WFILTU Chapter 15 – Baobei II

Xue Jiao slowly got in the car and said to the driver, “Uncle Xing, can you bring me to buy something.”

She is only free this afternoon. Starting tomorrow, she has to study in the evening every day. There is no way she would have time for shopping.

“Ok, what does Miss want to buy?”

“Books and a wristwatch.”

They went to Xinhua Bookstore first, and soon bought all the materials she wanted. Then she got back in the car and went to the mall to buy the wristwatch.

Gu Xuejiao lost her original watch, which is inconvenient for Xue Jiao who often needs to watch the time. Moreover, there are thousands of yuan on the card, and she doesn’t need to buy anything else, which is just enough for her to buy a wristwatch similar to the original one.

The most important thing is that she doesn’t want Cheng Shuo to spend money to buy it for her. Although her stepfather does not normally interfere with her, in terms of materials, he always treats her well.

Uncle Xing took her to the shopping mall in the most prosperous part of the city. Xue Jiao was unfamiliar with this place. After asking the security guard, she walked in the direction he pointed out.

It was a store with a remote location, but it can be seen from the outside that this store is interesting, not high end, but it still has individuality

Xue Jiao originally did not want to go in, but in the window sill, she saw the same watch that Gu Xuejiao used to wear.


The corner of her mouth raised and she walked in.

At this time, there are three people in the shop, dressed in suits and leather shoes. Looking at their backs, it seemed that they carried the breath of elites.

One looks very young but tries hard to keep a blank face. The other looks like he’s in his thirties and his face was blanker than the other.

The last one had his back to her, and she could see that he was very tall even when he was sitting. His long legs were crossed casually and he was dressed meticulously.

The man who was sitting heard someone come in and turned around.

Xue Jiao suddenly froze.

She suddenly thought of eight words – the peaches are in full bloom with brilliance.

*TN: 桃之夭夭,灼灼其华—— I’m pretty sure I butchered this translation. I’m not too clear on this either, however, it is used to describe how “Wow” he is. If anyone knows how to translate this, please leave a comment <3

Original translation is from bobateatranslation dot com. If you’re reading this elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

These eight words should not be used to describe a man, however, at this moment, she can only think of these words.

This face was a type of beauty that Xue Jiao has never seen. She thinks Cheng Mingze’s face is already extremely handsome, but she doesn’t expect that she will meet an even more handsome face.

But they are two different types. One face was a handsome gentleman, the other face served more as a composed deadly beauty. 

He seems to be only in his twenties, yet his aura is so shockingly powerful.

The pupils of the other party slightly shrank, Xue Jiao hurriedly returned to her senses, coughed, and asked with some embarrassment, “Excuse me, who is the owner?”

The man who was sitting, looked at the thirty-something old man, then raised his hand slightly, pointed to the younger man, and said, “He is the boss.”

*the nuance here is that our ML has looked at his secretary to give him a signal and then turned around and told his assistant to be the boss


The thirty-something-year-old man didn’t say anything and went straight inside into an invisible room. There were only two men outside. 

The “owner” was flabbergasted, and all of a sudden, relaxed his straight face and smiled.

“Yes, I’m the owner. May I ask what does Miss require?”

Xue Jiao tries hard to keep her eyes off the man sitting, looks at the watch in the window, smiles, and says, “I want that watch.”

There’s a list price on it, 5888.

Gu Xuejiao’s card, which was found in Gu Xuejiao’s room last night, has more than enough.

Now she is Gu Xuejiao. Although she thinks it’s a waste to spend more than 3000 yuan on a wristwatch if she buys a wristwatch only worth dozens of yuan, it would bring lots of skepticism from the Cheng family.

She endured her heartache and set her heart on buying it! Why is this small watch so expensive?


As the owner was about to pick it up, the man sitting said, “I think you are more suited to this one.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned and looked to where his fingers were pointing.

It was in the cabinet in front of his seat, in the middle of the store. There were only two wristwatches in the cabinet. Obviously, it was a set of men’s and women’s models, and there was no set price.

This man is referring to the women’s model.

Xuejiao comes forward unconsciously. She has never seen such a beautiful wristwatch. The wristwatch for the man was black and had a partly visible and partly hidden golden edging. The wristwatch for the woman was silver white, with a partly visible and partly hidden light pink edge. The pink was very light, yet it was very beautiful.

She likes it. She likes it very, very much.

But obviously, although there is no price, that is; the degree of delicacy, as well as the expensive decoration of watches, all indicate that this piece is definitely much more expensive than the one she wanted to buy!

It costs more than 5000 yuan to own the piece that she wanted. The price of this piece is at least…… tens of thousands?

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