SOOEW Chapter 9 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star IX

Wen Ying raised her brow, “Platonic love, what do you think?”

If she hadn’t heard two words, Lu Ze, she wouldn’t have stopped to chat with her assistant. In fact, when she promised Z942121, she didn’t feel that she would only have spiritual love in this journey. Young men and women enjoy spiritual collision as well as actual □□ collision.

She is part of the experienced faction. She places herself into the characters completely, and the character’s every train of thought is necessary for her character interpretation.

The assistant touched her own face, “Even if you don’t believe in love, just looking at the face is enough to enjoy! Ah, if my boyfriend can be as handsome as Lu Ze, I will devote myself immediately! “

Wen Ying started to laugh.

Should I tell her that Luze is actually the ex-boyfriend of the original body?


This is also the problem that has been distressing her. The original had dated Lu Ze for three years in college! However, later, in order to climb the ladder, she dumped this future film emperor to hug the leg of the President of Huaying. 

So although Lu Ze and her had a more intimate past, compared to Zhou Pei who had to start from the beginning, she, who had a higher foundation…… she might as well have no foundation!

“Wen Ying Jie!” Fang Xing’s assistant closed the door, turned around and immediately smiled, “Wonderful, Fang Xing wants to talk to you in regards to tomorrow’s scene.” He coughed softly, his face a little red. “Kissing scene.”

The assistant’s eyes began to light up again.

Wen Ying slaps the signature on her face. “Pay attention to influence.”  She walked into Fang Xing’s room.

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Fang Xing was watching the TV in his room. He lazily sat on the floor cross-legged, pressing the buttons on the remote control in one hand and holding a crisp apple in the other hand. He bit from it from time to time.

Zhou Pei’s face appears on the screen. At first glance, Wen Ying thought it was herself.

“So leisurely and carefree?” She strode in.

“Cough!” Fang Xing choked on his apple “How can you not make a sound when walking!”

“Who told you to be so focused.”

“I’m doing research,” he explained. “Aren’t those people on the Internet saying that you’re not as good at acting as she is?”? I saw her famous drama, sneer*, it’s far from your skills! “

*he made a sneer,, he didn’t say sneer in case I’m not clear


The fact of the matter is, Zhou Pei’s acting skill is truly average. Not all counterattackers originated from actors/actresses. However, in the original trajectory, the original repeatedly fought using dirty methods, forcing the counterattacker to hone her acting skills under pressure, and gradually gain the trust and affirmation of the audience.

Now, Wen Ying is not going to suppress her, but let her live a comfortable life sailing with the wind.

“Really?” She knelt on the carpet and approached Fan Xing.

His face suddenly turned red, and his eyes drifted. “Of, of course it’s true!”

“Didn’t you come to find me in regards to the kissing scene?” She blinked slowly. “Do we start now?”

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