SOOEW Chapter 16 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XVI

After the broadcast of this episode, everyone’s jaws dropped. Their group’s evaluation on the Internet was strange.

“The show’s crew is crazy! Lu Ze X Wen Ying, Fang Xing X Zhou Pei ?? What kind of ghost caused this combination! Tear this CP! I don’t care, I want to blow up the show’s crew !!”

“…… I watched it, and my entire body feels unwell. There are few words during the whole journey. The atmosphere is inexplicably embarrassing. It’s too terrible. Hurry and change their partners.”

“Unexpectedly, wuli’s* gentle and handsome A Ze actually still has this side to him. He is very cold to this actress named Wen Ying. So, why did they arrange an actress with a bad reputation for A Ze!”

“The female guest is pretty good. She has always been adjusting the atmosphere. No matter what, Lu Ze is a man. If he plans on not uttering a single word, why didn’t he say anything against joining the couple show?”

*cutesy Korean slang brought to Chinese, standing for our

“The part where Wen Ying pretends to be a Taiwanese makes me want to cry with laughter.I don’t know her acting skills, however she deserves full CV points!”


“It is said that A Ze has worked in the zoo before, no wonder he was so skilled. When Nini hugged him by the thigh and wouldn’t let go, my heart wanted to melt!”

“Am I the only one who feels that they have a strange understanding between them?”

Regardless of the others, just from the extreme swiping caused by the combination of three pairs alone, the program group has already expressed its satisfaction towards their own arrangements.

At the beginning, Wen Ying didn’t know that Fang Xing also participated in this show. After all, in the original route, he did not participate. It wasn’t until Fang Xing called to complain to her that they weren’t paired, that she began to swipe Weibo again.

The first she decided to come was due to Lu Ze and the second reason, of course, was due to Zhou Pei.

At present, Zhou Pei’s popularity has been rising due to her cooperation with Lu Ze. If it was said that she originally stepped on the original owner to gain popularity, then currently, Wen Ying wants to let her try the same taste.

And…… this opportunity soon appeared.

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After all three groups of CP spent some time alone, they were asked to gather together to complete the tasks arranged by the program group.

In addition to the two couples whose TV screens were torn down, there is also a newly-popular singer group consisting of one man and one woman.

The several people were invited to a cafe near the subway line. The cafe was naturally cleared, leaving only the six stars, and a group of backstage workers who encircled around the stars.

Wen Ying walked into the cafe, and at first glance, she was opposite of Zhou Pei’s view. The other side gave a calm smile that only the winner had. Wen Ying took off her sunglasses and shook it carelessly, her posture even more arrogant than her.


When the two met, the sparks splattered immediately, and the others all held their breath a little. The photographer quickly zoomed in and took a shot.

The director was very satisfied with this effect and passed out task cards with a request on them: Two person teams, act out a related role and attract the attention of the crowd. Whichever team combination attracts more people will eventually get rewards in this session.

This requirement is simple, yet also not simple. If the scope of the subject is too wide, it will depend on the imagination and performance of each of their abilities.

As to who this task is directed towards, it was self-evident. After all, the ability of the singer group is not acting.  They were just soy sauce* participating in the show. If they perform exceptionally well, they might even receive unexpected joy. The positioning between Lu Ze and Fang Xing is also very different, so this task is designed for Wen Ying and Zhou Pei.

*passerbys, bystanders

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