SOOEW Chapter 10 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star X

She didn’t apply makeup today. She only applied the Dior Lip Glow* on her lips. It was very refreshing. The slightly watery pink shade was inexplicably delicious and attractive.

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Fang Xing’s face suddenly burst into red!

However, Wen Ying sat back, “No more jokes.”

She picked up the script spread out on the bed, the next scene was the first kiss of the two protagonists. Luo Yuwei failed in an exam and was ridiculed by her classmates. Xiao Zhan took her to the arcade after finding out. The two played wildly the entire time. At the end of the journey, Luo Yuwei took a fancy to a teddy bear in the claw machine. Their first kiss took place in front of the glass window of the claw machine.

“What do you think?” She asked Fang Xing.

He straightened out his emotions. “In my opinion, they are in high spirits at this time, so when Xiao Zhan sees Luo Yuwei unable to obtain the bear, he puts his hand on it without thinking about it. First, he drew closer, and when they got the bear together, of course, they were very happy. Luo Yuwei turned to talk and accidentally kissed him. What do you think? “

“That’s a little different from what I had in mind.” Wen Ying thought for a moment and said, “Let’s try it out directly.”

Fang Xing nodded his head. He got up, went to his desk, and knocked on it. Then he turned around and asked with a smile, “Let’s use this as the crane machine?”

Wen Ying looks around the room, she finds a mirror on the cupboard used to store tea. She beckons, “Come.”

Spineless, he left the table of his choice and ran over.

Wen Ying closed her eyes for about three seconds, and then opened them again, appearing to have changed. The girls on campus have not yet experienced society, and their eyes still contain simplicity, as well as curiosity and expectations for the world. She put her hands on the glass window and stared at a teddy bear inside.

Fang Xing’s heart throbbed with the change in her eyes.

No matter how many times he saw it, he would unconditionally surrender under her talent and spirit every time. 

“If you like it, grab it, what’s the use of just admiring?” He voiced out Xiao Zhan’s lines.

Thereupon, Wen Ying put the coin into the machine, and the machine turned on. She controlled the claw and pressed the key.

She got it!

Her pupils shrunk, nervous and excited. It’s a pity that the bear fell again when it was raised.

She tried three times in a row without success, becoming more and more discouraged.


“Crane machines in an arcade have loose claws, as they’re afraid of losing money if people catch the dolls.” Xiao Zhan walked behind, threw in two more coins, and pushed the hand that wanted to move away back onto the handle. “So it’s not you that’s the problem. Don’t be afraid of failure.”

Like her exam this time, she had a fever and was weak. How can she attain her usual level?

In the face of his double-edged remark, Luo Yuwei was shocked. Xiao Zhan is always like this. He often laughs at her, disdains her, and angers her to the point that she wants to hit him. On the other hand, when she is really sad, he is like a changed person, comforting her, protecting her and tries to think of ways to make her happy.

In the end, what kind of person was he?

His figure reflected in the glass window, and she looked at it uncontrollably. The boy moved her hands from behind, almost half holding her, but he was not affected, just focused and carefully controlled the iron claw, which was necessary to obtain the bear she liked.

He seems to notice because her gaze lingered for too long.

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Half of Fang Xing’s brain that is not acting, is thinking: this should be the reason that she chose the mirror.

Yet the other half, due to the girl unconsciously showing eyes of dependence and admiration, his entire body inexplicably tightened up, even holding her hand more tightly. The boy’s manifestation suddenly came out, and there was only one thought in his mind: catch it, we must catch it!

The teddy bear shot fell into the “slot” as he wished.

He whistled to celebrate his success. She only reacted afterwards, her ears reddened, and she quickly squatted down to pick up the doll.

“Class monitor?” He was very pleased and wanted some credit, but only saw her lower her head to play with the doll, ignoring himself.

He felt something seemed off.


It shouldn’t be. How could she be such a reaction? He succeeded, and helped her get the doll. She became more happy, and then she should…… should what?

Just as Luo Yuwei turned around, Xiao Zhan trapped her between himself and the glass window, then bowed his head and kissed her.

She should, give him a reward.

Luo Yuwei’s face turned bright red as she was kissed, and she was at a loss holding the bear. The boy’s clean and fresh scent poured into the tip of her nose, and the sense of oppression he brought made her want to escape yet also stay, not moving a step.

Up to here, if it’s on the set, the director should have called “cut.”

However, when Wen Ying wanted to exit the scene, she suddenly found that the person in front of her doesn’t have the desire to leave. She felt the corners of his slightly parted lips curl up and then—— kiss her hard.


The author has something to say:

Yesterday I asked if Xing Xing is cute, everyone is saying that the mistress is very handsome, (propping her chin on her hand*) then I want to ask today, is the female lead cute?
*think of this 

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