WFILTU Chapter 21 – Gift II

If you don’t look too closely at what she’s saying, it’s fine. However, when you put it together, it seems like Xue Jiao became angry about entering the experimental class. 

What the hell, even if she entered, she will be kicked out after a semester. What’s the point of this? A bystander rolled his eyes.

The top class is always arrogant and thinks that students with poor grades are always pulling them back. In the experimental class, from the students, all the way to the teachers, no one likes those students with poor grades. 

So when you hear this, people get angry.

If it was the previous Gu Xuejiao, once she hears this, she would definitely blow her top, and then exit indignantly. She would even swear to never come back to the experimental class.

That’s what Cheng Mingjiao calculated. They all think Xue Jiao still has her old temper.

However, Xue Jiao would not.

Her strength makes her sit here without any guilty feelings.

“Are you finished talking? If you’re finished talking, can you leave? I’m going to study. ” Xue Jiao looks at Cheng Mingjiao.

The other party was stunned for a moment, and her eyes flashed with embarrassment and anger: “Cousin! Let me help you, or you will be kicked out at the end of this semester…… “

“Even if someone gets kicked out, it would not be me.” She looks into Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes.

“Ai, Gu Xuejiao, what are you pretending for? Even if others don’t know, wouldn’t I know? You want to stay in the experimental class with only your 9 points in math?” 


Yu Fangfang, who became friends with Cheng Mingjiao at the start of school, voiced. Yu Fangfang and Gu Xuejiao used to be in the same class in year one. However, Xue Jiao doesn’t know how Gu Xuejiao has angered her. 

“Nine points? Even a blind person wouldn’t only receive that, hahahahahaha! ” Someone laughed.

Xue Jiao was very calm: “I didn’t do well in the test before, however, that doesn’t mean that I will do badly in the future. On the contrary, I think as long as I try hard, I will at least do better in the test than those who come out and sow discord.”

“Who are you saying is sowing discord?!” Cheng Mingjiao can’t pretend anymore. 

“Whoever answered is the one sowing discord.”

“Gu Xuejiao, you think you can compete with Mingjiao?! Are you joking! ” Yu Fangfang said in a sneer.

“You can rub your eyes and wait for the result.” Xue Jiao slightly raises her eyes. 

Her face is very good-looking. Today, she tied her hair into a ponytail and was wearing the school uniform. Her simple attire can attract almost everyone’s attention. 

Cheng Mingjiao looked at her face, went mad with envy, and desperately tried to suppress it: “Then cousin, you try hard. I’m waiting for you to surpass me! If cousin can’t surpass me, I will punish you……  “

She said it with a smile. It seemed to be a joke, but her eyes were rolling and calculating.

“Ok, ah, if I surpass you, will cousin be punished, too?”

“Of course!” Cheng Mingjiao doesn’t believe she will lose at all.

“Ok, let’s compete with our grades at the end of the term.”

Cheng Mingjiao stood up, eyes bright: “The loser promises the other a request!”

Xue Jiao also stood up and calmly replied, “Ok.”

Then in less than a day, not only did class one, even class two knew that Gu Xuejiao, who had scored 9 points in the math test, engaged in wild talk, and challenged Cheng Mingjiao, who was in the top 20 of the whole grade. The two had a gambling agreement.

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Class two.

“Shiyun, don’t you think it’s funny? How dare Gu Xuejiao challenge Cheng Mingjiao?”  Gu Shiyun listened attentively to the people on the other side as she ate slowly.

“Right? Although Cheng Mingjiao can’t compare with Shiyun, at least she entered the experimental class with her own strength? Gu Xuejiao’s achievements…… Tut tut. “

“I don’t like Cheng Mingjiao. She can’t compare with Shiyun, but she wants to compare with our Shiyun all day long. Shiyun is ranked three in the whole grade. She is only ranked twenty!”

“I don’t like her either, but I don’t like Gu Xuejiao even more. You only need to see her appearance to know that she doesn’t study hard. Do you remember her before? My mother, ah, she looked like a ghost! “

“Hahaha ——”

Gu Shiyun put down her chopsticks and said quietly, “Don’t gossip about others. How they are has nothing to do with us. Let’s go back to the classroom earlier and do our homework.”

She has a soft voice, a beautiful look, and a halo of her own.

Sure enough, as soon as this word fell to the ground, several boys sitting nearby liked her more. Even some girls who were on friendly terms with her said, “Shiyun ah, you are so kind-hearted. Forget it, we’ll listen to your words, let’s go let’s go!”


Gu Shiyun smiled, very gently, as if she had heard nothing at noon.  

When she entered the bathroom and closed the door, her face sank completely.

Is Cheng Mingjiao a fool?

Even though she doesn’t like Gu Xuejiao, can’t she use some clever strategies?!

Let ‘s make a bet? Isn’t this encouraging Gu Xuejiao to study hard?!

Even if Gu Shiyun believes that Gu Xuejiao won’t be able to learn anything, she doesn’t want Gu Xuejiao to turn for the better.

Gu Xuejiao, should turn worse and worse. She shouldn’t have one good point so that everyone is too ashamed to mention her!

She exhaled, took out her spare phone, and made a call.

“Wei, Dad, I miss you. Tomorrow is Friday, can you come to pick me up…… ?”

“Wei, are you a fool?” Yi Tianyu bumps into the girl next to him, who was studying seriously.

“What?” Xue Jiao furrowed her brow, her expression vacant.

“The bet ah! Why do you take part in affairs like primary school students? Do you know what people are saying about you now? “

“I know. You don’t need to care.” Xue Jiao finished, turned around and continued to study.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened and he continued to bump her: “No, can you even compete with Mingjiao? And you really don’t care what people say about you? What they say is unpleasant to hear! “

Xue Jiao closed her eyes, took a breath, turned around and glared at him, “Do you still bite back when the dog bites you?”

“What?” Yi Tianyu was stunned and looked at her stupidly.

Xue Jiao smiled: “It’s like when you hit me when you have nothing to do. Have you ever seen me hit back?”

There was a moment of silence, and then there was fury——

“Gu Xuejiao! You called me a dog! “

“You said it yourself.”


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