her momentum is not worse than Li wan’s.

“No, what I’m doing is not a betrayal, it is forsaking the darkness for light.”

Li Wan was shocked for a moment, then said infuriated, “Gu Xuejiao?! Are you going against us? “

Xue Jiao kept quiet and swerved around them.

“You ——” Li Wan reached out, wanting to grab her hair, but was stopped halfway in the air.

Li Wan turned her head, and then stammered, “Cheng Mingze ——”


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  1. Wow, she was doing well, it turns out she’s retarded. Why not tell them let’s fight instead, light and dark bullshit.

    • because that’s not her personality, and she doesn’t know how to deal with situations like this (and please dont say the r- word its derogatory to people with disablities)

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