WFILTU Chapter 16 – Baobei III

She hurriedly shook her head. “No no, It’s better for me to buy that one.”

The man who was sitting, smiled slightly, reached out, opened the cupboard, and took out the lady’s piece.

“I highly recommend that you buy this one. The store is currently getting rid of it at the manufacturing price, and it’s more cost-effective to buy a higher quality one.” It’s hard to imagine a man with such momentum, lightly saying the word “cost-effective” like ordinary people.

His voice was very magnetic, Xue Jiao was unconsciously enthralled by him and even held out her hand when the other side beckoned her to reach out.

His face is devilish and his voice is even more devilish.

When the cold feeling touched her wrist, Xue Jiao just wanted to scream.

Her ears are going to be pregnant!!!

*lmao, all Kpop fans at concerts

The other side’s long fingers inadvertently touched her wrist, and the two froze at the same time.

His reaction was bigger than hers, his fingers even trembled a little, and then he rapidly pulled back his hands. Something unknown flashed across his face, and his eyes were so dark that people could drown in them. 

Xue Jiao’s eyes looked at him for a moment, and she seemed to be absorbed by thick ink!

As soon as she shivered, her eyes quickly moved to her wrists. The voice of the other side was low and hoarse: “Is it pretty?”

“Good…… Good looking…… “

It really is very good-looking. This wristwatch is extremely good-looking even before it was on her wrist. Now that it is on her wrist, it’s even more fascinating to her.

On the white and slender wrist, a small and delicate silvery-white wristwatch is shining towards the lights inside the store. The partially hidden light pink color had the feeling of a young woman to it. It was very beautiful.

Xue Jiao couldn’t help but turn her eyes to the owner.

“How much is this?”


“Ah?” The boss was also stunned for a second and moved his line of sight to her body. However, the corner of his eyes was turned to look at the man that was sitting. 

Xue Jiao truly likes it. If she could still resist the temptation before, now that she was wearing it on her hand, her heart was truly moved.

So she slightly begged: “Owner, since you’re only charging it at the manufacturing cost, then sell it to me at a low price please!”

The boss moved his lips and said tentatively, “Ten thousand?”

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Xue Jiao’s eyebrows and eyes drooped. The man’s eyes narrowed: “Owner, your price is a little high.”

His voice is very light, very pleasant to hear, and very imposing.

“Then……a thousand?”

A thousand?

Were the jewels on the watch just rhinestones? Was the silvery-white color just painted?

Then, after a while, won’t the color on the watch fade?

She was stupefied for a moment, but of course, she would rather buy a one thousand yuan wristwatch than one more than five thousand!

Xue Jiao hurriedly took out her wallet, and while paying, she said ignorantly: “Watches…… Is it such a lucrative industry? “

“Of course, any industry that works well is profitable.” The man stood up, his momentum was strong.

Xue Jiao’s stature is only to his chest. She needs to look up high to see his face, which makes her a little depressed.

She was not tall in her last life. She changed her body in this life, but was still short…… 

Fortunately, she is only sixteen now, and she can grow taller.

At this moment, Xuejiao decides to drink a glass of milk every morning!


Her expression is very rich, just a glance at her face can tell you her thoughts, the man chuckled.

Then he bent down to her level, until their eyesight was level and stretched out his hand: “Hello, Lin Zhihua.”

Xue Jiao subconsciously straightens her back and looks at him in surprise.

Lin Zhihua, Zhihua, truly worthy of the phrase the peaches are in full bloom with brilliance, ah?

The other party’s hand is still raised. Xue Jiao’s cheek is slightly red, and she slowly stretches out her own hand, “Xue Jiao, Gu Xuejiao.”

One big, one small, two hands hold each other in the air. Xue Jiao’s cheek turns even redder. Lin Zhihua’s deep and bottomless eyes also flash a smile.

She quickly took back her hand, and then tiptoed her feet, and whispered, “Thank you, sir, for helping me negotiate! I will be leaving first! “

After that, she immediately turned around and ran out. The innocent schoolbag swayed on her back. Lin Zhihua rubbed his fingers, and the smile in his eyes deepened.

“Boss,” that is to say, Tan Qi, the new assistant, shrinks himself to one side. From his expression, it seems as if he just met a ghost.

At this time, a fat man in the room inside rushed out and shrieked: “Ah Ah Ah AH!”! Why did you have people cover my mouth and detain me inside?! How can you sell my store’s treasure for only a measly 1000?!”

The fat man jumped up, his face red in anger, “I want to sue you! I want to call the police! The treasure of the shop! This is my treasure! A thousand! Not even enough to touch it! This is a famous master…… “

“How much is it? I’ll take it. ” Lin Zhihua’s face is calm.

“The lady’s wristwatch is 650 thousand…*” The fat man’s voice became low and then high, “but this is a couple’s watch! Even if you buy the lady’s piece, this man’s piece… “

*This is in RMB, so approx $93k in USD. 

Tan Qi rolled his eyes. Only such a small shop would take a hundred thousand dollar wristwatch as the treasure of the shop.

“I’ll buy it all.” Lin Zhihua’s voice is still calm.

“It will affect……what? Buy it all?! ” The fat man’s throat seemed like it was being strangled by something, his eyes widened to the point where his eyeballs were about to fall out. His face is red, “Is is is it what I think you mean…… all…… all all all buy all of them?! You’re going to buy both pieces of the couples watch?!” 


The author has something to say:

Hare: Mr. Lin……a thousand dollar wristwatch……sell it to me ba……  No no no! I will pay a thousand and one!

As always, today will be a day with red envelopes!

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