WFILTU Chapter 17 – Tsundere I

Lin Zhihua ignored him, only paying attention to himself. He took out the man’s piece of couples’ watch, put it on his hand, and then caressed it.

It was only for a moment, Lin Zhihua put down his hand and looked at Chen Yan.

“Has it been repaired?”

“En, he has already repaired it.” Chen Yan respectfully handed him a half-used lady’s wristwatch.

Lin Zhihua collected it, and then walked out quickly: “Chen Yan, pay.”

When everyone left, the fat man held the check and sat in a daze, his face was blank.

What’s the matter with today?

He sold his store’s pair of treasures in one breath?!


He thought of how he was sitting in his store bored all day and all of a sudden, three men came in. As soon as they came in, they took out a half-used lady’s wristwatch and asked him if he sold it here, and if he could fix it?

The lady’s wristwatch was indeed sold by his shop, so he helped them repair it. At that time, he also lamented that the man looked so powerful yet he was extremely frugal.

A broken lady’s wristwatch still needed repairing.

There was something inside the watch that had to be changed. He went inside to get it. Unexpectedly, in a short amount of time, the man in his thirties came in, soundless, and directly covered his mouth and detained him inside.

He thought he had met a robber, and then he heard a voice.

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Later…… he heard that his shop’s treasure had been sold for only a thousand yuan!

At that time, he was mad to the point of going crazy. When the man let go of him, he immediately ran out to question.

Then…… It was all sold?

The fat man thought very hard, yet there was no conclusion, shook his head, raised the check, and kissed it hard.

“Forget it, no matter what hobby he has, I’m making money anyway! Hahaha! “


The car drove smoothly to Lin’s house. The assistant looked at Lin Zhihua secretly from the rearview mirror. Today’s event really scared him.

He is very curious, but he dared not ask, let alone talk.

Lin Zhihua obviously will not care about him. It wasn’t until the car arrived at the door of Lin’s house, that he finally said: “You can go back”

Then he strode into the house.

Tan Qi breathed out a breath and clapped his chest where his heart was located. The boss’s aura is terrible!

He turned his head and smiled flatteringly at the secretary, Chen Yan: “That…… Secretary Chen, you know…… ”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re not curious?!”

“Not curious.”


Tan Qi looks at his cold face, which is comparable to the boss’s. He only sighs that it’s no wonder that Secretary Chen is the only one around the boss after so many years, and has become the most trusted person of the boss!

This is a machine, ah!

His expression was very rich. Chen Yan finally looked at him and said, “Do you know why the previous assistant left?”

“W..w..w…… Why? “

“Talked too much.”

Tan Qi: “……”

Chen Yan turns around and gets in the car. Tan Qi shivers and hurriedly follows.

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  3. It’s look like the story of the beauty saved the hero and then the hero falls in love and want to repay the beauty’s saving grace with his body 😍😍😍

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