WFILTU Chapter 24 – Disappointment II

“This…… ” Gu Jingxu’s face was ugly again, that is, only for a few seconds, then he immediately put on his straight face, “Jiao Jiao, why are you so disobedient?”

“You’re the one who said you would buy anything for me? Dad, you are not good to me at all. You will only buy me things that affect my study. Compared with me, Gu Shiyun is treated so much better! I just want to be treated the same as Gu Shiyun. If you don’t want to, Dad, don’t come to find me anymore! “

Xue Jiao finished painfully, then immediately turned around and ran.

“Jiao Jiao ——” Gu Jingxu was about to catch up with her, and was pulled by Wu Wanjun.

“Jingxu, Jiao Jiao is angry now. If you don’t satisfy her, you will only quarrel if you catch up.”

Gu Jingxu only then stopped chasing, pondered for a while, and suddenly said, “Jiao Jiao said that we will only buy her things that affect her learning…… “


There was a trace of doubt in his eyes. Wu Wanjun immediately took his hand and said with a bitter face, “it’s not easy to be a stepmother, especially to Xue Jiao, who followed her mom to her stepfather’s. I can’t really educate her, I can only give her the gift she likes…… “

Seeing Gu Jingxu’s expression soften a little, Wu Wanjun continued, “How about I go see if there are any houses or renters in the community…… “

“No, she’s only taking a nap at noon. There’s no need to buy a house!”

Wu Wanjun is delighted.

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Gu Jingxu looks at the direction of Gu Xuejiao leaving and suddenly says, “It’s still better to give Xue Jiao the keys to Gu Shiyun’s place. She’s only heading over at noon, Shiyun you only need to close the door, and it won’t affect you.”

A trace of anger flashed across Gu Shiyun’s face, yet at the end, she only answered with a smile, “Ok, Jiao Jiao’s score isn’t good, and she gambled with Cheng Mingjiao. It’s perfect, I can coach her at noon.”

Gu Jingxu laughed and touched Gu Shiyun’s head: “You’re really father’s good daughter. If she affects you, you can tell father!”


The meeting ended with the dark faces of Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun.

Live with Gu Xuejiao? What if her identity is exposed?!

Gu Shiyun regrets that she called Gu Jingxu. She can’t try to steal the chicken without losing the rice she tried to steal the chicken with*!

*She tried to gain an advantage, yet she only got the worst end of the stick. 


Xue Jiao doesn’t want to live with Gu Shiyun either. She just doesn’t want to see these annoying people again and gives an excuse to refuse to meet them in the future.

She was in a good mood due to not having to eat with these three unpleasant people.

Now she doesn’t want to go back to her familiar and strange home. She’s walking light-footed on the street with her earphones in.

“Ah?” Xue Jiao’s eyes opened wide, and she looked at the crane machine inside.

The crane machine is arranged in a row. The second machine on the right side contains a cute panda doll. One is holding a bamboo and facing the direction of Xue Jiao.

After struggling only for a few seconds, Xue Jiao ran in and changed ten coins.

People who have played with crane machines know that crane machines in shopping malls are not easy to grasp, especially in the evening.

*If any of you guys live in NYC, round one got some nice crane games… although I still fail even after they set it up in such a way that it’s impossible to not win 

Xue Jiao didn’t catch it the first time and tried again for the second time.

“Ah ——” She saw the claw had caught the panda’s head, and yet it still fell down. The excited face of Xue Jiao suddenly cooled.

“The claws are loose. The place you aimed for is incorrect. There’s a hundred percent possibility that you can’t grab it.” A voice came from beside her.

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  2. Is she really a kindergartener? So serious about college and what crane games for a panda? I think the author is stretching for a reason for people to meet…

    • The 24 year old medical student currently clutching a cutesy mermaid squishmellow would like to beg to differ.

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