WFILTU Chapter 18 – Tsundere II

As soon as Lin Zhihua entered the house, he knew there was someone inside. He slightly knitted his brows. Sure enough, his parents came out of the kitchen

Lin Zhihua loosened his tie on one hand and on the other, asked in a cold voice, “Why are you guys here?”

“What? We can’t come? ” Father Lin’s expression suddenly turned ugly.

Lin Zhihua ignored him and poured a glass of water to drink.

Mother Lin pinched Father Lin, then smiled and said, “That…… Why did you start to work when your hand still hasn’t healed? Dad and mom are worried about you…… “

Lin Zhihua sat down, looked up slightly, and gave them a look: “You’ve left a mess to deal with that hasn’t been cleaned up, how can I not go to work?”

You, this stinking brat, how can you speak like that?!”

Mother Lin holds on to Father Lin and smiles awkwardly. When she glances over his wrist, she is shocked: “You’re wearing a watch?”

You can’t blame her for being so surprised. It was no wonder that she could pay attention to the details.

Lin Zhihua is a strange person. Well, if she was not his mother, she would use the word “abnormal” to describe him. 

This guy doesn’t like to wear a wristwatch, due to the fact that ever since he was in junior high school, he has been working strictly according to the time, and he can accurately estimate the time without a wristwatch.

Unless there was an event that required Lin Zhihua to wear a watch to match his outfit, otherwise, he would never wear a watch. Therefore, Mother Lin has never seen Lin Zhihua wear a watch on an ordinary day. This was an unprecedented event.

Lin Zhihua only nodded, without providing any explanations.

Ok, his natural gesture left Lin’s parents speechless.

“What are you guys here for today?”

Mother Lin smiled and pulled Father Lin to sit down beside him: “I heard that you changed your assistant…”



“It’s a very young and handsome man?” Mother Lin’s voice tightened.

Lin Zhihua: “……”


The smile on Mother Lin’s face was almost gone. At last, she stammered, “You……  If you’re happy, that’s fine…… “

Father Lin held her hand, stood up, and stared at Lin Zhihua.

His eyes were angry, his expression was serious, his momentum looked alarming as if he was about to start scolding immediately.

Lin Zhihua also stood up. Father Lin took two steps back in an instant, and the momentum was gone.

“I don’t like men.”

With that, he dropped his tie and walked into the bathroom.

Father Lin and Mother Lin suddenly relaxed, and Father Lin smiled directly: “It’s ok…… it’s ok……told you not listen to the wind or the rain!* “

*Father Lin is blaming her for listening to gossip

Mother Lin stares, “Are you blaming me now? When you first knew it, weren’t you also anxious? “

She said and then suddenly sighed and frowned with an upset expression: “My son doesn’t approach women, and also doesn’t like men…… Alas, will he really be alone for a lifetime? “

“So let him create a test tube baby!”

Mother Lin rolled her eyes and said, “Do you want him to? That year, if it wasn’t for you…… how can your son’s erectile dysfunction be spread out? How would he be laughed at? At last, he had to go abroad to study and now he doesn’t even approach women! “

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Father Lin also slightly bowed his head with some guilt, this matter is indeed his fault.

“Let’s go. My son doesn’t like other people at his home!”

“His father is still others?”

The two husband and wife pair left. Lin Zhihua who was in the bathroom, stroked upwards under his chin with his hands. He flipped his hair, blinked his eyes, looking at a specific direction.

He doesn’t really like women, and really doesn’t like men.

He thought so for so many years to the point that he told his father, who wanted to give him a marriage: I don’t like women.

But it’s clear that what happened recently broke his knowledge, which made him a little flustered.

“Mister…… Don’t be afraid, I will save you! “

“Mister, I…… We…… Let’s go further! Persevere… I can’t carry…… you……”


“Xue Jiao, Gu Xuejiao.”

“Mister…… “

“Xue Jiao…… “

“Don’t be afraid…… “

“Mister…… “

“Mister…… “


The voice didn’t stop constantly echoing in his mind.

Lin Zhihua doesn’t like to owe people, is it because she saved his life, resulting in him constantly thinking about her voice and her face?

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  2. Xue Jiao’s mother and Zhihua’s father are cut from the same cloth.

  3. Does no one see the fact the xue jiao is 16 and this mf is probably 25 or 24? (You can’t tell mr that he finished uni by 14 and handled a multi million dollar company for 3 years)

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