SOOEW Chapter 20 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XX

After this episode aired, it also caused a huge response on the Internet.

“My brother is so powerful! Others play couples arguing, yet they act out a general education film?!”

“My Brother Ze actually acted as a rogue! But it’s so handsome ah ah ah ah! Is Wen Ying the female star with the nickname ‘Sleeping Star’? I suddenly doubted the true situation. The acting skills of the other party are obviously top notch?! She appeared together with Brother Ze, yet I couldn’t help but look at her first! “

“You all make way! I want to analyze Wen Ying’s character using three levels, four angles and five aspects! Goddamn, only an impromptu performance, yet I think she wrote a character analysis script!”

“I spat out a mouthful of salty soda water. As Zhou Pei’s passerby fan, I expressed shock at her acting as an aunt! I’m a fan of her beauty, not plain, okay!”

“To tell the truth, both had disfigured appearances: after Zhou Pei’s performance, she was still a great aunt, yet, after Wen Ying’s play…… did you see the surveillance video of the subway station that she picked out? She explained to the crowd that this was needed for filming. Then she smiled and signed autographs for everyone. My mother ah, it’s as if she had just walked on the red carpet. No wonder Zhou Pei used to be a substitute for others, from acting to temperament, all are defeated! “


“When the crowd swarmed up, I was really scared to death. Brother Ze was so heart-warming that he kept protecting behind Wen Ying with his arms! Ai hei hei*, his mouth said no yet his body is true to himself**. It was the same at the zoo last time. His expression was so cold, yet when the other fell, he behaved like a jittery chicken! “

*laughter in the form of a sneer, mocking haha **haha, sounds so ambiguous

“Thank you everyone, I swiped ZeYing’s* CP for the tenth time, and the screen has been licked** to the point that it shines brightly by me!”

* Ze from Lu Ze’s name and Ying from Wen Ying’s name, to form CP name(couple name) ZeYing **Joke in Chinese slang, that if you really are a fan of something, you “lick the screen” to show appreciation

Most of the comments during this time are all in regards to the ZeYing CP. Even if Zhou Pei is mentioned, most of them appear in a comparison manner. She seemed to fall from the sky all at once, and she is nothing compared to others.

After all, she used to be a substitute for Wen Ying. Ordinary actresses could not compare to Wen Ying, however, she could only perform better than Wen Ying.

In the post-editing video, there was an accompaniment with a personal speech by Wen Ying. It was a conversation space where the reality TV program specifically recorded the celebrity’s feelings. At this time, Wen Ying changed into a very refreshing and simple dress, her hair was neatly tied up, like an elder sister communicating with the girls in front of the camera. For example, as she performed in the video, as a last resort, damaging other items can create noise for escape as disputes arise. After all, compared to personal safety, simple financial losses can be tolerated.

She said at the end: “Girls must protect themselves when they go out. Although there are still many people who care about others in the society, people cannot always rely on others to help you. Only if you become strong can you get out of predicaments.”

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While speaking, her eyebrows moved with emotion, so much that after the broadcast, in addition to the fans who were crying Ying Ying and wanting to throw themselves into the arms of the elder sister, they also gave birth to a lot of mother fans, and they said that they wanted to protect her.

They all agreed that Wen Ying had such emotions because during the earlier period, a lot of news were spreading “Nude Pictures” of Wen Ying a while ago. She depended on her own ability to walk out of this loop. They questioned the authenticity of the photos, saying they wanted to find the truth for Wen Ying and get justice!

At the same time, the film played by Wen Ying and Lu Ze was also cut out separately and widely distributed on the Internet as an interesting anti-wolf educational video.

The number of fans for the two surged for a while, and there were many more passerbys*.

*random people who see the CP spread online, and decide to follow to, or at least view it for the time being

As the name suggests, 《Let’s Fall in Love for a Week》, a couple only gets along for a week. After that, they have to exchange partners in order to create a different spark.

Lu Ze and Wen Ying had just partnered together, so they were not options, but after the vote online, her partner became Fang Xing.

After this combination was broadcast, it was immediately referred to as the “sprinkle sugar” combination.

*Chinese slang that a couple spreads “sweetness” with their love

In the first episode, the two were also arranged to meet each other. They were divided into two different rooms in a home appliance playroom. The VR simulation racing game was used to perform PK, and the partner’s character was learned from the match.


After a game, Wen Ying stood up and turned away, frightening the cameraman to a stand still, not knowing what happened.

Her partner came out of the game room next door, and when he saw she was about to run, he walked a few steps, and came up to catch her wrist. “You run once you lose?”

“I only ran because it’s you.” Wen Ying turned around and glared at him, and then glared at the camera. “Do you guys dare to have anything new? Who wants to team up with him.”

Fang Xing casually sat in the back seat of the motorcycle, dragging the person to his front, smiling with a mouthful of white teeth: “Who said we are a team? I won the game, you are just my reward.”

As soon as they came up, they started to spread candy. The cameraman felt that his cheeks were numb.

The audience in front of the computer also felt that it was so sweet that their tooth decayed. Compared to ZeYing CP’s slow heat, this pair really deserved to be the one who had filmed a TV series together, and the means of abusing the dog came hand in hand!

In comparison, although Lu Ze and Zhou Pei have also made a TV show together, the mode of getting along is neither salty nor light, which made fans very disappointed.

Wen Ying knows that although the current momentum seems to have pushed Zhou Pei down, as long as Zhou Pei’s backing is still there, Zhou Pei can still get resources, and the momentum she currently has is nothing. She, herself, is the best example.

What she has to do next, is to tear her backing.

The recording of the reality TV show continues. This time, the director arranged for her to go to Fang Xing’s house to prepare a warm lunch for the two.

While she was picking food materials for lunch at an imported supermarket near Fang Xing’s home, she met Zhou Pei’s most solid backing—— Zou Weidong.


The author has something to say: 

~ \ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~ Baby edited the text until six o’clock. Basically reaching a state of wanting to vomit. Praise me? I suspect that the medicine I took at noon has Huan Lian. I have been suffering from bitterness until now. I hope everyone can praise me more sweetly!

*Huan Lian is a famous Chinese medicine that is super bitter, the author is using this as a pun

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