SOOEW Chapter 19 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XIX

Statically, her grasp of dynamic rhythm is still outstanding. The two have been arguing for almost a minute, but just like the audience watching a TV series, staying in the scene for a long time is prone to let people become weary.

Before waiting for him to take measures, they saw her holding up her handbag and slammed it into him!

Lu Ze’s eyes suddenly shone, and after a few blows to the head, he forcibly grabbed her handbag and threw it over the railing.

This big move immediately caught the attention of others.

With these two back and forth alone, he has subconsciously put out his full mental force to play with her. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will completely fall into her rhythm.

Outside the screen of the monitor, the staff also murmured unexpectedly: “Strange, I have just been watching Wen Ying and ignored Film Emperor Lu.”


The director also nodded: “The acting skills are good, but they are limited by the subject matter. After all, the two are only acting. If it was changed to a true rogue, a slap would have struck her across the face, creating a big move. However, Lu Ze can’t treat Wen Ying too excessively. At the same time, Wen Ying also can’t break the pattern. The situation will definitely freeze, and it will not be easy to end. “

His voice just fell. Suddenly, there was a huge change in the picture. The crowd at the subway station was surging like a tornado, sweeping towards the center.

“What’s going on, what happened?”

The staff pointed at the monitor and took a breath, speechless.

Just now, the climax of the story came.

Lu Ze and Wen Ying have been fighting secretly, but Wen Ying was the first to seize the opportunity to change the situation!

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The glamorous woman that lost her”weapon” that was a handbag , experienced an indifferent passerby. Just as she was about to be dragged into the corner, she finally burst into tears and cried. Her heavy makeup bent out of shape and melted off. Even so, she immediately looked very pitiful once she cried.

Just as a pair of mother and child passed by, the young man wanted to go help with pity, and was stopped by his mother: “What are you being blind for! A woman with that appearance, with just a glance, you can tell it’s a woman with bad conduct. Stay away from her!”

Her words seemed to touch the glamorous woman’s nerves, and she slowly widened her eyes, looking at the indifference and contempt clearly visible in the mother’s eyes.

When they spoke, they were very close.

Suddenly, Wen Ying grabbed the mother’s bag with the hand that wasn’t shackled, flipped it over, and emptied everything out of the bag!

A mess of paper towels, mirrors, mobile phones, lipsticks, and perfumes spilled all over the place!

The perfume bottle exploded and the strong scent drifted far away.

“Ah, my stuff—— ” The mother immediately screamed and pounced up to wrestle, “Are you crazy? You are quarreling with your husband, yet you dare to smash my bag !? You are not allowed to leave, stay and pay money!”

It was this riot that finally let bystanders stop and watch with curiosity.

Just when the mother strongly clamored for compensation, Wen Ying had an embarrassing appearance, and sneered: “You ask my husband for it.”

Lu Ze felt lost in his heart, but the gangster who played still had to do his job with due diligence. He spat out: “Who the hell is your husband?”


One phrase, simply and clearly let the onlookers who do not know the truth understand in seconds.

The crowd was in an uproar, and people poured to this side. Some surrounded them to try and catch the rogue, some scolded the mother for excessive investigation, and many people took out the selfie stick for the mobile phone to try and shoot, as if the people passing by indifferently were before were not them.

Up to this point, the staff of the program group has already been amazed by the performance. Thinking carefully, it is obviously an impromptu performance, yet it actually seems like a complete story. From tight to loose, from dull to high / tide, with tension alternating with relaxation, the perfect climax was grasped.

The director also patted his thighs and laughed, “Talent, ah! It’s a pity that I’m not a director of blockbuster production, otherwise I have to invite these two to perform!”

Whether it be creativity, acting, or the determination to go all out, Wen Ying lacks nothing. He looked at Zhou Pei sitting next to him, and while there was still a smile on her face, her action of accidentally breaking her long nails betrayed her.

He couldn’t help but doubt his previous opinion, could Zhou Pei truly go further than Wen Ying?

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