WFILTU Chapter 22 – Gift III

Year two is not the most terrifying year, so although Qi Zhong is studying nervously, it is still strictly in accordance with the national standards in terms of vacations.

Every Friday, after the three afternoon classes are over, day students can return home with a bag that has a weekend’s worth of homework inside.

Xue Jiao slowly packed her things. She packed them very fast last Friday, yet today, she was especially slow.  

Because of the call last night from Gu Jingxu, the driver will not come to pick her up. Instead, he will come later tonight to pick up Cheng Mingze who was staying for prep class. 

Yes, Gu Jingxu called Li Sitong last night and said that he would take Xue Jiao to dinner today.

Li Sitong thought that Xue Jiao still cared for Jingxu as before, and longed for her father’s love, so Sitong reluctantly agreed.

“Wei, bookworm, Lend me your homework over the weekend so I can copy it.” Yi Tianyu blinks his eyes.

Xue Jiao carries her bag and stands up, turning her head and blinking her eyes——

“Dream on!”

She said and left. Yi Tianyu was stunned in place and touched his heart.


“If you don’t let me borrow, then don’t……why are you blinking your eyes? It makes my heart beat so fast! “

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Xue Jiao walked slowly to the school gate with her earphones plugged in. Except for seniors who were still attending class, the students in years one and two had already run out of school. Those who stayed in school have also returned to their dorms. 

When she arrived at the school gate, she saw a familiar Audi A8L.

“Jiao Jiao!” An intellectual woman who stood in the middle waved to her and smiled happily.

Xue Jiao doesn’t understand. Why does Gu Xuejiao think that she has experienced maternal love here? Just because she’s not strict and indulgent?

However, her indulgence is based on the fact that you are not her daughter. Her indulgence is harmful. Otherwise, why would she be so strict with her own daughter?

Even if I don’t know what will happen in the future, Xue Jiao still won’t like the two people in front of her one bit.

One is a man who divorced his wife when she was pregnant. Once his father-in-law died, and his wife lost her backing, he immediately divorced her.

The other was a mistress for ten years and was a scourge that used disaster to harm the original wife.

Her face didn’t carry any of her thoughts. She slowly approached them. Then she noticed Gu Shiyun, the original female lead of the book, sitting in the back and gently smiling.  

Gu Shiyun really has the capacity to be the female lead.

“You, this girl, why didn’t you call people? Your aunt Wanjun has brought you a gift! “Gu Jingxu smiled, reached out to touch her hair, and was dodged by Xue Jiao. The smile on his face immediately stiffened.  


“Oh? What gift? ” Xue Jiao asked with a faint smile and raised brows.

Wu Wanjun hurriedly takes out two boxes from the bag. Xue Jiao opens the first one. It’s a necklace of pearls. It’s extremely pompous. If she wears this to go out, tut-tut.

She closed the box and opened the second one.

When she saw the contents clearly, she laughed angrily.


The author has something to say:

Yi Tianyu: My deskmate is a nerd O_O

Xuejiao: My deskmate…… I’m afraid he is a fool O_O|||.

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