WFILTU Chapter 19 – Tsundere III

“Why are you back at this time?” Li Sitong is currently carrying a fruit plate. Her face subconsciously turned serious once she saw Xue Jiao.

Her expression was a little fierce, filled with realization. 

Of course, she thinks Xue Jiao was skipping school again.

Xue Jiao was helpless and speechless. While changing her shoes, she said, “For the afternoon and evening, students who live in the dormitories have to clean their rooms. Day students can go home. Ge Ge* will be back later.”

*brother, it’s referring to Cheng Mingze here

“Oh…… ” Li Sitong answered blankly.

So…… she was’t skipping class?

“Mom, I’m going up to study first!”


While Li Sitong is still doubting her ears, Xue Jiao has already begun to move up the massive amount of items she brought today.


Yesterday, she had only done a light cleaning, throwing away all those messy clothes and cosmetics. Presently, the room was already a lot cleaner.

She put all the books she had just brought into the empty bookcase. Almost all of the books were guide books. There were even two sets of Wu San workbooks. She then ripped off all the posters on the wall, and only hung a small blackboard on the wall after the wall reverted to its white appearance. 

It was hung right across from her bed so that she can see it every day when she opens her eyes.

Then she took out a chalk and wrote ——

646 days until the college entrance exam.

Xue Jiao then placed the chalk in the slot under the blackboard, clapped off the dust and opened her blinds. 

The Cheng family treated Gu Xuejiao pretty well. The layout of the room is very good. The desk that Li Sitong brought was placed next to the window, allowing the rays of the sun to slant across her desk.

Xuejiao brought out her mathematics and biology textbook that she had brought home.

In her last life, biology and English were her most underdeveloped subjects. In this life, they are her most important breakthroughs to focus on. Mathematics, however, is her favorite subject.

Before, her strong point resided in her mathematical calculations. She was able to do mental arithmetic, even on extremely difficult calculations. 

She is able to grasp mathematics the most, her physics is also not bad, just that her biology and English are a little behind.

She has always known that she is not a genius, but it doesn’t matter. She can achieve her dreams through hard work.

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Xue Jiao opened the book. Cheng Mingze and Cheng Shuo have also come back.

“You guys have returned?” Li Sitong takes Cheng Shuo’s bag while laughing and directs a smile at Cheng Mingze.

“Where’s Jiao Jiao? Mingze said she came back first. “

“She’s upstairs. She went upstairs as soon as she got back.” Then she lowered her voice, confused, “I saw she bought a lot of books back, this is…”

Cheng Shuo laughed: “It seems that she was influenced a lot by her bet with Mingjiao.”

Cheng Mingze suddenly frowned: “Dad, Aunt Li, I found out something today. I think it’s necessary to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Cheng Mingze then said what he saw today, and Li Sitong stood up angrily: “When Jiao Jiao was a child, she was very obedient. I thought she became like this because she didn’t adapt to the new environment, but instead, there was human influence!”

Cheng Mingze nodded: “I asked very clearly. Gu Xuejiao became friends with them the year she came to the Cheng family.

Li Sitong was breathing heavily and shaking.

Cheng Shuo kept patting her: “It’s ok, it’s ok. Jiao Jiao wants to change now. It’s not too late. Those people…… “

“I have already threatened them today. Almost all of them are minors. I’m afraid that it will hurt Gu Xuejiao if I’m in too much of a hurry.”

Cheng Shuo nodded, looked at him and said, “Pay more attention to it in the future. Bring your sister back every night. If they contact your sister again, let me know immediately.”


He still doesn’t like Gu Xuejiao, but just by looking at Li Sitong’s face*, he won’t ignore Xue Jiao.


Cheng Shuo released a sigh: “Fortunately, Jiao Jiao and Mingjiao are gambling. I hope she can hold on a little longer this time, and slowly break her character. Sitong, if she does well, you have to compliment her. Your attitude is very important to her. “


“Mingze, don’t constantly stonily look at your sister !”

“I understand…… “

Cheng Shuo finally stood up. “Let’s eat. Sitong, go call down Jiao Jiao”

Li Sitong stood up and went upstairs.

When she opened the door of Xue Jiao’s room, she was stunned. It was a little dark outside. The girl was sitting upright beside the window with her hair styled into a bun. She was holding a pen, trying to study and memorize.

The rest of the room was emptied, and the posters on the wall were gone. There was only a small blackboard with words on it.

Li Sitong blinked and thought that she might not have used the right posture to open the door, so she closed the door and reopened it.

However, it is still such a picture…… 

At this time, the young girl turned around, her head full of questions and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s time to eat…… ” Li Sitong’s words held some stutters.

“Ok.” Xue Jiao cleans up the desk, turns off the light and follows her downstairs.

When the two people arrived at the stairs, Li Sitong seemed to think of something suddenly and said stiffly: “Jiao Jiao…… You did a good job, mom…… Mom believes you can hold on! “

She said she believed in Xue Jiao in her mouth, but her eyes were full of—— impossible! She definitely won’t be able to hold on for much longer!

Xue Jiao wrinkled her mouth Even if she sees the distrust in the other, she still has to pretend not to see it.


Instead, she has to put on an expression of being greatly moved, and inspired. Gu Xuejiao had to put on an arrogant expression and act like her spirit was renewed, and said ——

“That’s for sure! I’m going to beat Cheng Mingjiao! “

At night.

Li Sitong was lying in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

“Sitong…… hurry and sleep, ba,  stop turning over……  “

She suddenly sat up and looked at Cheng Shuo ——

“Old Cheng*, I think you are right. I must encourage her at all times to show that I believe in her, so that she can persist!”

*In Chinese, placing the word in front of some terms represents endearment, and is not meant to be demeaning. 

She firmly believes that the change in Xue Jiao is due to the gamble with Cheng Mingjiao. Although it may not last for several days, as long as you consistently praise her and express trust in her, you can extend the duration of Xue Jiao’s persistence!

You ‘re right! This is it!

It must be like this!


The author has something to say:

Li Sitong: My daughter is showing improvement because of her gamble with Mingjiao. I have to thank Mingjiao!

Cheng Mingjiao: ? ? ? What ta ma did I do? ? ?

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