WFILTU Chapter 23 – Disappointment I

A mobile phone, the latest version, rose gold color, large screen, attractive design.

She doesn’t have to open it to know, the phone already has many apps pre-downloaded, such as shopping and game apps. 

Xue Jiao lifts her head and looks up at the couple in front of her.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Jingxu was shocked. “Are you too happy to see Aunt Wanjun’s gift? You used to like your Aunt Wanjun’s gift the most, ah. “

Xue Jiao stared at them, with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile: “Dad, do you think I’m very happy?”

“Didn’t you like Aunt Wanjun’s gift the most before?”


Xuejiao closed the lid of the box and said with a laugh, “Dad, Uncle Cheng already bought me a phone. I don’t lack these things.”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes widened. “What Uncle Cheng Uncle Cheng. You have a father. Whatever you require, father can buy for you!”

Xue Jiao blinked her eyes: “I wasn’t sensible before. Recently, I bet with the Cheng family’s Cheng Mingjiao. I must win against her with my academic performance!”

“Studying?” Gu Jingxu was stunned again and looked at the girl in front of him suspiciously.

With Gu Shiyun as a contrast, even if he doesn’t care about the children’s study anymore, he knows that the girl’s grades in front of him are always placed last.

“Yes, I must win against her. I can’t be looked down by her! Dad, would you really give me anything I want? “

“Of course!”

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“I didn’t understand before, as long as I had nothing to do with learning. now I have to work hard, so…… ” She returned the two boxes in her hand to Wu Wanjun, and then looked at Gu Shiyun. “I want the same gift as Gu Shiyun…… A house next to our school. “

“What?! No way! ” Wu Wanjun suddenly raised her voice with wide eyes.

Qi Zhong is a well-known high school. The house price in the neighborhood next to Qi Zhong School is comparable to that of those in the city center. If you buy a house like Gu Shiyun’s, you will need several million yuan. Gu Jingxu and Wu Wanjun both loath to part with that money.

“Jiao Jiao, what do you want to do with a house?” Gu Jingxu’s face sinks slightly.

“Just like Gu Shiyun, it’s for lunch break, ah.”

Wu Wanjun can’t help but say, “Xue Jiao, it’s not necessary to buy a house just for lunch break…… “

“Didn’t Gu Shiyun buy a house just to have a good rest at noon? Didn’t dad say he’d buy everything I wanted? ” Xue Jiao slightly bowed her head and looked slightly sad.

Wu Wanjun’s heart was choked. She wanted to say what is Gu Shiyun’s grade, and what is your grade? Other people need to rest for the college entrance examination. What about you?

In the end, she still didn’t say anything, and the words were choked in her throat.

“It’s not easy to buy a house in that community. If you want to live in it, you can go to Shiyun’s place for a rest at noon!” Gu Jingxu can only say that, for he has no money to buy a house at will.


“No way!” This was countered by the gentle girl in the car. Her face was ugly for a moment, then she restrained her expression. It looked seemingly to be gentle like always. “My sister and I may not be used to living together. Sometimes I don’t rest there at noon, and I will head back at noon to study. It’s better to have a rest in the classroom, than for sister to head to my place.”

Is she crazy to let Gu Xuejiao live with her?!

“Right and staying there at noon is to have a good break. It’s for their future college entrance examination. Sometimes Shiyun would bring friends back to play, which may affect Xue Jiao.” Wu Wanjun said with a smile. She looked at Gu Jingxu and said that Gu Shiyun influenced Gu Xuejiao. In fact…… 

Sure enough, Gu Jingxu almost immediately thought of Gu Xuejiao’s group of “friends” like the hooligans. Gu Shiyun’s achievements are so good if they are affected…… 

“Yes, it’s better for the two children to not live together.”

Xue Jiao suddenly lifted her head: “Then father will buy me a house?”

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