SOOEW Chapter 14 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XIV

The ratings of《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》were beyond everyone’s expectations. Except for 0.8 on the first day, the TV ratings have been maintained above 1, which can be considered a good result. Surprisingly, the number of playbacks on the internet is 10 million on the day and 100 million the next day, increasing day by day. The number of Weibo topics reached 630 million, and topics such as the title of the show, the leading role, and the names of the characters in the play took turns ranking, reaching top ten in the searches.

Before this, Wen Ying’s Weibo was almost occupied by black powder. Every day, people swipe on their screen to scold and shout abuses, and the strong resistance of novel’s die-hard fans. 

As soon as the work was aired, her old powders, new powder, and CP powder immediately launched a self-defense counterattack, drowning the sunspots completely with a huge crowd. Even some blackspots with unsteady positions, under the brainwashing of the drama, began to doubt the authenticity of the scandals.


Those who resisted her suddenly turned upside down. At first, they thought that she was too beautiful and could not master control over the role of the simple and clean class monitor. Who would have thought that her character construction and performance ability would deliver them a surprise. 

Among the topics, the hottest topic is the chemistry between the two protagonists.

The plot of the simple and pure campus story, under their interpretation, can’t help but remind people of their youth. Among them, the most classic was the “Basketball Electric Shock” clip and “Doll Machine First Kiss” clip, which let CP fans scream and continuously swipe till their goosebumps pop up!

Up until Wen Ying began to participate in the reality show,《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》was undoubtedly the hottest campus drama. This also reassured the producer of 《Let’s Fall in Love for a Week》 who made the decision to invite her onto the show.

On the first day of recording, the program team divided the six stars into different places, and created an encounter without telling them who their partner was in advance.

Wen Ying was taken to a zoo in this city by the staff.

She stood in front of the Sea Lion Pavilion. The videographer had already started his recording, but only stuffed a phone on her, and didn’t provide any prompt.

After stopping for a moment and thinking, she smiled and turned on the phone to find the address book. Sure enough, only one number was stored on it, with the word X written on it.

A mysterious person?

She was just about to press the call button, when suddenly, the screen jumped to the caller ID screen, and the caller was X.

“Wei*, where are you?”

*Wei- form of calling someone one or answering the phone, many different intonations could provide different understanding to the implication behind the speaker’s mood

Original translation is from bobateatranslation dot com. If you’re reading this elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

After she was connected, the low magnetic voice of the other party immediately passed into her ears, and there was a little impatience in their tone, but the impatience could not be heard unless the person was acquainted with him and was close to him.

Wen Ying heard the impatience at once, and X turned out to be Lu Ze.

This is handing a sleepy person a pillow. The program group probably did so in order to create gossip and actually put the two of them together.

She was about to answer, her eyes flickered, and then she deliberately answered with a very sweet and high voice: “I don’t know ah, it’s so weird here, oh. It’s seems to be the same thing as sea cucumbers, and looking at it makes other’s* stomach hungry.” She even added some Taiwanese accent to confuse his audiovisual.

*others is in reference to herself in a cutesy way

Lu Ze: “…… “

Sea Lion: “……”


The person on the opposite end is estimated to be shaking goosebumps. Wen Ying laughs extremely hard, but dares not make a sound.

The cameraman standing next to her also laughed until his hands shook. On the other hand, he felt his bones weaken at the sound and sighed at the male guest’s fortune in love affairs.

With the “help” of his pig teammate, Lu Ze finally found a cafe with an ice cream roof. The sign is conspicuous here. It was the meeting place that they found after a lot of trouble.

There was only one person sitting in the cafe, her back turned to him, her figure slim. He frowned, thinking that this figure was familiar, and she turned her face, bored stiff.

The woman nibbled at the straw, her face porcelain white, and the sunlight jumped between her curled hair, magnifying her charming red lips.

He halted his steps.

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