WFILTU Chapter 25 – Disappointment III

Xue Jiao looked up and was stunned.

Everyone who has seen this face probably can’t forget it. She not only remembers the face but also the name of the person.

Lin Zhihua, peaches blooming with brilliance.

“It’s you…… “

“Hello, we meet again?” Lin Zhihua opens his mouth slightly.

He is wearing a customized suit, and his whole body from top to bottom is very proper, which, compared to this place…… is a misfit.

Xue Jiao found that this man has few expressions, even when he was talking with her, his face was solemn, with almost no moments.

“Hello…… “

Lin Zhihua moved his feet and leaned down slightly. “You continue.”

“Oh…… ” Xue Jiao throws several game coins into the game.

She breathed deeply, aimed, and pressed.


She glanced at the man beside her eyes and threw in two game coins: “One more time! I’ll align it more accurately this time.! “

She moved the claw, aligned it, and pressed.



Xuejiao’s ears are slightly red. She viewed the panda across from her who was still staring at her and gnashed her teeth in anger.

“You over aimed to the right by three centimeters.” Lin Zhihua still had a serious expression and slightly knit his brow.

Three centimeters?

Xue Jiao is surprised. How can his eyes be so accurate as to measure centimeters?

Looking at the calm face of the other party, Xue Jiao tentatively said: “Mister…… Why don’t you try? “

“……” There was silence for three seconds, “Ok.”

Xue Jiao threw in two coins and immediately moved to the side, looking at Lin Zhihua.

Lin Zhihua raised his hand and untied his cuffs. In front of the pink crane machine stood a blinding man in a suit. People who came and went could not help looking at him.

Lin Zhihua acted if no one else was present.

He stretched out his hand and held the handle. Those two hands were very long. They were probably the best-looking hands Xue Jiao has ever seen.

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She watched the man move the handle quickly, the claw was positioned firmly above the panda’s head.

Then he pressed.

The claws headed straight towards the panda, and undoubtedly it’s right above!

It caught the panda at once!

The loose claws grasp the panda and move up, slowly —— away from the panda.

The fingers of Lin Zhihua froze, and the expression on his face was a little muddled.

“Puhahahah —— ” Xue Jiao laughed out loud. 

Lin Zhihua’s stiff face turned stiffer, and he dared not face her. After a long while, he said hoarsely, “One more time.”


Xue Jiao wiped the tears that appeared due to laughing too hard: “It’s fine, I finally can see it. This machine claw can’t grasp at all, no matter what, it won’t be able to grab anything!”

Lin Zhihua is silent.

Xuejiao looked at her watch and said, “It’s time for me to go back, mister. See you later.”

She turned around and walked for two steps, then suddenly stopped: “That……can I add you as a friend? “

“En, yes.” The other party answered without a pause and took out his mobile phone.

His slender fingers slid on the phone, and a QR code was exposed, Xue Jiao scanned it. She then smiled, waved, and left.

As soon as her friend request was sent out, the other party immediately accepted it, the speed was shocking.

Xue Jiao smiled and put away her mobile phone.

It seems that because of this person, she is in a better mood.

Thinking of the books in her school bag, Xue Jiao quickened her pace.

When she was almost out of the mall gate, Chen Yan and Tan Qi walked quickly to Lin Zhihua, who looked at her back.


Lin Zhihua looked back and determined that he couldn’t see Xue Jiao’s back anymore. He looked to the pink crane machine: “Who is in charge of this shopping mall?”

“Branch manager Wang Qunguang.”

“Let him come to the headquarters on Monday to explain. It can not satisfy the consumer’s desire at all. What kind of sales concept is this?”

“En?” Chen Yan was stupefied for a moment, then immediately replied: “Yes!”

Lin Zhihua turns around, takes a step, and stops. “Take it back.”


Lin Zhihua leaves quickly. Assistant Tan Qi pulls Chen Yan, “Secretary Chen, did the boss say to move the crane machine? Where do we move it to? “

“En. To his house. ” He finished passing the message and quickly followed the boss.

Tan Qi’s mouth was wide and gaping, his eyes were dumbstruck.


The author has something to say:

Branch Manager (Uneasy): The big boss even asked for this small branch manager!! So scared! Secretary Chen, can you tell me where I didn’t do well? Irrational future planning? Is the boss dissatisfied with the gain in net profit? Or…does the big boss have a new policy direction???

Secretary Chen: ……you take a guess.

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  1. HM.. Secretary Chen? This is my second time seeing a secretary who’s named Chen. Is this like… Sebastian?
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