SOOEW Chapter 17 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XVII

The program’s  invitation towards Wen Ying at the beginning was explicitly marked, and asked her to use their competition as a selling point. Sure enough, they took advantage of the heat, and quickly used this point.

As soon as Wen Ying entered the door, Fang Xing smiled and showed his white teeth. He waved his hand straight at her and was glared back by her.

In the discussion time arranged by the director, he blatantly ran next to Wen Ying, and Zhou Pei also followed him to say hello.

“A Ze, also Teacher Wen.”

When Lu Ze was facing her, he had a good attitude. The two chatted for a while.

However, during the period, he couldn’t help but direct the corner of his vision towards Wen Ying and Fang Xing. If the two were said to be chatting, the nature of the playing can be too heavy.  Fang Xing can’t help but provoke her. As soon as they were talking and laughing, he would grab a wisp of her hair. He was glared at by her, and she proceeds to clap his hands away. 

He coldly took back his gaze.


After the discussion, the singer group took the lead in attempting, and the response was mediocre. Fortunately, under the makeup of the makeup artist, even if they pretended to be a couple arguing on the road, their true identity wasn’t discovered. There were even many people who recorded videos and uploaded them to the Internet, calling their friends to see a good scene of a couple breaking up.

Zhou Pei and Fang Xing’s group were second,and a minor situation occurred. 

When Wen Ying heard the content of the quarrel, Fang Xing seemed to want to act as a deviant husband, and Zhou Pei was to act out a scene at her husband’s office. Zhou Pei refused to accept this shrew role.

Wen Ying also found it difficult to say a word, and asked Fang Xing with her eyes: why do you want to act out such a scene?

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Fang Xing was wearing a prosthetic beer belly. He pulled a face and showed his teeth towards her, making her laugh until she couldn’t anymore.

When Zhou Pei scattered her hair and appeared with her messy appearance, he secretly rushed besides Wen Ying’s ear and whispered: “How is it? Her current appearance, no matter how you want to show up on the scene, you can still beat her by ten streets!”

Wen Ying couldn’t help but want to laugh, but even more, she wanted to knock young master Fang Xing and have him wake up quickly!

She thinks more deeply than Fang Xing. Although this can suppress Zhou Pei, it will be difficult to gain an advantage in public opinion. I am afraid that even the staff present will find it hard not to sympathize with Zhou Pei and will want to fight against the “powerful” forces for her.

Fang Xing has a background, and Zhou Pei and the program team naturally dared not offend him. The young master insisted on this, and they could only do so.


However, the performance of the performance was unexpectedly good. Zhou Pei simply went out to act. Without describing her appearance, just based on her acting skills: she played the role of the wife of a husband who was cheating three points perfectly. If she can control such a role at this age, her future roles will inevitably be wider. The director cannot help but look at her differently.

Even the staff gave a thumbs up to her, and some people joked: “Teacher Zhou acted so well that everyone wants to sympathize. I couldn’t help but want to rush to fight Teacher Fang too!”

While Zhou Pei had her makeup removed by the makeup artist, she humbly said: “Not at all, it’s all thanks to Fang Xing’s good idea.” As she said this, she looked at Wen Ying from a corner of her eye and smiled, “I believe, Teacher Wen’s upcoming performance must be better than mine. “


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Look at my word count in this chapter today, is it sincere! meaning! full! Full! 

*full of sincere meaning

 Ok, the three people who are going to be involved in this story have all appeared (applause). It seems that there are girls who don’t grasp the settings very well. To put it simply, the heroine will either flip the world or a few powerful characters will be enough.

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