SOOEW Chapter 13 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XIII

The man was wearing an Armani suit and was tall and upright. Unlike Fang Xing who was lazy, every line on his body seemed to be straight, calm and powerful like mountains.

It is said that a man who wears Armani is like an oil painting with thick ink and rich in colours, often giving off a dignified and imposing feeling. These words are truly appropriate for Zou Weidong.

Yes, this person is Zou Weidong, the President of Huaying, and her —— Mister Golden thigh.

She has seen the light source map very early. Although his light spot was not as good as Lu Ze and Fang Xing, it was at least ten times brighter than the average person. Definitely worth contacting.

When Wen Ying approached, she naturally saw the side of his face which was like a cold, sharp blade. She pretended to walk in a chaotic manner, stared at Fang Xing, and raised her handbag as if to hit him.

He truly held a huge banquet for her?!


Fang Xing had seen her long ago, and was beckoning to her. Zou Weidong saw his movement and couldn’t help turning around.

Wen Ying casually lowered her bag, flirted with her hair, and smiled at him with her bruised lips.

Zou Weidong looked at her a couple of times, as if he didn’t know her.

“Come, let me introduce you.” Fang Xing took her hand and pulled her to his side with a lively smile, “President Zou, she is my good friend Wen Ying.”

Zou Weidong nodded in acknowledgement.

He turned to Wen Ying to introduce, “This person is my brother’s partner, President Zou Weidong. He happened to see me here while I was dining here and he came to say hello.”

“President Zou.” Wen Ying also responded as if she didn’t know him.

After all, relationships consisting of money transactions can never be put on the table. Pretending not to know each other is a mutual consensus.

However, Fang Xing was fully aware of what was happening, yet he naughtily introduced them to each other. Wen Ying didn’t understand what medicine he sold in his gourd.

“Huaying’s position in the entertainment industry is well known, and President Zou is powerful. Not to mention, his recent films 《Gong Hua Hong》and 《Yu Xian Ge》are both popular, and he earned enough to fill all his pockets.” Fang Xing’s smile was full of meaning, “If there is a chance to be promoted by President Zou, that would be really good. “

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The two dramas he exemplified are Zhou Pei’s masterpieces. The meaning of the words cannot be clearer.

Wen Ying figured out the message Fang Xing wanted to send to her.

In fact, she knows all this information. Zou Weidong once regarded Zhou Pei as her, and there was a little accident, and the two got acquainted. This is—— of course nothing but Zhou Pei’s deliberate move.

Compared to her, Zhou Pei put on a gesture of desirelessness and they got along with each other with the identity as a friend, and instead won his favor. The willingness given by his resources seemed to be from his heart, like someone taking a fancy to a purebred horse. Therefore, he used to be the golden master of Wen Ying, but he is Zhou Pei’s backer now.

She raised her brows and smiled harmoniously, “As expected, once President Zou makes a move, it truly is an extraordinary shot.”

Zou Weidong didn’t say much when she appeared. It seemed that this was just an ordinary greeting. In fact, the person who cooperated with him was Fang Xing’s brother. He was willing to talk to him, because he looked at the other person’s face.


It was an accident to meet the “little canary” he raised before.

After excusing himself, he arrived at the underground garage of the restaurant. The double headlights of the Mercedes-Benz S600 turned on. He sat in the driver’s seat and pressed his eyebrows.

“Ding”, the screen of his phone suddenly turned on and a short message was displayed.

He unlocked the phone.

“It seems that President Zou has found a stand-in for me. Why, is there a habit of collecting this face? Or do you miss me?”

The text message is coming from the “little canary” he just met. He sneered. Originally, he was not going to have anything to do with her again, except he couldn’t help but to return the message.

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