WFILTU Chapter 20 – Gift I

Yi Tianyu’s basketball was detained by his dad. School formally started on September 1st, and self-study class begins at 7:00 am. Even if his family moved right next to the school, he would still have to get up at 6:30 am. 

He had severe eye bags and his eyes were red-rimmed. 

He played games until early this morning. Just as his head hit the pillow, he had to get up. He only entered the classroom the moment the bell rang. 

“What the hell. How long has this old nun been standing here?” As he looked up at the door that was blocked by Yin Fang, he was wordless.

The boy in front of him turned around and said, “She has been standing and waiting there since 6:50 am!”

Yi Tianyu’s mouth opens slightly and whispers, “What kind of abnormal person is this, ah?”

His line of sight moved to the girl beside him. Her face was full of fighting spirit, her back was straight, her eyes were straight on the English book on the desk. The page of definitions was covered in words, and when he moved closer, he realized it was all related phrases.

As his line of sight followed the words up, there was a class schedule on the top right corner.

Yi Tianyu bumps her arm with a wooden expression. Xue Jiao knitted her brows and shifted her line of sight over. 

“Wei, bookworm, you reminded me of a song.”

*calm tone, used more as a way of calling her, like yo



“When the sun shines in the sky, the flowers smile at me. The bird says, morning morning morning, why do you carry your small school bag…… “


Yi Tianyu points to the schedule: “You are really like a primary school student…”     


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This time, there was no pressure on her life.  Xue Jiao strictly followed the steps of preparing, studying, and reviewing. In regards to those knowledge that she already knew, reviewing wasn’t difficult, so she spent more time studying in-depth. 

Qi Zhong was famous, and the quality of their teaching was really worthy of praise. Take Yin Fang, although everyone in the class called her an old nun*, her pronunciation was very precise. Her class was also very interesting, and she put as much effort into her current class as when she first started teaching. 

*rude form of addressing her. It is used to reference her spartan way of directing the class, which is how an old nun is stereotypically seen as in Ancient China

Even though she has already experienced it once, Xue Jiao still feels very pressured.

This makes Xue Jiao feel a sense of urgency. Fortunately, it’s only the second year of senior high school, and she still has time to work harder.

“Cousin!” Cheng Mingjiao came over with a smile and sat down in front of Xue Jiao

Xuejiao closed her eyes slightly and frowned wearily. 

The girl in front had dimples that looked like flowers, and her hair was braided into an adorable style. If you look carefully enough, you can also see that she was wearing lip gloss, and her eyebrows were plucked into an exquisite shape. 

It looks very cute, like a small beauty. However, the bad intentions concealed in the bottom of her eyes prevented Xue Jiao from developing any goodwill.   

“Cousin, if you don’t understand anything, please ask me. Uncle asked me to take care of you more!” Here we go again, she has already said this several times.

“No need.”

Cousin, are you still angry? ” Cheng Mingjiao immediately puts up a pitiful front and anxiously looks at her.

Xue Jiao does not take pity on her, but some people do. 

“Mingjiao, is she your cousin, ah?

“Yes, my cousin’s mother married my uncle a few years ago. Now my cousin is part of Cheng’s family! You guys shouldn’t bully my cousin. Bullying her is bullying me! ” Cheng Mingjiao explained, then covered her mouth, as if saying something wrong and looked at her apologetically.

Xue Jiao inhales deeply.

“Ah, that’s not…… ” Someone said half of what they wanted to say and then stopped it.


“Are you done yet?” Xue Jiao’s expression was freezing.

“What are you being fierce for, ah? Mingjiao is nice to you, yet you have this attitude! “

“Yes, aren’t you just depending on your pretty face. What are you being lofty for?”  People who are friends with Cheng Mingjiao very quickly took a stand and helped defend Mingjiao. 

The smile on Cheng Mingjiao’s face froze, and she quickly said: “Cousin, my father told us to get along with each other when we went out today. You don’t have to be angry with me for such a long time because of some small things. You see, grandpa has already sent you to the experimental class!”

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